Civil War This Year?

New Years are artificial constructs, for apart from the printed calendar, all life continues uninterrupted. The trends established in 2015 do not stop at midnight, December 31st. The political landscape on January 2nd is seemingly unchanged from the month before, which means that Obama is still in the White House scheming to complete the Media Class/Far Left Revolution by ignoring the Constitutional limits on Presidential power.

The Republican Party in Congress and their Talking Heads in the Media will remain neutered in relation to him but ever more vigorous in their war on Trump and his followers at the grass roots of their Party. Already they are plotting with devious organizational devices to deny him victory should he triumph in the Republican primaries.

The Congressional Far Left Democrat Party will continue to be a rubber stamp for Obama and at the grass roots and in the educational domain the Party will continue to plot the death of free speech, encourage the Balkanization of America’s cities, advance the march of gender-neutrality, complete the expulsion of Christianity from public life, and prepare November’s fraudulent voting at the polling booths.

The Mainstream Media will continue to control and corrupt the news and brainwash the masses with propaganda disguised as entertainment. In short, life and the stealthy Revolution will continue uninterrupted on the Left.

On the Right however, 2015’s ferment, commotion, tumult, agitation and excitement will continue to dominate. Ferment creates unpredictable heat and Donald Trump, the unlikely spark that ignited the ferment, whose campaign meetings have been transformed into rallies of commotion, agitation and excitement by forces he even now does not fully understand, is being propelled to the center of the biggest political and social tornado to hit America since 1860. The mass movement he has unwittingly mobilized but appears willing to lead, is the belated counter-revolution. Its energy will likely grow and become uncontrollable in the coming months as the primaries unfold and the many contestants and their confusion are stripped away to leave Trump and the representative of collaboration to face each other.

Americans have been sleepwalked, bridge by bridge, cross canyon after canyon, to a land of debauchery, depravity, decadence, profligacy, deceit, dependency, vulnerability, fantasy and self-disgust. In November awaits the last bridge and the last canyon. Unless the forces of counter-revolution and their unlikely leader, unite, defeat the collaborators, overthrow the Revolutionaries and occupy the White House, the last bridge will be crossed and there will be no going back. If a Trump victory is denied by chicanery we believe a civil war will be unleashed for his followers have found their voice.

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