Bush Calls Trump a Jerk

Yahoo News was pleased to report that Jed Bush is really showing the kind of passion that will turn around his campaign. At a Town Hall meeting in New Hampshire yesterday, Bush indulged in some therapy by telling his audience that Donald Trump is a jerk. To wild applause from the packed thousands Bush said he needed to get this off his chest.

Just kidding! Actually the truth is that Bush really did indulge in some name-calling but there was no wild applause and no packed thousands. Still, the small audience was awake, a sure sign that Bush is about to climb in the polls. It seems there is bewilderment among his supporters that he does not have the same ‘passion’ in the TV debates that he exhibits in these cozy Town Hall get-togethers.

On this website we see ‘Bush’ and ‘Passion’ as chalk and cheese and have to assume that passion means different things to different people. Even Hitler would have struggled to speak passionately in a New Hampshire Town Hall small gathering of the aged. Bush must have reached the point of desperation to indulge in childish name-calling and then explain his motive in such petty terms. Maybe it went down well with his little band of middle-of-the-road followers.

The Yahoo report made no mention of the size of the Bush gathering and the picture shows a small venue comfortably filled. It is a far cry from today’s Trump rally in Cedar Falls, Iowa where thousands massed to welcome the ‘Jerk’ with palpable passion. The last days of the Romney campaign with great, cheering crowds, and then defeat in the election, are a reminder that big, cheering crowds can paint a false picture. But surely the massive Trump crowds and the small Bush get-togethers in the same battle-grounds are telling us something that even Yahoo cannot hide.

I have yet to read a MSM article or listen to an ABC news report that even approaches neutral about The Donald. All are shamelessly hostile, and many are also negative about those who travel miles in winter to hear him. Many reports claim that his followers are poorly educated and (the most damaging accusation that the MSM can make!) White males. At the same time, his alleged lack of support from Blacks and Latinos is touted as a negative for him with never a mention of THEIR education levels. It seems that lack of a college education is only a negative when attributed to White men.

Last week in the Wall Street Journal much print was expended on the concrete used in Trump’s New York buildings. Apparently Trump’s concrete was made and delivered by companies controlled by the Mafia. The Journal’s editors accused Trump of knowing this and therefore being guilty of a Mob connection. It later transpired that in New York, a stronghold of Far Left Democrat politics, all the big concrete companies are Mafia-controlled and anyone who has built anything concrete has guilt by association. As it happened, the WSJ accusation was a damp squib and Trump’s poll numbers rose.

In this week’s WSJ, Holman Jenkins, usually a good commentator on the Business World, has taken his turn at writing a hit piece on Trump. Because of Trump‘s presence, Jenkins sees the whole Republican contest to date as a “long national nightmare-cum-sketch comedy show”. But fortunately, Jenkins believes, the show has a “termination date”.

Jenkins next sentence is written ostensibly as a commentary, but I suspect it is really intended to mobilize the Internationalists in the business world by pointing out that they can conspire to hit Trump’s financial and business interests. “Trump’s campaign,” Jenkins writes, “will end the moment campaigning begins to threaten his finances and business interests”.

Jenkins is clearly miffed that The Donald has been able to enjoy huge Media coverage without spending his own money. Trump, he believes, has no idea of the cost of a long-running national campaign and does not have sufficient personal wealth to fund it for his wealth is greatly exaggerated. Moreover, his business interests are vulnerable to the enemies he has made, including Muslims around the world. Jenkins is already gloating that Trump’s Middle Eastern business interests are under assault and Mexicans will also take revenge on his assets.

But Jenkins’ article is really aimed at mobilizing the Silicon Valley “biggies – the CEO’s of Apple, Facebook, and Google”. Once these moguls start hitting his finances, Trump will find an excuse to get out of the race because “he only ever planned on being satisfied with making a splash and ventilating his high opinion of himself”.

So there we have it! These establishment Republicans and Internationalists are ready to join with the Far Left billionaires to drive Trump out of the contest by hitting his businesses. Lurking behind this strategy is both a contempt for the Republican rank-and-filers who have greeted Trump’s campaign, and a determination to ensure the continuation of policies that will end America’s viability as a Nation State.

The Mafia smear didn’t work so now the call is to America’s Far Left, amoral, internal enemies to punish Trump’s businesses so that he cannot match the Big Money interests that turn politicians into puppets. Jenkins for sure doesn’t watch the Trump rallies, and ensconced in Manhattan, has no knowledge of, or affection for, the ordinary working American people who attend them. In his Wall Street world the letter ‘P’ stands not for patriotism but for profit.

We believe Jenkins is underestimating both Trump and the increasing number of ordinary Americans who are rising up to reclaim their Nation.


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