Associated Press Claims Trump Has 1,239

In a primary contest that has been full of surprises and which has defied every expert prediction, the latest oddity is that the Associated Press, a Far Left propaganda organ of the Ruling Media Class, has hunted down and identified the previously uncommitted Republican delegates who will now commit to Trump.

Since Trump himself has confirmed the authenticity of the numbers, we can assume that he will now go to Cleveland, reinforced by even more delegates from New Jersey, California and the remaining outstanding contests. His nomination is beyond the reach of those elitists who skulk in the Party‘s shadows.

At this point spare a thought for Jonah Goldberg, Brent Bozell, Linda Chavez, Erick Erickson, Mark Levin, Bill Kristol, George Pataki, Jennifer Rubin, Ben Sasse, Ben Shapiro, Paul Singer, George Will, Christine Todd Whitman, the Bush Dynasty and of course, Mitt Romney. How many of this ragbag of superior intellects will have the energy to form a Third Party of big hats and no cattle?

On top of the good news that Trump can now concentrate all his fire-power on the Democrat leadership – and Paul Ryan can give up pretending he has any poker chips to play – Rush Limbaugh this morning was firmly in the Trump camp. This is good news, for Rush is a formidable voice for the Right, and today it sounded as though at last he is able to speak from his heart. Previously it had sounded as though his intellectual commitment and his instincts were in two different places.

Ironically, Rush spent some time advising Donald Trump to stay true to his instincts and resist the advice of experts and new-found allies to become ‘respectable’. As I heard it, Rush was saying ‘don’t tack to the middle now that you have won the base!’. Those who have viewed the video of Trump’s rally where he insisted on beginning his rally with the National Anthem and where he growled ‘throw them (the protestors) out!’ will be reassured that The Donald is not about to tack anywhere at the behest of know-alls and those with hidden agendas.

Some of us could wish that Trump was guided by a combined and clear Conservative and Nationalist ideology, rather than by a rough and ready instinct for common sense, but if he continues to be ‘rough and ready’ that will be good enough. Most important is that he never relaxes his guard with the Mainstream Media or forgets that every one of its components is the enemy every bit as much as is Hillary Clinton, Bill Kristol and Mitt Romney.

Meanwhile, the Democrat Party is a shambles and the MSM is struggling to protect it. If Hillary Clinton insists on continuing with her campaign despite her email scandal, and despite her defeats at the hands of the Old Trotskyite, the Party will reach Philadelphia in a state of open civil war that not even the MSM will be able to hide from the voters.

Still, if there is one thing we have learned since last September, it is that in these Revolutionary times the best laid plans are going awry. Things will change rapidly if Obama gives Lynch instructions to charge Hillary, if a Trump rally ends in rioting, arson, looting and a death or two under the Mexican flag, or an ISIS terror attack strikes here in the USA.

Also overlooked is the unpredictability of the economy. At the moment it looks rosy, but we think serious inflation is finally about to break out, forcing a real interest hike with consequences for the stock market. Rate hikes bring pain, and inflation, once it has momentum, is not quickly and easily reined in.

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