A Bush Too Far

Most Conservatives would probably say that Jeb Bush as the Republican candidate in 2016 would be three Bushes too far. George W was certainly an improvement on his father (who was picked by Reagan!!!) but brother Jeb is clearly in the wrong Party. If for some reason Hillary Clinton does not pursue the Democrat nomination, her Party might well consider enlisting Jeb.

How many of our website visitors were surprised when the Bush name appeared as a possibility for 2016! We had long assumed that just about every Republican-conservative or RINO- had concluded that the Bush name had run its course in American politics after George W. retired. It was not just us on the Right (who felt we had spent enough effort defending a President who rarely defended himself). The climate of opinion among independents, tainted by a MSM that detested his Christianity, was one of Bush-exhaustion. To make matters worse for the Bush logo, Leftists, MSM and atheists of all persuasions have remained vitriolic about him to this day. Like Joe McCarthy, George W is resurrected by the MSM whenever an opportunity arises in order to be killed off and buried one more time.

There is of course, much to be said for a Party recruiting a Presidential candidate with experience in a State Governor’s seat but the Jeb Bush history as Governor of Florida is underwhelming. He was not a failure but neither did he roll back Florida’s Socialism and certainly he did not fortify the conservative base as a legacy. His main claim to fame seems to have been that he married a Latino (for the record he married a female), spoke Spanish and converted to Catholicism, thus attracting a slightly greater portion of the Latino vote. He was, at best, a mild reformer confronting a revolutionary agenda.

When his name popped up as a possible contender a few months ago, we assumed that he would be consigned to the Jon Huntsman long odds bin that tops at 3%. It quickly became apparent however that Jeb has friends in high places and among those with deep pockets. The old saying (slightly amended) “By their friends shall ye know them” is appropriate here and it is clear that Jeb has linked to some very rich political contributors and some very influential people in the Washington Republican Party bureaucracy.

In this modern post-revolutionary era, when those who are rich and powerful in business have discovered the advantages of sucking up to the ruling Media Class and its authoritarian Government, conservatives, Christians and Nationalists need to be ultra suspicious of those with rich political donors. They rarely, if ever, care about country, culture or morals. The time when rich businessmen and Old Families were conservative and Republican is long gone. Those who discard an emotional stake in their country in exchange for a stake in the international marketplace and a junior partnership with Government, will always also lightly cast aside the native workforce, national culture and-most importantly- traditional morality.

The Jeb Bush’s of this world, with families steeped in politics, do not casually and impulsively enter political competitions. Much expensive and detailed groundwork is done surreptitiously beforehand. Important insider links are renewed and the support of financial backers sought. The recent fund-raisers that Bush has held point to a campaign that began long ago. The rich contributors who have emerged tell us that Bush is the choice of those who are internationalist in business, will take their workers from anywhere in the world and are eager to abandon traditional morality and culture.

Bush has long been in favor of open borders-at least those to the south of our border. He has not had to make much of an accommodation to Big Business on this issue, for he has a substantial record of wanting the USA to have a special relationship with Mexico. Being happily married to a Mexican woman is proof that he has a very intimate relationship with Mexico. On this website we do not hold this against him and there are rational and historic grounds for viewing Mexico (and Canada to the north) as an exception concerning workers’ entry and immigration. Those who feel strongly about race and blood will disagree with us.

On this website we do not share their concerns about the contamination of blood and race. Our view is that such concerns, even if they ever had scientific validity, have been overtaken by events. The world has shrunk, people are mobile as never before and this genie cannot be put back in the bottle. Perhaps in the early days of American independence it might have been beneficial if immigration had been racially and culturally restricted. It certainly would have been beneficial long term if slavery had not been countenanced. Perhaps in the late 1800’s and early 1900’s immigration should have been more strictly controlled by race and culture, but it wasn’t and America entered two world wars surprisingly united and patriotic.

Whatever may or may not have been done in the past when America was expanding to the Pacific, common sense and a very different America and World demand strict border controls now, strict immigration enforcement now, very limited numbers and attention paid to cultures and religions to avoid revolutionary and unpredictable changes in the host country.

Jeb Bush needs to be totally rejected by the conservative base of the Republican Party for he is the Trojan Horse of those who, for varied motives, wish to join Obama in creating a new and revolutionary society. Like Obama, Jeb Bush will ‘evolve’ on many things if elected. However he will not be laid bare by a blanket dismissal of his claims. Here are some examples of truths among his claims.

Silicon Valley’s hi-tech industries that have kept America ahead of the world and created enormous wealth, have benefitted hugely from receiving immigrants from Taiwan, China, South East Asia, the Indian subcontinent, Russia’s Jewry and northern Europe. Without these people, Silicon Valley would never have taken off and would not function now. I say this because I believe my lying eyes. It is wishful thinking to consider otherwise. What is more, these immigrants have settled peacefully and are inter-marrying with White Americans at a fast pace. Their children –if rescued from the all-pervasive Leftist indoctrination that is infecting equally both them and Whites-will make fine intelligent, law-abiding and industrious Americans of the future.

Here in the South West, many, many, Latinos, including illegals, do contribute to the economy. It is claimed by opponents to amnesty and open borders that they are creating the unemployment of Americans that is currently hidden in false government statistics. There is some deliberate dishonesty in this claim for if the Latinos were magically removed from the jobs market, the welfare dependents in Oakland, southern LA and other places would not fill the jobs. They are mostly unwilling and incapable. Whilst unemployment in the USA is unacceptably high, the statistics, like those for crime, educational standards and food stamps, are skewed by a hidden racial component.

The dishonesties of the amnesty and mass immigration that Jeb Bush will promote is that of numbers (America no longer needs more people), indiscriminate and undesirable admission from the Third World, and the setting aside of existing laws. It is clear that amnesty (rewarding law breaking) will inevitably increase future illegal immigration. It will also be an injustice to all those who are stuck in the long legal process. Bush’s assertions about mass immigration need to be dissected and the wheat separated from the chaff. He, and all those who argue for amnesty and the ever-open door, deliberately lump together the wheat and the chaff. When the Right also lumps all together, it drives many recent immigrants who are beneficial to America, into the Leftist camp.

Jeb Bush has ‘evolved’ on the issue of SSM. He has surrounded his campaign team with homosexuals. No doubt he and his advisors have calculated that this will mollify the Media Class, attract the big donors and signal a willingness to be continually ‘progressive’ as a President. What we actually learn from this is that a man who moved from Protestantism to Catholicism when it looked expedient is now willing to abandon Christian morality for expediency. Here is a man who believes in nothing except personal advancement. In the past on this website we have reluctantly supported the candidacy of the awful McCain and the morally-elusive Romney but under no circumstances will we cast a vote for Bush.

The MSM news today is full of the weekend’s Moscow march, said to number ‘tens of thousands’. Any event that can be used to diminish Mr. Putin and ramp up an armed conflict with Russia is welcome to the Media Class which hates Nationalists even more than Christians. The march, only moderately impressive in size, is not front-page stuff for Americans. America’s massive anti-abortion marches never get such MSM treatment. If Putin could only evolve on SSM and sodomy like Jeb Bush, the MSM would treat him quite favorably, no matter what his crimes.

Meanwhile, over 2,000 Britons marched in Newcastle on Saturday in support of PEGIDA. It was the first such march organized in the UK and received no prior MSM coverage. It drew support from many Nationalist groups including the BNP. A small but vociferous band of paid Reds (friends of Cameron) held a counter-demonstration in support of the Islamification of the Western World. No doubt America’s newshounds will be reporting from Newcastle, providing front-page pictures of the PEGIDA marchers and seeking out articulate representatives for quotes! Well, perhaps not! The MSM does not ‘do’ Nationalist events unless they can be ridiculed or demonized.

Global Warming Watch

The record cold continues to grip much of the USA. Here in middle California it is chilly, especially at night and rainfall is still too scarce. No evidence of global warming, man-made or otherwise!

Music Choice

The 1953 Broadway Musical ‘Kismet’ contained the Wright and Forest song ‘Baubles, Bangles and Beads’. Many top singers recorded this interesting tune but the George Shearing version from the album ‘Shearing with Strings and Things’ is our choice for his exquisite piano solo that was pure jazz. Shearing sometimes strayed into sweetness but he never strayed into vulgarity, ugliness or children’s music. His music was always aimed at grown-ups.


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