Why White Lives Do Not Matter

On this website we have long been complaining that ‘our side’ has been losing the war. By ‘our side’ we mean the fragmented and complacent Counter-revolutionary forces of Conservatism, Christianity and Nationalism. Failure to recognize the rise of the Media Class, its seamless coalition with the Far Left, the revolutionary content of their joint agenda and their capture of the Democrat Party is at the root of our many defeats on the battlefield. Failure to notice a mortal enemy has captured political power, is governing unidentified and advancing an uncompromising agenda by stealth –all this whilst playing golf, walking the dogs, praying for the next world or being overly concerned with the origin of the White race might be said to be fiddling whilst Rome burns.

So many Counter-revolutionaries, blissfully unaware of their Counter-revolutionary status and blissfully assuming that because they can still pursue the trivialities of everyday life not much is changing, are like frogs in the warming saucepan. Perhaps they deserve to be dumped in the dustbin of history! A recent opinion poll claims that a majority of Americans would sooner be ruled by homosexuals than by Evangelicals. Perhaps the majority’s choice is already a reality, but if so life for Americans is not going to go on as normal. Revolutions are not made by those who seek small incremental changes.

As the rule of law and traditional ideas of justice are cast aside for ‘social justice’ in Baltimore and elsewhere; as mob rule becomes Government-sanctioned rule on the streets; and the brainwashed recite in their sleep ‘Black Lives Matter’, let us spare a thought for 19 year old Taylor Clark, an engineering student from Illinois, who died on Monday in a parking lot. Mr. Clark was attempting, in broad daylight, to sell his car via Craig’s List.

It is certain that Mr. Clark was unaware how much life in America has changed and that he has become in Government eyes a potential Counter-revolutionary and a deserving victim of redistribution. It is quite possible that being a college student, he was signed up to the slogan ‘Black Lives Matter’. His family will now learn that White lives do not matter nearly as much. Michael Gordon, a 24 year old Black man is accused of Mr. Clark’s murder, allegedly committed in the pursuit of a robbery.

Mr. Clark’s death will not make many-if any- headlines in the MSM, unlike the deaths of Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner and neighborhood drug dealer Freddie Gray. President Obama, Eric Holder, and Loretta Lynch will never utter Mr. Clark’s name, phone his parents or visit his town. His death will not inspire a single street march or chanted slogans about lives that matter. There will be no riots, looting and arson to mark his murder. It might seem to a puzzled observer that only African Americans care about the lives of their people and that in America only Black lives count, no matter how low-life those lives were.

For those who understand America’s Revolution and the role of the Media Class and its MSM, the explanation lies in what is in the news headlines and what gets left out. In pursuit of a Revolutionary agenda the MSM and its Leftist allies have inflamed Black resentments and fostered White Guilt. Consequently Americans of all colors are not allowed to forget about the death of “unarmed Black teenager Trayvon Martin, shot whilst returning from the store with skittles” and “Black gentle giant and teenager Michael Brown who was shot in the back for walking in the road”.

Last Monday’s murder of Taylor Clark, along with the murder yesterday of Cecil Pendleton, aged 55 (going to work in his van in N W Indiana and shot by 3 robbers), the murders of several on duty police officers in the last 3 months, and countless other brutal and casual murders of Whites and Asians, will be treated in the MSM as random isolated events. The race of victim and perpetrator will not be worth mentioning and the significance of the recurring pattern of deaths carefully concealed. These White and Asian victims will be deliberately overlooked by the MSM. In contrast ‘Trayvon’, ‘Michael Brown’, ‘Eric Garner’ and now ‘Freddie Gray’ are household names as victims and linked together in the public’s mind by race.

What started out as a Media Class MSM campaign to mobilize the 2012 Black vote for Obama and the Democrat Party has acquired a life of its own on urban streets. The MSM is working hard not only to reinforce the myth of Black victimhood and White guilt but to ramp up Black violence. This White House is investing in lawlessness, spawning an emerging Black leadership of ambitious, privileged, college-‘educated‘, impatient racist discontents and giving them the green light to ignite a race War.

The ingredients for it include the energetic MSM promotion of any Black victims of ‘alleged’ White and police brutality whilst suppressing news of the many deaths of Whites and Asians at the hands of Black criminals. Under the leadership of the hand-picked Loretta Lynch, the DOJ will expand its purging and reorganization of urban police forces. President Obama, knowing full well that words combined with lies are effective, will talk of ‘minorities’ and ‘Black and Brown’ in an attempt to create Latino riots and forge anti-White unity.

The next article will focus on the British Election results.


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