Trump vs. Fox

The Mainstream Media (MSM) is the mouthpiece and weapon of our Ruling Media Class. Not only has it made many Media people amazingly rich and celebrated but its propaganda power has bestowed on them the power to make and break politicians, morally corrupt the masses and exercise political power from behind the scenes.

Only on this website are the Media Class and its rule fully revealed, and its nature and evolution explained, but many conservative commentators have become aware that the MSM has an agenda and is more powerful than the Democrat Party it owns.

We have always maintained that the MSM, as the mouthpiece and weapon of the Media Class is, befittingly, virtually homogeneous in the pursuit of the Class agenda. However, just as in the time when Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels were analyzing the Ruling Capitalist Class in the UK and noting that there were maverick Capitalists who departed from the Class agenda, we noted that in contemporary America there were mavericks in the Media Class.

Conservative Talk Radio is the prime example of an element of the MSM not marching in lockstep. The other mavericks have been Fox News and the WSJ, the former until recently providing news that was much more truthful than anything in the rest of the MSM and the latter providing opinion that was more honest. We always cautioned that the WSJ’s ‘news’ reporting was as much Leftist propaganda as that of the New York Times and the Washington Post.

Since Fox News and the WSJ amalgamated, both have taken a Left turn.. How much this Left turn is coincidental; due to a new generation of Murdochs craving Class recognition; or the WSJ’s Jewish influence on Fox News, is hard to say. Two things are certain and they are that Fox News is now indistinguishable from the MSM and the WSJ’s Opinion pages have moved Left and its reporting is even more dishonest than it was.

The Journal, reflecting its Jewish Big Business identity, has always been internationalist and anti-Nationalist, but its naked hostility to Trump now puts it in the frontline of the MSM’s war on The Donald. Every day it seeks to bolster the ailing fortunes of Jeb Tippy-toes and now it is jumping on the Fiorina bandwagon, both seen as pro-immigration and Internationalist lackeys.

Fox News has abandoned all pretense of neutrality and is all-out to smear Trump and bring him down. Here is an example! On September 18th the Fox Business News headline was “Remarks at Town Hall Fuel Islamophobia” and reporter Elizabeth Chmurak wrote that Trump “failed to address an audience member’s anti-Muslim remarks”.

There is no evidence that Islamophobia has been ‘fueled’ by Trump or anyone else. Indeed, the absence of Islamophobia in the USA is disturbing, for it suggests that the American people, thanks to MSM propaganda, political correctness and addiction to trivial pursuits, have little concern for their own fate. Faithful Muslims are warriors for Islamic Imperialism, will not integrate, will not accept American law and will harbor terrorists. In the many instances when Muslim terrorists, resident in the USA, have carried out or attempted to carry out acts of violence, honest news headlines would be “Violence reveals Muslim danger”.

Donald Trump, to his credit, has refused to apologize for his response to the Town Hall remarks, but it would have been reassuring if his ‘tweeting’ had pointed out that ‘we have a President, who on his own admission (and in writing) had a Muslim father, a Muslim step-father and spent several formative years in Indonesia receiving a Muslim education. Since gaining the Presidency he has promoted Islam in the US and encouraged a war on Christians. Given all this, it seems rational to regard him as a Crypto-Muslim.’

One Opinion Poll is indicating that Trump’s numbers have fallen 8% since the last debate and that Fiorina has caught him up. Although we are wary of polls, we would not be surprised if this is near the truth. Some Nationalists are too complacent and assume that the more the MSM attacks Trump, the more he will prosper in the polls. They under-estimate the power of the MSM. In the last few decades the MSM has destroyed every Conservative and Nationalist candidate in the Republican field and picked the Party a loser or a collaborator. Trump’s man-of-the people Nationalism and his success in putting immigration on the Republican agenda will ensure that he receives a MSM blitz greatly surpassing everything that Sarah Palin experienced.

We hope Trump is not complacent and is prepared for a relentless MSM war of smears, lies and character assassination, combined with the temporary promotion of any rival who most effectively attacks him.

It now looks as though Biden will enter the Democrat Party contest. This will be an interesting development and we think it will end in Clinton’s withdrawal once the MSM unites behind him. This unity will not happen overnight but today‘s Leftist Ruling Class and its allies abhor discussion and varied viewpoints. It is a coalition that worships totalitarianism and the elimination of dissent. If Biden is anointed by the MSM the Democrat Party will march behind him in lockstep and seek to destroy all opposition.

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