Trump Versus Loretta Lynch

The good news is that in the latest poll Donald Trump has soared into a devastating lead over his nearest competitor, Ted Cruz. Both are great American candidates for the Presidency. Bush and Co. have been left tossing about in their slip-stream. As we wrote here yesterday, the terrible events at San Bernardino were sure to harden public support for controlled borders and a halt to all Muslim immigration. Trump’s Nationalist-leaning campaign was certain to be the clear beneficiary.

Democrat Party representatives and public authority spokes-persons everywhere are now victims of the nascent totalitarianism that Obama and his White House comrades have spawned. None dare stray from his narrative that Islam is a religion of peace, that Muslim killers are neither Muslims nor terrorists, and that he in the White House -in his superior wisdom – has made America safe from terrorism.

In this latest act of domestic terrorism, those officials and the MSM who continue to adhere to the Presidential line and ignore the unavoidable facts, are lacking all credibility with the informed. San Bernardino is also a setback for those Republican candidates who, courting Big Business bucks and MSM approval, have tied themselves to ‘tolerant’ and non-judgmental policies. Profiling is now a matter of public safety and every sane citizen knows it.

Nevertheless, no-one should under-estimate the determined crypto-Muslim in the White House, the propaganda power and stamina of his masters in the Media Class, and the reach of the Government bureaucracy he has illegally assembled. We on the Right admire Trump for his refusal to retreat, but Obama also never retreats and is coldly determined to crush all who stand in his way.

Just as the MSM has begun alleging the persecution of Muslims at the hands of American citizens reacting to terrorism, a chilling statement was today issued by Loretta Lynch, Obama’s replacement as Attorney General for Eric Holder. She announced that her Department Of Justice will be taking action against anyone whose statements or writings about Islam “edge towards violence”.

Under Obama, the DOJ has become a tool of Far Left government oppression. It has nothing to do with ‘justice’ and Constitutional lawfulness and every thing to do with investigating, intimidating and punishing those who oppose the Ruling Class agenda and resist Obama’s racial revenge. The unspecific language used by Lynch will spread a wide net, well beyond any call for violence. It is intended to stifle any expression of the umbilical connection between Muslims and terrorism.

No-one need doubt that Lynch issued this warning in collaboration with Obama. He is intending to double down on his importation of Muslims into America in the face of public anxiety and political opposition. From now on Muslims, in stark contrast to Christians, are to become as much a specially protected group as homosexuals.

Obama is just as aware as is the Republican Elite, of the growing support for Donald Trump. He knows that fueling Trump’s appeal now is more than fear of open borders and illegal Mexicans, it is fear of a stealthy Muslim invasion. Trump, as a result of San Bernardino, finds himself prematurely in confrontation with the Obama regime, a far more dangerous enemy than the Republican Elite.

It is more than possible that Lynch intends not only to suppress Talk Radio commentators, but the Republican who has become the de facto leader of American Nationalism, Donald Trump. Obama and Lynch are not only seeking to curtail the free speech that all Leftists hate, but stifle opposition to their importation of Muslims.

Rather than wait for Lynch to close in by first picking off commentators and bloggers, we ask Trump to issue a public challenge to her to prosecute him. Obama has proceeded in his changing of America by stealth and it is time for the Right to choose the battleground.

As the details slip out from San Bernardino, we learn that Farook’s wife was as committed to Islamic violence as he. The recent birth of their child had no effect on her religious fanaticism and it is likely that she was a militant in her Saudi homeland. Moreover we should be suspicious of this Pakistani’s motive in searching for a wife in Saudi Arabia. Bomb-making is a rare skill, as those who know anything about Irish terrorism will know. It is certain that these two were part of a network, that they had local contacts and intended to kill more people. And what of the Third Man reported at the time of the attack?

In the past, we have criticized the WSJ commentator Kimberley Strassel, but her article today in the Journal is well worth a read. In it she draws attention to how the Obama/Lynch DOJ is funneling huge amounts of money to their Far Leftist comrades, including La Raza. Perhaps CAIR is also getting a share.


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