Trump Supporters Show Backbone

Another giant crowd turned up last evening in Richmond, Virginia to hear The Donald. Many patiently lined up for hours, apparently unaware that his support is inexorably falling and is about to force him out of the contest. If only they would pay attention to the Mainstream Media (MSM) commentators, they could save themselves wasting time on this loser!

BIZPAC REVIEW, which claims to be Right-leaning website, was first out of the gate to report that Trump supporters are beginning to reveal an ugly and violent nature. The site gave prominence to a CNN film in which politics reporter Sara Murray, summing up a very brief few minutest that interrupted a lengthy Trump appearance, looked into the camera and warned the unwary that “what was abnormal was the level of aggression, the level of vitriol we saw”.

Ah! So after a Spring and Summer in which African American mobs and their White Trotskyite comrades rioted, looted and burned down town centers (with impunity!), ambushed and fatally shot police officers, invaded restaurants to intimidate families of diners, occupied freeways carrying working commuters home and then began disrupting political meetings to shout down speakers, we are at last seeing “abnormal levels of aggression and vitriol”. And would you believe it, it is happening at the places where the Far Right gather to hear and see Donald Trump! This is how the Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies reap great benefits from their MSM’S ability to turn reality inside out and upside down.

Nowhere in the report was it mentioned that the dozen protestors at the Trump meeting were Black or Latinos. It was necessary to watch the film clip to learn that relevant fact. It is amazing how color blind the MSM reporters are in some situations and how color conscious they are in others. This is explained once we understand that the MSM is a purveyor of propaganda in the furtherance of a Revolutionary agenda.

In the Democrat Show in Las Vegas, Jim Webb (whose presence disproved our contention that decades ago the Party was completely purged of all moderates -the thought police missed him!) may have signed his own death warrant by saying that ‘all lives matter’. If the Far Left, totalitarian Democrat Party sweeps to power in 2016, he will join all of us Counter-revolutionaries, Christians and Nationalists in front of a firing squad. His ‘race’ insensitive words will not be forgotten by the extremists who gathered to hear Hillary and Sanders.

The authors of ‘Black Lives Matter’, and the MSM’s reporters, are well aware that it is a meaningless slogan that flies in the face of facts, but it has been made not only a battle cry to intimidate opponents, stifle debates and disrupt meetings, it has also become another litmus test of Party loyalty. Webb failed the test in Las Vegas and joined Donald Trump as ‘the enemy’ whose very existence is an affront to ascendant Leftists and minorities.

The plain truth is that in a law-abiding society, no tolerant and civilized person invades a political meeting to shout hostile slogans. Those who disagree with a visiting speaker can stand outside the venue with signs and megaphones. Or they can hold competing meetings of their own. That is genuine free speech. Those who attended the Trump meeting, some to support him and some to hear him, had a right to do so. The dozen disrupters (who looked Black to me) were attempting to prevent free speech. By the Left’s own definition surely they indulged in ‘hate’ behavior and ‘hate’ speech, for they offended the sensibilities of those who were peacefully gathered. Not that on this website we give a damn about ‘hate’ speech or ‘offending sensibilities‘, for those are definitions devised by the Left to be employed selectively against their opponents.

The truly invigorating aspect of this Richmond event (apart from yet another demonstration that Trump is pulling in the crowds like no-one else), was that his supporters -ordinary citizens- decided enough is enough and showed some backbone. They quickly set about making the invaders unwelcome. Can anyone imagine the little crowd of somnolent attendees at a Bush seminar in a public library rousing themselves to action? Quite possibly the protestors would fail to wake them! And Bush would surely apologize to the protestors for the existence of the border or the past wrongs of slavery.

CNN reporter Sara Murray claimed to have seen a Trump supporter spit in the face of a protestor. This reminded me of a conversation I had last week with a Bay Area police officer. We met by chance on a hike in the Sierra foothills. Our conversation revealed that he, a young product of California’s school indoctrination, was a little more liberal than I. Sensing that I would not be shocked by the realities of post-Obama America, he described his experience of being drafted into Oakland to control ‘Black Lives Matter’ demonstrations. He and his fellow officers (some Black) were constantly spat upon, punched, kicked and subjected to the most disgusting verbal abuse.

MSM reporters who attend Black, Latino and Leftist demonstrations are never shocked by the ‘levels of aggression and vitriol’ that they witness. And they never report them!

Snow Global Warming Watch Snow

Here in middle California, a moderately warm summer has given way to a very hot and dry October. Unless the predicted El Nino arrives soon, the water shortage is going to be catastrophic. Yet even as residents are being subjected to severe cutbacks in water usage, the new building of houses, high rise apartments Malls and office blocks continues at a manic pace. No doubt we shall soon be asked to welcome thousands of Muslim immigrants to join the other arrivals and share the scarce water. Few of my neighbors seem to care as they set off on long commutes for work, pay their water fines and take their dogs for bedtime bowel exercise. It is hard not to feel like the little boy who alone pointed out that the Emperor had no clothes.

Music-Notes Music Choice Music-Notes

Recently we recommended a recording of ‘Frenesi’ by the great trumpeter Chet Baker. Another fine trumpeter of the 1950’s and 1960’s was the West Coast-based Shorty Rogers, a Jew who became a Christian. On a 1954 recording date with his Quintet (Jimmy Giuffre (reeds), Pete Jolly (piano), Curtis Counce (bass) and Shelly Manne (drums)), Rogers demonstrated his mastery of the instrument and impressive improvisational skills on the 1935 tune “The Lady In Red”.

Wrubel and Dixon wrote this tune and lyrics for the 1935 Busby Berkeley film ‘In Caliente’. The tune was also recorded by Xavier Cugat. Enjoy Shorty Rogers!


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