Trump Refocuses Immigration Issue

During a weekend TV interview Donald Trump stated that his administration would deport back to their countries of origin all undocumented (illegal) immigrants.

As far as this website is aware, no Republican legislator or current candidate opposed to amnesty has spoken this bluntly. Given that the MSM, the Democrat Party, and many Churches are wholly committed to amnesty for all, and ever ready to bully American citizens with tales of God-fearing Latino families wrenched from gainful employment, homes and family members, it is not surprising that opponents of amnesty have shrunk from specifics.

Apart from the logistics of identifying and exporting anywhere between 11 and 30 million illegals, the suffering and hardship that deportation will inflict on many decent poor people along with criminals and spongers has resulted in Conservative opposition to amnesty as a legal process taking precedence over the more fundamental issue of deportation. It is relatively painless to oppose legalization and challenging to advocate a policy that will inevitably be harsh in its implementation.

One consequence of this has been that those politicians who regard lawful citizenship and National identity as crucially important have limited their positions to ‘opposition to amnesty’ and ‘demands for wall-building’ -both worthwhile but an avoidance of biting the bullet. Another consequence has been that the fight against those whose agenda is a revolutionary change of the composition of the American people, has lacked a strategic goal and been limited to tactics. It has seemed as if conservatives are hoping that a wall, emptying the prisons and restricting benefits, whilst leaving tens of millions of aliens in situ, will suffice. Although a border wall and the robust expulsion of alien criminals are common-sense and appealing polices, on this website we would argue that halting all ‘welfare’ benefits is neither feasible (for humanitarian and public health reasons) nor likely to empty America of millions of illegal aliens.

Trump’s weekend statement has radicalized the debate over citizenship by getting to the real issue. He has single-handedly forced all politicians, and particularly the Republican candidates, to confront the realities. Since he is an instinctive citizen ‘reactor’ and not a calculating politician, he may not be fully aware of what he has said and done. The MSM, its allies for Internationalism and the Bushites will surely claim that mass expulsions are not feasible and label him as heartless and beyond the Pale.

Conservative Primary candidates who are opposed to unlawful immigration or are opposed to all significant immigration, will be forced to wade into the issue. The Donald has so far stuck by his every spontaneous statement and will undoubtedly stick by this one, so it will remain in the forefront of the campaign. His enemies, though they are enraged that the issue has not been buried may think that this time they have ‘got him’.

But he can argue, if he has the commitment, that America possesses the means to build the wall; that prisons can be emptied by a President who is determined; and mass deportations combined with generous monetary payments can succeed. After all, the illegals got in, the Mexican government does not police its northern border, and if people can get themselves in for material benefit they can get themselves out for material benefit. Moreover, families will not be split if they all leave together.

On this website we acknowledge that Central Americans are mostly hardworking, honest, adaptive and law-abiding. We have no time for IQ and blood arguments. We believe that they generally are more beneficial to America than the current African American population but the latter are legal citizens and, though hugely discontented, will not go anywhere else no matter what the financial inducements. We have to deal with realities. A society that seeks to be based on laws dare not legalize lawlessness.

Trump, the loose cannon who cannot be bought or controlled, has once again set the Republican Primary political agenda and has once again spoken for those working Americans whose interests have long been set aside. Will they continue to support him? We will be watching the polls.

Way back in the year we forecast that Hillary Clinton would not get the Democrat nomination. We believe that a fabulously rich cabal of perverts and libertines centered in Hollywood and who have great clout in the MSM, will not tolerate Bill in the White House. The email scandal which has erupted could have been easily suppressed by the MSM, like so many other Clinton, Gore, Kerry and Obama scandals and skeletons. The modern Justice Dept and FBI are under political control and this is now Obama’s lawless Nation. That Mrs. Clinton is being scrutinized is because a section of the Ruling Class has unleashed the dogs of war. We won’t forecast who will find favor. Biden, Gore, Kerry, Hiawatha’s daughter or Michelle?

We also correctly forecast that Greece will be endlessly baled out by the EU and that Angela Merkel will blink and blink. We get lots of predictions wrong but we won’t dwell on those! We thank all those website visitors who now read us despite our failures.


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