Trump Re-assessed

As The Donald has not retreated on immigration and continues to act like a candidate who is in the race to win, it is right that we ignore the MSM/Elite Republican attacks on him but lean towards him with caution. Why support him at all at this time and given his mixed political record? Because his entry into the primaries with the plain speaking of a candidate who is not bought-and-paid-for and who has taken genuine Nationalist positions, has already polarized the Republican Party and given a voice to the grass roots.

In confronting Bush on immigration and borders, Trump has, for the time being, rescued the Republican Party’s selection of candidate away from the Big Money Internationalists. Although we are always suspicious of opinion polls there is little doubt that Bush has been riding too high for our comfort. How much of this is mere name-recognition, how much is his awesome financial backing and how much is down to his impressive network of in-place Republican operatives, is impossible to judge. Perhaps it is a combination of these. It is depressing that a considerable portion of the Republican Party likes his ‘moderation’ during Revolutionary times.

The plain fact is that until Trump intervened it looked like Bush had the upper hand. ‘Our’ people (Cruz, Walker, Carson, Jindal, Santorum) have all struggled to overcome the MSM and make any impact. None have deep-pocket support. It is gut-wrenching to learn that yet another Bush has considerable public support though on this website at least we should never underestimate the power of the MSM and the extent of brainwashing of contemporary Americans, beginning with school. As we have already pointed out on this website, Reagan’s political sophistication would be lost on most of today’s Americans who leave education wholly ignorant of their exceptional birthright and burdened with racial guilt.

For those like us, who lean towards Trump with caution, we recommend the ‘Total Conservative’ website and the article “Trump inspires Unprecedented Media Witch-hunt” (though we think Sarah Palin and Michelle Bachman suffered their share of MSM witch-hunting). We particularly recommend today’s ‘The Unz Review’ and the article by Dan E. Phillips ‘Understanding the Politics of Donald Trump’. We also recommend the letters page of today’s WSJ where the Republican Establishment’s Peggy Noonan gets her come-uppance.

On this website we can understand why Trump has some conservatives feeling he leaves much to be desired on important issues and this feeling is only partly cancelled out by his unabashed Nationalism. Still, we should be encouraged by his full-blooded commitment on borders, illegal immigration, foreign relations, trade and jobs, for on these vital issues he has raised our banner high. He has succeeded in laying bare the treasonous unity of RINOS, the Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies and their insidious and relentless war on America’s working people. Cruz can claim to have been the first candidate to campaign for border integrity and the Constitution but unfortunately he has been effectively consigned to the sidelines of public awareness. Trump on the other hand, with his blunt, from-the-gut style, street language and ability to command attention has put these issues center stage. We should be grateful that, for once, we have a truly rich man who loves his country and is prepared to take on its enemies.

For the record, we think Trump could have done better on illegal immigration, and his tarring of all illegals with the same criminal brush reveals one of his weaknesses. He may well understand how to do business, get things done, outwit opponents and understand how economic internationalism is destroying American business and America’s working people, but he is dangerously removed from the day-to-day lives of America’s working people. New York’s, San Francisco’s and Chicago’s rich enclaves are only a little less out of touch with America’s working people than Washington’s world of government jobs and lobbyists.

On this website we never blind ourselves to the realities of daily life around us here in middle California, even when they sit uncomfortably with the neatness and convenience of ideology and long-held positions. And we research and have traveled widely in order to understand the real daily life in the small-town Western States, in the flat agricultural mid-West and in the Old South. America is a big geographically diverse country and in some places has since the 1960’s accepted many non-European peoples. It was torn asunder by a brutal civil war which impoverished the South and the aftermath endures to this day. The mass importation of primitive Africans for slave labor was a disaster whose negative effects on National unity have increased with time. Today’s America is further complicated by very recent waves of legal immigrants who have been recruited by new and powerful industries that are a mixed blessing in their social effects.

America today is as it is and the racial and cultural clock cannot simply be turned back, especially when there has evolved a Ruling Class and Leftist internal forces that are seeking to destroy all of the past and embark on a revolutionary experiment that is as reckless as the guillotine regime of Paris, the Bolshevik terror of the USSR and the gas chambers of the Third Reich.

If the best of America’s tried and trusted traditional values are to be defended and revived, we need a candidate who can unite working people in their own best interests. Getting to understand the experiences and feelings of working people across such different settings requires that a good leader makes a determined and conscious effort.

Trump appears to be our best hope for he has nailed his colors to a Nationalist program and broken through the MSM embargo on its articulation to the people. He has also suffered the Ruling Class witch-hunt and emerged stronger. We have to hope this experience will Radicalize him to the conservative Right and that he will, like Reagan, unite America’s working people and deliver a crushing blow to the Left in 2016.


Here in California, despite the growth of Latino gangs in the cities and the breakdown of family life among the children of Mexican immigrants (especially those who have to live cheek-by-jowl with inner city Blacks), it is simply not true that most Mexicans are criminal or work-shy. It is evident everywhere here that Mexicans, and especially the just-arrived illegals, are truly industrious, surprisingly honest, very adaptable in the workplace and more socially integrated with Americans than many Indians, Chinese, Middle Easterners and Jews. They are also better disposed towards America. I am sure this is true wherever in America Latinos have settled for work. Since our experience is commonplace, Trump’s sweeping comments on Mexican character will have sounded like bigotry to many who might have otherwise agreed with him on borders and the negatives of unchecked immigration.

My recent personal experience of ill health once again reminded me that many of the best doctors and nurses here in California are Oriental immigrants. The hi-tech industries could not function with out Orientals and Indians who simply have better maths and computer skills than the White and Black products of Californian education. Trump may not know this and no doubt many good people in the Old South, Desert States and Mid West have no idea. At the same time, too many here on the West Coast will not understand the important symbolism of the Confederate flag and civil war history in the South.

Our point is that Trump needs to have advisors who understand the real life experiences of working people in America’s several heartlands so that he can unite all rather than alienate many. His New York experiences are untypical of the working people he seeks to speak for.

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