Trump Marches Into Phoenix

It has been reported on the Internet that Donald Trump has had to arrange a larger Phoenix venue for his weekend speech because of the Arizona public’s response. If this is true, and not just Trump propaganda, it is a highly significant development in the political landscape.

Since the Media’s pet Republican John McCain is an Arizona Senator and has delighted his MSM masters by weighing in against Trump, a campaign meeting in Phoenix shows that Trump is seeking confrontations. He is taking his campaign into the enemy’s territory. We can only hope that he blasts McCain and speaks even more explicitly on illegal immigration and Obama’s dismantling of borders.

Arizona’s ranchers and White citizens have suffered hugely from the Mexican crime invasion and it is the one State where local sheriffs and the Governor Jan Brewer have publicly taken on Obama and his leftist DOJ on the border issue. If Trump pulls no punches in his speech he will surely find an enthusiastic grass roots response. Those who search out the real news from the Internet will get a true picture of Trump on the stump and be able to assess his seriousness and fortitude.

Unfortunately, the majority of Republicans, unconsciously brainwashed by MSM propaganda, will be misled. Whatever Trump says in his speech will be misreported, taken out of context or purged from reports. The more his speech is enthusiastically received, the greater will be the MSM distortions. McCain and the RINO primary candidates will be sought out for negative and outraged comments. The TV’s political chatterbox shows and their ‘conservative’ pet experts will be wheeled on to confirm that Trump is damaging the Republican cause and to say that he is not really in the primaries out of political commitment but for self advertisement.

There are many real conservatives who are yet to be convinced that Trump is a serious contender and there are others who look at his politically checkered past and dismiss him. On this website we are increasingly convinced that he is serious and that the more he is attacked the more his blood is aroused. Phoenix and an enthusiastic grass roots reception may be the point where Trump crosses his Rubicon.

If he stays in the campaign he will need to venture beyond the immigration/borders issue and our advice to him would be to stay away from social issues MSM trap and instead demand a return to Constitutional government, neutral Courts, free speech and free expression. Those of us for whom social issues are important can rally behind a candidate who will in the White House roll back totalitarianism.

He has correctly put the immigration/borders issue at the front, for behind it lurks the integrity of citizenship, elections and a welfare/ health system that is sustainable. It is an issue that puts him directly in confrontation with the deplorable Bush and it is an issue on which the Media Class, its MSM and its Leftist allies fear clarity.

We have to hope that Trump marches on. His entry into the Republican contest with this issue has, for better or worse,

reshaped the contest, permanently marginalized all the other contenders except Bush and provided the only alternative to the Republican Establishment.

Today I caught a little of Rush Limbaugh’s radio program and he was using a word we have long used on this website. When we first employed the word ‘totalitarian’ to describe the Media Class agenda, every American conservative would have dismissed us as extremist and ignorant of America’s history and culture. Now Rush, no less, accuses the homosexual core of the Media Class of totalitarianism.

His accusation is justified but his explanation is wrong. He says that homosexuals and lesbians are not reassured with SSM victories that are achieved with legal rulings, or electoral victories that reveal a significant minority of the voters remain opposed. As a consequence they can only feel secure and happy by forcibly converting everyone to their cause.

The truth, and we think Rush simply does not dare to speak it for fear of being driven from Radio, is that the LGBT crowd can never escape the senses of shame and incompleteness that inevitably haunt the practice of perversion. Since it is only unnatural (and mostly unhygienic) sexual activities accompanied by fantasy that define their differences from the rest of mankind, they can never achieve true contentment through sex. This leaves them with a dissatisfaction made worse by the presence all around them of normality. Although most sane people are inevitably judgmental, LGBT sufferers cannot help but be judgmental about themselves which translates into a compulsion to force normal people into acceptance. Even this will not change human nature and assuage their anger.

Music Choice

Tenor saxophonist John Coltrane developed an astonishing technical expertise and stamina on the instrument and some of the time his improvisations were outstanding. Unfortunately playing too much often degenerated into boring patterns. He composed a number of melodies and ‘Giant Steps’ was perhaps his best.

The great bandleader and percussionist Tito Puente recorded a version set to a Latin rhythm. Strongly recommended!

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