Trump Again Shows He Is Fearless

Trump’s visit to Mexico – campaign tactics aside – was solid proof that he is determined to act as a leader with guts. We have written about his demeanor and poise in challenging circumstances, but that visit left no doubt about his courage.

His decision to run for the Presidency advocating effective border controls with Mexico, and an end to illegal immigration from that country, put him even more at risk of assassination than that posed for any Presidential candidate. We might wonder if he realized the life-threatening risks to himself and his family when he first embarked on his campaign, but it is certain that he soon learned the dangers when the Black Lives Matter (BLM) mobs showed up at his rallies, blocking access, attempting forcible entry and physically assaulting his supporters.

For some time now, Trump will have been aware that he is more at risk of assassination than any previous Presidential candidate. Not only has he enraged the homicidal Muslims and the violent Trotskyites of Black Lives Matter, but the all-powerful Mainstream Media (MSM) has been relentlessly painting him as a creature beyond the pale. There must be tens of thousands of dysfunctional Leftists walking the streets of America who have absorbed the MSM message that Trump should not be allowed to exist, and that his killer would enjoy celebrity status and implicit official approval.

In our previous article we dealt with the Wall Street Journal’s disgusting and shameless character assassination campaign, now linking Trump to the Mafia. Character assassination of this intensity – and throw in ‘bigot’, ‘racist’, and ‘misogynist’ along with ’crook’ – whether intended or not (and we believe some of it is intended!), creates a climate in which assassination is conceived, planned. and executed. It is said that Trump now wears a bullet-proof vest at his public appearances, but he must know that this offers limited protection to enemies who specialize in murder.

Despite the risk of assassination, the discouragement of an hysterical, wholly dishonest and non-stop MSM assault, and the public and private treachery of many leading Republicans, Trump is out campaigning among the American people, spreading hope and encouragement. His travels take him criss-crossing the “fruited plain”, and from the Canadian border to the Gulf, exposing himself to constant risk, whilst his opponent skulks in the Hamptons and other safe White retreats.

Not only does Trump have physical courage but he also has the emotional courage to confront the American people in politically hostile environments. His trip to Detroit yesterday was an example of both. Meeting with the pastor and congregation of Great Falls Ministries International Church, Trump lived up to his claim that he wishes to represent all Americans.

He must be aware that the chances of peeling the Black vote away from Clinton are virtually nil, yet his visit sent a message to the American people that he is fearless, and refuses to allow any city in the country to deny access to the Right. This is an important and reassuring signal to his followers, those on the fence, and our enemies.

The MSM will treat this highly newsworthy Detroit visit as they have treated the Mexican visit, which is to say ‘first ignore’, ‘then trivialize’. and then drench in negativity. Trump cannot change this MSM dynamic, but he and we can hope that every courageous initiative he takes builds up in the American psyche a recognition that he is truly fit to be a leader of the Nation.

We would add to this a footnote. Psychopaths – and there are many strutting in the political corridors of Washington DC, New York, LA and San Francisco – are notoriously thin-skinned. Like our President, they cannot tolerate anything less than uncritical adoration. Venues and audiences have to be chosen beforehand to ensure not only a complete lack of hostility, but the presence of unwavering submission. When Obama and Hillary Clinton meet with the MSM there is no hostility, only slavish devotion with thrills running up legs.

We can be sure that Donald Trump – maybe a little vain and certainly not a humble man – is not at all psychopathic, for he is demonstrating a willingness to go alone into hostile environments. We on the Broad Right must be prepared that if and when the opinion polls show him leading, he will be in great danger.

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