Ted Cruz – Johnnie-come-lately

Well, Ted (come-lately) Cruz is certainly talking tough now on Islam. He wants the streets of Muslim neighborhoods patrolled by police officers and some Mosques closely monitored.

He has yet to advocate halting the importation of 200,000 Muslims per year. The exploding Muslim population will certainly keep the police busy under a Cruz Presidency. No doubt, if its what it takes to sound as tough as Donald Trump in the primaries, Ted-come-lately will eventually get around to advocating halting the Muslim invasion.

Ted-come-lately’s sudden pre-occupation with the long-standing Muslim threat is due about 90% to Trump’s lead in the delegate count, and 10% due to Brussels. We can safely say that Donald Trump’s willingness to take a real and effective stand on this issue arose from his common-sense and fearless (of the MSM) approach to all issues, his ability to recognize priorities, and the Nationalism which enables him to be in tune with what worries ordinary working Americans.

Whilst Ted-come-lately was being mentored on the Constitution by Mark Levin, exciting Rush Limbaugh with Ronald Reagan Conservatism, and creating a furore in the Senate, Trump was out in the people’s world sharing their concerns about the tide of immigrants, the Muslim invasion and NAFTA.

It so happens that on this website we too are angry that Obama and the Federal Courts have, over the last seven years, consigned the Constitution to the dustbin of history. The result has been a lawless regime with a Revolutionary agenda. But what has the Republican Party been able to do about it using Constitutional means? To use the American term, ‘diddly-squat’!

This election is not about the Constitution, which sadly is past history, but about reclaiming America’s borders, purging the aliens in our midst, taking on the MSM enemy, and restoring America by Nationalist trade policies. Cruz, Levin and even Limbaugh have been too obsessed with Regan, intellectual Conservatism and Washington maneuverings to see the wood for the trees.

The very first time that Obama ignored the Constitution, every Republican in Congress should have walked out, refusing to return until he caved. Alternatively, they could have conducted a sit-in. But that would have been un-Constitutional!! Revolutionary times require direct-action resistance.

It could be said in Ted-come-lately’s defense, that he, almost single-handedly, resisted in the Senate by Constitutional means. Well his Quixotic antics had no effect, apart from winning celebrity for an ambitious political career plan. Most damningly, he failed to win supporters within Congress and failed to take his opposition outside Washington by turning to extra-parliamentary tactics. In short he is not the leader we need in Revolutionary times. He is blinkered and inadequate because he is really an insider.

A picture in today’s WSJ reveals everything we need to know about Ted-come-lately. It is him addressing a gathering of a few hundred insiders in a chandeliered ballroom in New York. He is standing in front of a banner with the large word ‘TRUSTED’. The caption describes the gathering as a rally. Is the banner a coded message to the Party’s elite, to Jeb Bush and Karl Rove, and beyond that to the Internationalists who fear a Trump Counter-Revolution?

Fortunately, we now know what a rally is, because Donald Trump has them all over the country. A rally is a gathering of thousands of ordinary people who are thirsting for real leadership. It is finally apparent that Trump is the only outsider, the only candidate who is truly challenging the new status quo of the new Ruling Class. The evidence is before all eyes as the Republican elite and the Collaborators throw their weight, their dollars, their lying propaganda and their endorsements behind a grateful Cruz.

Arizona was a victory for Nationalism, but what to make of Utah? It is of course an odd State, being dominated by Mormons. The organization of the caucuses, and the vote counting, were in the hands of officials hostile to Trump. I find it hard to believe that Trump, only days before the voting, drew a massive enthusiastic crowd in Salt Lake City yet only received some 8,000 votes. There is something not quite right about this and I think there will be much anti-Trump vote fraud in the weeks ahead. It’s ‘Get Trumpy’, because he is the only outsider in the game.

Long ago I stopped watching TV and modern movies. I also avoided all modern Pop music. It is better not to infect the mind with propaganda, lies and cultural garbage.

Some weeks ago I stopped listening to Mark Levin as he had given up all pretence of covering the Republican contest objectively. He is now merely a promoter of Cruz, a task he is sharing with Jeb Bush, Karl Rove, Brett Stephens et al.

As of today I will no longer listen to Rush Limbaugh. The conservative Talk Radio programs were once a source of information purged of Revolutionary propaganda. Now only Michael Savage is promoting American Nationalism in the hour of America’s need.

Limbaugh maintained some objectivity about Trump for some months but clearly the Cruzite supporters have shamed him for betraying Constitutional Conservatism. Rush recently became shifty, explaining to critics that he was never sympathetic to Trump’s policies, merely attempting to interpret them to the real Conservatives. Today he attempted to portray Ted-come-lately as a sterling and courageous defender against Islam in America. Nice try Rush!


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  1. So glad you see through Limbaugh. The wife and I were listening while driving this afternoon, but simply got bored and irritated. Turning him off is so easy these days.

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