Sandra Bland Suicide Costs Texas Taxpayers $2m

A suicide is a tragic event, especially for surviving family members. It means that the deceased felt that life was no longer worth living. In cases of painful or incurable progressive illness the life-taker may have the interests of living family and friends at heart. In other cases it may be that intense depression or volatile emotions overwhelm any concern for surviving family and friends. There is no way that someone with a suicidal impulse can be frustrated for long. Since each person is responsible for his/her own life it follows that no-one else can be held responsible.

It is not surprising that jail prisoners sometimes commit suicide for they are people who in some way or another have ‘screwed up’. Many prison inmates have volatile emotions and some are at constant odds with society or authority, usually because of unhappy childhoods. A society in which religious faith has ceased to hold sway is more likely to experience higher suicide rates, and when drug-taking and official ‘victimology’ are included, the consequences are predictable. One thing is certain and that is money cannot buy back the dead.

On July 29th 2015, on this website we headlined an article “Sandra Bland. MSM’s White Guilt Agenda Continues”. Below is an excerpt from the article in which we placed the MSM’s reporting on the suicide of Sandra Bland as one more attempt to create a false narrative of Black victimization and White guilt.

As it happens, Sandra Bland’s suicide was eclipsed by other incidents that the MSM calculated contained more propaganda value, and she was quickly forgotten by the Media. That is until yesterday, when they all carried big reports of a financial settlement between Bland’s mother, Geneva Reed-Veal, and Waller County, Texas. Geneva Reed-Veal will get $1.8m from Waller County taxpayers and $100,000 from the Texas Department of Public Safety.

Wall Street Journal reporter, Far Leftist Dan Frosch, writes in his opening paragraph on Friday that Bland’s “ death in a Texas jail last year set off a national outcry”. I don’t recall a “national outcry”, only a MSM frenzy. Few people, either then or now, knew anything about Sandra Bland, or cared, but the entire MSM began the process of inventing a tale of wrongful arrest, police brutality and possibly a murder by jailers – all motivated by White-on-Black racism.

The only real victim in the whole episode was the Texas State Trooper who arrested Bland – an angry Black activist with an alleged history of suicidal impulses. Ex-Trooper Brian Encina has pleaded not guilty to a misdemeanor charge of perjury. Neither public body has admitted any fault or wrong-doing in the financial settlement. In a sop to the MSM and Black agitators, Waller County has agreed to enact reforms at the jail. These will not prevent suicides!

Bland’s mother will live well on the nearly $2m of taxpayer money. but it will not bring back her daughter. Meanwhile, the MSM and the Far Left Black radical movement remain on the look-out for incidents around the Nation that can be turned into propaganda that will drum up Black votes for the flagging Clinton campaign. And taxpayers (White and Asian) will continue to pay ransoms for civil peace.

“It is time for the MSM to present the next episode in the series and the ingredients are already cooking down in Texas. Do not be surprised if Sandra Bland becomes another household name like Trayvon Martin. Miss Bland was a 28 year old woman who was born in Texas but spent time in Chicago, where she commenced a career of Black activism. We can deduce from this that she was becoming a poster woman for the new Revolutionary era, college educated in racial awareness, emboldened by the partisan actions of Obama and Holder and perceiving unjust racism at work in every facet of American life.

Miss Bland had recently returned to Texas where she was about to occupy a College post which would allow her to continue activism on the taxpayers dime. Whilst driving her car she broke a traffic rule changing lanes and was stopped by a lone White police officer whose career is now over. His actions were officially recorded and it seems he may have been a little too proactive. It is beyond doubt that Miss Bland, who was smoking, was angry about being stopped, used bad language and initially refused to get out of her car. Lack of co-operation with a police officer always results in an escalation of an otherwise small violation and that is what happened in this case.

Miss Bland ended up in a kerb-side physical struggle with the officer and was arrested on a more serious charge. We have to assume that on reflection, far from regretting her initial lack of cooperation, she perceived an opportunity for a militant stand. With bail set high she found herself incarcerated in Waller County jail. On the third day she was discovered dead in her cell, hanging with a garbage bag as a noose. The circumstances initially indicated suicide but her family claim she had everything to live for and therefore there must have been foul play.

The police officer has been suspended and an investigation is taking place. A toxicology report shows that Miss Bland had a high amount of marijuana in her system when she died. This suggests either that she was a heavy user or had access to the drug whilst in prison. Family claims that she was a happy, emotionally well-balanced person have been contradicted by other claims that she had a history of suicide.

It may be that the MSM will consider Miss Bland’s death eclipsed as a ‘cause celebre’ by a College police shooting in Ohio but do not be surprised if Al Sharpton is soon in Texas and Obama is on the phone.”

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