Republican Governors Lead

Gov. Robert Bentley of Alabama and Gov. Rick Snyder of Michigan set the pace and good for them! By refusing to accept Obama’s imported horde of Syrian Muslims, they took the lead in opposing his latest act of treachery. They were quickly followed by Greg Abbott of Texas, Mike Pence of Indiana and Bobby Jindal of Louisiana.

As of now, this rebellion against Obama, has snowballed into almost 30 governors, including one Democrat. Hawaii’s Democrat Governor has expressed an enthusiastic willingness to open his State’s doors. Let him take them all for they will be no threat to the American mainland, though we have to wonder why he has groveled to the Obama regime.

The usual quislings, John McCain and Jeb Bush, rushed to occupy the moral high ground and called for tolerance, generosity and commitment to America’s traditions. It should be noted that they have been silent when so many traditions like marriage, free speech on campus and rewarding ability have been set aside. Bush will get sympathetic MSM coverage and will stand out from his primary competitors, but more than likely he will sink even further in the polls.

On this website we note that generally Republican Governors have more backbone in opposing the Obama regime and in fighting the Democrats than their Congressional counterparts. The explanation is likely to be that State Capitals are less morally and financially corrupting than Washington DC.

As we have noted here many times -and some Talk Show Hosts have also drawn attention – the Muslim hordes are unlike in appearance any past refugees from war-torn zones, persecution and starvation. It is obvious to any sane person ( though not McCain and Bush) that the long lines of marchers, and the camps such as the one at Calais, are bursting with young, fit, assertive men. They look like soldiers without uniforms! The MSM does its best to find an old woman or a family with children for a picture, but it is painfully clear that we are experiencing an invasion by a Muslim army-in-waiting.

If this evidence is not enough to demand resistance to Obama’s plans, it is astounding that anyone could claim that the army-in-waiting has been, or can be, vetted to weed out jihadists. Given the sheer numbers on the move, the societies they come from, their common language, religion and appearance, and the chaos of the Middle East and sub-Saharan Africa, how can they be vetted? What paperwork, if they have any (and genuine refugees cannot be expected to have paperwork), would prove their suitability? Any verbal account they provide cannot be checked, even if America or the EU were able to marshal tens of thousands of seasoned and bi-lingual officials.

In Europe after 1945, millions of genuine refugees were on the move, mostly displaced and Stateless. They could not be checked. And neither can these Muslim young men who are bringing their dangerous religion with them.

Not only are they a clear threat to America’s safety, culture and future stability, but America with its trillions of debt, internal racial divisions and unemployment, has no reason to take on one more problem. Those Americans who are responsible for this Muslim invasion are guilty of treason and those Americans who say that Islam is a religion of peace are in need of psychiatric treatment.

We strongly recommend our readers to visit the website for an article written on 30th October 2014. It is superbly written and even more relevant now than a year ago.

The author is wrong though to assert that Black people now have real power. What power they have and are exerting is owed entirely to the MSM and the Ruling Class and its (White) Leftist allies that lie behind it. And Blacks are not alone in their intimidation of free speech and accumulation of privileges. Homosexuals and now Muslims have also been elevated to special protected and privileged status. Only the LBGT though are part of the Ruling Class. The other two are fortunate beneficiaries for their usefulness in the advancement of the Revolutionary agenda that we expose here from time to time.

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