Pictures As Propaganda

Composer David Gates once wrote an excellent love song that began “If a picture paints a thousand words”. I am constantly reminded of this line when I see any Mainstream Media (MSM) picture of Middle East and African ‘refugees’.

Our regular website visitors will be on their guard whenever they read, see or hear MSM news and opinion, for we regularly warn that just about everything is deception and lying propaganda. Despite being on constant guard however, it is almost impossible, once exposed, not to be influenced somewhere in the recesses of the brain and the heart. However, pictures are probably the most insidious form of propaganda, especially when unaccompanied by words, for we know words have been written and the writer might be a liar. Pictures (photographs) without words on the other hand, seem detached from human composition and therefore innocent of intention and manipulation.

Almost every day the MSM has front-page pictures of tired and harmless mothers and children, their clothing identifying them as Middle Easterners and Africans, posed in family groups, and looking directly into the camera. Sometimes the picture is of a very old woman, perhaps someone’s grandmother, and appearing to be the product of not only a difficult journey but a difficult life.

It is hard, when one has a roof over one’s head, a bed, a freezer full of food, running water, a car and privacy, not to feel a pang of guilt and much sympathy for such vulnerable-looking people crammed into temporary camps. Christians in particular will be reminded of Mary and Joseph, cold winter snow, mangers and the infant Christ. These pictures are the most effective propaganda the MSM employs against the West’s generous, civilized and increasingly guilt-ridden people.

Such pictures require a cynical mind and much careful consideration. We are persuaded by the MSM, treacherous bought-and-paid-for politicians and Far Leftists like Obama, that these Muslim women and children in the pictures, who are actually a tiny part of the advanced guard of an invasion, have traveled, often on foot, over large distances of challenging terrain and through war-torn and hostile countries and arrived at a primitive and over-crowded reception center in Greece or Italy. And, we are to believe, still alive?

It is almost certainly true that, as we are told, armies of young men from Africa and Arab countries have embarked on dangerous journeys to arrive in Southern Europe. Yet even these look and act too well-fed and fit to have arrived unaided. And we are to believe that they have been experiencing poverty and privation prior to setting off?

The MSM photographers must spend much time searching among the throngs of men for women and children, or do they plant them? Have the few women and children traveled north into Europe by air, for how else could they survive?

We must assume that what we see in the pictures and film is not the truth. Remember that Leftists believe that ends justify means and if it requires some staged, faked pictures in order to quell the concerns of the anxious ‘bigots’ and ‘racists’ of Europe and America (people whose time is up in the name of World Progress), then so be it!

David Gates should have written “If a picture paints a thousand words of propaganda”.

Yesterday, we wrote about the young Muslim man who stabbed four people on the UC Merced campus before being shot dead by an armed policeman. Mr. Muhammad intended to stab more and kill them all. As we commented, it takes some unusual motivation to stab people at random and we cautioned that his likely motive would be concealed because Islam and terrorists are protected species in Obama’s Revolutionary America.

With lightening speed, (and after much investigation !!!)the Authorities have declared that Mr. Muhammad’s motive was merely a college dispute. If you believe this you will believe anything – including that Hillary Clinton occasionally speaks the truth. Just for good measure, an Islamist terror group has congratulated the late Mr. Muhammad for his actions. Perhaps he is now with the 70 virgins.

We do not support Ben Carson in the Republican primary for we prefer Trump and Cruz in that order. We believe Carson is a good man, indeed a Saint when compared to almost any Democrat politician or MSM whore. But this latest ‘scandal’ about his West Point military claim reinforces our view that he is not the best candidate for our side. It is likely that he once embellished some facts about his early life and subsequently failed to straighten the record. The MSM and Far Left, content to let Obama’s early history remain a mystery, predictably dug into Carson’s.

Carson’s embellishment pales into insignificance when compared to the brazen lies of Obama, Clinton, Gore and Kerry (who served heroically in Vietnam!!) but we know that the MSM can hide histories for comrades and create scandals for enemies. Carson’s advance in the polls was sufficient to trigger MSM character assassination.

We can be sure that the respective pasts of Trump and Cruz have been very thoroughly examined by the MSM and Soros investigators, and nothing found. There is plenty of time though for baseless MSM accusations, guilt by association charges and smears, and paid accusing liars, but Trump and Cruz are more worldly than Carson and better prepared. Those are two of the reasons we support them.



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