Obama- Skin Color and Religion of Peace

On this website we have always maintained that Obama owes his Presidency and its 7 year survival to the powerful Ruling Media Class and its Mainstream Media’s (MSM) 24/7 propaganda and control over news. Consequently he has been obligated to steadfastly advance Hollywood’s homosexual and immoral agenda. However he has been permitted a free hand on many policies and particularly those that inflict humiliation on Whites and those that speed up the persecution of Christians. The evidence has accumulated over the period of his Presidency that race and religion are intensely personal motivations for him.

No detached and rational observer can fail to see the social and economic chaos and future dangers that the Muslin invasion is inflicting on Western Europe. Nor can any rational observer fail to see that ‘more brings more’ and that there is an impatient horde of young Muslim males -and behind them African males -poised to follow.

For decades, progressive EU politicians, their Big Business (BB) donors and Leftist public service bureaucrats have been stealthily diluting Europe with Third World people. The reasons for this dangerous policy have included BB appetite for cheap labor, the racial self-hatred of White Leftists, and the quest for meaning and sacrifice that characterizes Christianity in terminal decline. The policy has been successful, despite its obvious dangers, because the Ruling Media Class of Western Europe has been able to conceal the social and economic costs by dishonest news reporting, and been able to advance the cult of multi-racism through propaganda planted in entertainment.

The masterminds of this program of racial and cultural dilution did not foresee the Muslim and Third World tsunami that is now overwhelming their EU and its native peoples. It is clear that EU politicians have been hoisted on the petard of the lofty ‘inclusiveness’ rhetoric they have long peddled, and the nightmare reality of their unexpectedly-accelerated policies. Merkel, Hollande, Cameron and the self-righteous deviants of Scandinavia are desperately scrambling to find a workable common policy as the crisis inexorably grows day by day.

Europe has been made especially vulnerable to the invasion because of its land links to the Middle East and the smallness of the Mediterranean. Similarly, the USA has proven to be vulnerable to Latino invasion from its unguarded border with Mexico. But it need not be difficult to avoid the Muslim invasion now flooding across Europe – thanks to the Atlantic Ocean and the ease of policing air travel.

An objective observer here in the USA cannot fail to see that the African American population remains resolutely un-integrated 150 years after the end of slavery. Some of this can be blamed on past Old South White resistance to equal opportunity, but since the 1960’s, huge amounts of tax-payer money and endless programs of favorable treatment have failed to have any impact. Ferguson and the explanations for its rioting and looting are proof. And it can fairly be said that African American isolation and alienation is now greater in the North than in the South.

That people of color from Mexico, Central America, the Indian sub-Continent and the Orient have arrived, integrated and succeeded economically, points to a deep-rooted and insoluble African American problem, but here we are only interested in pointing out that America has a large undigested Black population. Surely this is enough to be going on with?

It is glaringly obvious that a significant population of practicing Muslims will never assimilate, for Islam is a religion and culture of domination that firmly rejects compromises. Many come intent on advancing Islamic Imperialism. Why would America welcome a second, different and fast multiplying population that cannot assimilate and is hostile to the host’s culture and religion? America cannot integrate a long-existing racial minority so why import a second?

That anyone would engineer such an invasion when the chaos of Europe is unfolding before the World’s eyes, seems inexplicable. Yet Obama is brazenly and unilaterally opening America’s door to hundreds of thousands of devout Muslims. Who can doubt that he is ‘evolving’ and planning an Islamist tsunami? We maintain that he is motivated by a resentment towards Whites, their success and their culture and that he is a Crypto-Muslim. Anyone care to disagree?

Since writing this article, today’s Wall Street Journal has an editorial that requires comment. It is headlined “Those Assimilating Immigrants” and has a sub-heading “ A new study finds they commit less crime and they learn English”. The editorial is based on a new 400-page report from the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine.

First, Americans should have learned from bitter experience that such reports are now always politically correct and appropriately rigged to serve an agenda. Secondly this report, like all such reports, cleverly glides over racial differences by using the terms ‘immigrants’ and ‘minorities’. Lumping disparate racial groups together serves an agenda intent on misleading Americans.

On this website we always pay attention to our own observations and experiences of real life. We can confirm that some immigrant nationalities do commit very little crime, do soon acquire English proficiency and do rapidly integrate. If we were to apply these measurements for Chinese, Taiwanese, Filipinos, Vietnamese, Koreans and Indians and compare them to the statistics for African Americans, the differences would be embarrassing.

Applied to Mexicans and Central Americans it is true that most do acquire reasonable English by the second generation and many integrate economically when compared to African Americans. The figures for crime rates are much, much higher than for White Americans, Asians and Orientals and would be worse but for public policies that ignore most immigrant petty crime. Latinos bring much more crime and this alone is a reason to fully police the Mexican border. We would wager that Latino illegal immigrants also place a massive burden on schools, welfare and medical services.

Most significantly, this report, by concentrating on Mexican acquisition of English, avoids the dangerous importation of gangs and the growth of Mexican irredentism in places like California. The WSJ represents the interests of internationalist Big Business and shelters internationalist Jews who fear Nationalism and seek to erase Western borders and culture. This is why it works to bring down Donald Trump and promote Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio.

On this website we believe immigration should be halted, even for those races that are productive, law-abiding, and capable of rapid assimilation, because America is already full, has many unemployed and some unemployable people. More-over admitting large numbers of people with alien cultures inevitably and un-necessarily dilutes an American culture that has been unifying, unique and successful.

Finally it has to be recognized that our new Revolutionary Ruling Class and its Leftist allies actively seek to use new arrivals to change America. In public schools, in colleges, in government and in the MSM new arrivals are taught that they have arrived in a country poisoned by racial bigotry, with a history of White oppression and, unless transformed, is a threat to the world. This is sufficient reason to stop all immigration.

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