No (MSM) News Is Good News? Not True!

On Saturday night in Ocoee, Florida, between 800 and 900 Middle School and High School teens began a disturbance in the area of the food outlets at West Oaks Mall. They then rushed a movie theater and some 200 to 300 of them gained free entry. The remainder moved on and created fights in the parking lot and then, under cover of the mayhem, looted some stores and a gas station. Shots were fired and one teen was arrested in possession of a weapon and a car full of drugs. The police seemingly sought only to contain the mob and no other arrests were made. In some cases, teens were detained by the police until parents could be contacted to collect them. Police intend to investigate how this mob assembled.

The above information was gleaned from the website ‘News 13’ and from follow-ups through the blogs that the website story generated. ‘News 13’ is a local Florida news source. This big and violent event could hardly be ignored by local media but Radical and Right cannot find any mention of it in the Mainstream Media. AP, Reuters, MSNBC, NBC, COMCAST, ABC, Washington Post, Boston Globe and New York Times have all failed to pick up this organized outbreak of violence. Florida bloggers reported that White people in the Mall were subjected to threats and abused with racist slurs. Perhaps the DOJ will investigate but it seems, judging from MSM lack of interest, there is nothing to be seen here that will interest the ‘Attorney General of all the People’, Eric Holder and his FBI.

There is a reason why no MSM organization has picked up this very newsworthy story and it is not good news for the American people. Our regular website visitors (who are a growing number since the website became technically reliable) will know that we attribute the selective nature of MSM news reporting to the deliberate manipulation of it by the new Ruling Media Class of the USA. There is a hidden agenda being pursued. However our regular visitors are probably not aware that this hidden agenda has been clearly laid down for the benefit of Media providers.

All the big Media companies have, for two decades or more, informed their employees that all news reports- indeed all stories that appear in the MSM- must be presented so as to feature a positive picture of ‘minorities’. Pictures in newspapers, editors are advised, should where possible highlight minority members, but only in a positive way. All ‘positives’ in life can easily be undermined by even a few negatives, and so the MSM not only looks to promote ‘positives’ but also to conceal all ‘negatives’.

Not surprisingly, since the MSM and its allies are bonded by a mutually shared Leftist agenda, all the union organizations in the heavily-unionized MSM reinforce the ‘positive minorities’ agenda of owners by instructing their members to follow the same rules of ‘minority’ promotion and by purging news and of anything negative for ‘minorities.’

The word ‘minorities’, as we frequently remind readers, is in these revolutionary times,  1984 Orwellian  Nuspeak for only a few Media Class-selected groups. Chinese Americans, Filipino Americans, Korean Americans, Vietnamese Americans, Taiwanese Americans, Japanese Americans, Indian Americans and any racial ‘minority’ that has overcome the problems of cultural adjustment and found American success, are not eligible for favored treatment as ‘minorities’. They are all invisible minorities as far as the MSM and its Leftist allies are concerned. For the MSM and the Left, ‘minorities’ are African Americans, homosexuals and women in general.

For a number of reasons, including their low economic status, dependency on welfare, numerical preponderance in big cities, and tribal voting loyalty, African Americans are a key element in the Ruling Class/Democrat election strategy. Their entrenched position at the bottom of America’s pyramid of economic success can be linked to slavery and used by the Media Class and its allies to inculcate and exploit ‘White Guilt’. White Guilt is a most useful tool in the Balkenization of America, creating and exploiting internal divisions and the de-stabilization of society that allows an otherwise unpopular Ruling Class to dominate. At the present time, in order to reinforce internal divisions, the Ruling Class is working to create illegal immigrant Latinos as another dependent racial group who can be relied upon to bolster Democrat votes.

African Americans, for reasons we will not explore here, increasingly commit most of America’s violent urban crime. As a result of the growing effectiveness of the doctrine of ‘White Guilt’ and the historic injustice of slavery, African Americans are also directing more of their violence towards not just Whites but all races that are economically successful. This phenomenon of Black crime is not unpopular with the Ruling Class but it is deemed better to conceal its racial nature so as not to alarm, unite and politically mobilize the real victims. Neither would it be profitable to the Ruling Class to detract in any way from the State-created myth of ‘Blacks as victims.’

The consequence of this cunning Ruling Class division and manipulation of Americans in the pursuit of imposing an unpopular revolution is that the MSM’s propaganda role is crucial. Truth and facts cannot be reported for the unsuspecting majority must be kept divided and wrongly focused. Divide and Rule is the strategy and the Media is the message. It is an unarguable consequence that a News media with a political and social agenda detached from the single agenda of simply reporting the news as it arises, is a not a News media at all but a propaganda organ.

The Website report of the Ocoee rampage of crime did not once mention or even hint at its most significant aspect, which was its racial component. This was a Black mob. Nor did it mention that such Black criminal events are part of a pattern and are increasing across America’s urban landscape. Although the big News organizations have specifically empowered their staff to conceal such facts, small independent news organizations march in lockstep. This may be a result of Union power but we believe it runs deeper and is a facet of Class consciousness.

One new and very disturbing aspect of the Ocoee crime spree is the unwillingness of the police to arrest members of Black mobs. One of the successes of the Obama/Holder regime is that Black insurrectionists have been put beyond the law. Police forces, fearful of DOJ investigations, generalized accusations of racism in the MSM and by Leftist politicians that inevitably lead to violent mob demonstrations, the creation of individual policemen as scapegoats and politically isolated and irresolute Police chiefs contribute to a limited police tactic of containment and no criminal accountability.

The great majority of Americans will remain unaware of the Ocoee rampage, for few bother to dig for real news on the Internet. If the White and Asian Americans I wait along with each day outside my son’s school are typical (and I am sure they are) they will be busy discussing leg waxing, tattoos, children’s sports events, plans to vacation in Hawaii and the amazing personalities of their dogs. They accept uncritically what the MSM gives them.

Recently on the UK’s BNP website I am sure I read that some local police forces have been visiting newsagents seeking the names and addresses of customers who purchased copies of the French magazine ‘Charlie Hebdo’. Since I can no longer find the BNP article it is possible that it has been withdrawn as untrue. However its appearance, although shocking, did not surprise me for the UK has increasingly become a police state. Without a Constitution, the Nation that was once the land of the free and a united people has become a multi-racial, multi-cultural cesspit.

I was reminded of its degeneration when watching some episodes of the old TV series ‘Dad’s Army’. This comic series was about the Home Guard, a nationwide military network set up by Churchill to be a last resistance to Hitler’s army if it succeeded in invading Britain. The force was made up of all those men too old, too handicapped or too young to be conscripted and sent abroad to fight. It was a volunteer army, and although the butt of many jokes, there is no doubt that it consisted of men who loved their country, believed it to be the most-free Nation on Earth and who would have carried out Churchill’s boast about  Britons fighting in the ditches.

The Britain such old men would have defended has gone, concreted over to accommodate millions of immigrants who understandably care little about its past and its lost freedoms. Unfortunately the native people; brainwashed by school, college and Media; addicted to soccer, TV Soaps, tattoos, dogs and Take-away foods and now silenced by political correctness that has the power of arbitrary police and judicial powers, childless, sleepwalk to their demise. Only the ever-growing population of brutal Islamic Imperialists in their midst have a sense of purpose. As a consequence the cowardly authorities increasingly dance to their tune.

This morning I heard the ABC news on radio as its reporter completely and shamelessly misreported the Republican effort to defund Obama’s illegal edict on  immigration. No mention was made of the immigration aspect of the House legislation but all was focused on the avoidable defunding of Homeland Security if Obama vetoed the Bill. Gleefully reporting disunity between House and Senate Republicans, the reporter brought on the renegade John McCain to condemn his comrades in the House. Is there anything more despicable than an ‘elder statesman’ whose time has long passed but who craves the MSM limelight at any price? McCain will crawl to the microphone for his moment of Media approval, knowing full well that the MSM would ignore him if he was not stabbing his erstwhile comrades in the back.

McCain, who is posturing as a defender of America’s security from terrorism is actually one of the little gang of traitors who wants open borders. Fast forward and Jeb Bush, another open borders traitor, will one day be crawling to the same MSM microphone for his moment in the spotlight.

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