Nero Walks. Will Baltimore Burn?

Good news continues to come thick and fast in May. Police Officer Edward Nero aged 30 was found not guilty by a Black judge on all four charges made against him in a Baltimore Court. Nero was the second of seven police officers (4 White, 3 Black) charged by Marilyn Mosby in the death in custody of Freddie Gray, a small-time Black criminal. The first officer charged, William Porter, will face a new trial in September following a deadlocked jury. The others await trial.

Gray died from back injuries he accidentally received whilst being transported to jail in a police vehicle. He had not been strapped in and the movements of the vehicle caused his fatal injuries. There was never any suggestion that he had injuries as a result of police brutality. The charges were conjured up around the claim that he should not have been arrested in the first place, and that there was negligence in his care whilst in custody.

Gray’s death as a result of interaction with the police, followed on from dissimilar deaths of petty Black criminals in various parts of the USA in previous months. A Far Left organization, partly financed by billionaire George Soros, and calling itself ‘Black Lives Matter’, was successful in linking such deaths together as evidence of a police campaign against young Blacks. The aim of BLM was to organize large street protests that were likely to result in rioting, arson and looting. These riotous demonstrations were sympathetically and widely reported, and to some extent orchestrated, by the Mainstream Media, as part of an agenda to mobilize Black votes and support for Obama, and to intensify feelings of persecution and resentment among Blacks

Marilyn Mosby aged 35, and the wife of a Black Democrat Baltimore politician, was the new States Attorney for Baltimore (a Black-majority city) at the time of the riots, arson and looting. She is also Black, unusually fashionable for a Black politician, and may see herself as a rising star on the Far Left political scene. It is not clear if she hurriedly embarked on the prosecution of the seven police officers in order to placate the Black mob and thus halt the rioting, arson and looting, or to burnish her credentials as a Black political activist. It is also possible that she shares the irrational anger and resentment of the Black mob. Whatever her motive, her announcement outside the Court House of the proposed prosecutions to the assembled mob, was couched in vengeful political speech.

The atmosphere in Baltimore since Gray’s death, further inflamed by Mosby’s speech and her legally-unwarranted numerous charges made against all 7 officers, have ensured that the accused cannot expect fair play from a local jury. Officer Edward Nero elected to have his case decided by the judge and he has now been found innocent.

It remains to be seen if the other accused officers will forego jury trials. Most detached observers are of the opinion that the charges have little legal credibility, but are political in intent. In the contemporary lawless racial climate of Obama and his DOJ, many spineless citizens will take the view that politically-motivated trials embarked upon to appease Black rioters, are worth it to avoid even more arson and looting.

Mosby will not be shamed or discredited if all her charges fail, for a Revolutionary Mainstream Media will shield her just as it shields Obama, his DOJ and now Hillary Clinton. However, mobs, once aroused, and eyeing freshly-stocked store windows, may be difficult for Far Left politicians to restrain. Only about a dozen potential rioters are outside the Court House as I write, but by tonight, as darkness falls and anonymity descends, and Trotskyites and Soros-funded activists gather in Baltimore, anger at the latest trial outcome may be sufficient to ignite an orgy of redistribution. Nights of burning in Baltimore and other cities, at this time, will not help Hillary Clinton (who already has the Black vote) but may benefit Donald Trump. The MSM and the sinister forces that fund racial discontent may decide to discourage street action. The presence or absence of Al Sharpton in Baltimore will indicate what is the plan.

Bad news from Austria where the Nationalist candidate for President has been defeated by a whisker. In such a close vote it was inevitable that the Nationalist would lose, for the Ruling Class of Europe had too much riding on this result. Just as in the USA today, Nationalists need to win by large margins in order to win the counts.

Good news is the decision by a Federal judge upholding Virginia’s voter ID law. Honest voting and honest counting can only benefit those who want to make America great again.

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