Muslim Men. Doing What Comes Naturally

From Cologne to Malmo to Rotherham to Stuttgart, the news, no matter how much suppressed by the Mainstream Media, reveals the escalating problem of Middle Eastern Muslim and North African males forcing themselves on Western women and girls. As Obama’s importation of large numbers of young Syrian males takes effect, America’s women and girls will soon be subjected to similar unwelcome experiences.

The MSM and the Ruling elites of Western Europe and the USA would like to conceal totally the problem, for it undermines their claims that immigration from the Third World brings cultural enrichment and social progress. The problem however is now too big to hide and getting worse by the day. The events in Cologne on New Year’s Eve, although suppressed by the police for three days, were on such a scale that not even Merkel and Germany’s MSM could maintain secrecy.

Some right-leaning columnists here in America are attributing the assaults to Muslim misogyny. No doubt there is truth in the assertion that Islam’s view of women’s rights is substantially more circumscribed than that of Christian Nations, and massively different than the ‘progressive’ and Revolutionary (and unnatural) ‘rights’ that are being imposed in the Media/Leftist-ruled West. These Revolutionary ‘rights’, like all the other ‘rights’ now being made law set aside human nature and two thousand years of common sense.

The criminal assaults committed in Cologne and elsewhere have less to do with Muslim misogyny and more to do with the criminal and treasonous policies of Angela Merkel, the EU politicians, the Far Leftist ideologues who seek to destroy Western race and culture, and the Big Business leaders who seek cheap labor. All those who are throwing open the borders of the West, including Obama and his comrades here in the USA, are responsible for the growing Muslim, African and Latino attacks on women.

Throughout history, invading armies of young men, responding to natural urges, temporary separation from home restrictions and comforts, and feeling the power of conquest, have taken advantage of the women of those they have defeated and over-run.

Here in the USA and Western Europe, the invading armies have not had to win battles and wars. Traitorous leaders, Far Left ideologues and sinister hidden forces have invited them in to occupy and take what they want. It has long been obvious that the massive Third World tide, marching through open borders, is a tide of young men, just like any invading army.

It is a matter of fact that the Russian Army raped its way to Germany at the end of WWII and no doubt the Allied armies were only marginally less indulgent. The young US soldiers in Vietnam, and the UN forces in Africa, also took advantage of their power and a defenseless civil population. This is the real world. Young men, severed from the restrictions of their homelands and the company of their own women, satisfy their powerful basic instincts and in many cases throw off the inhibitions of traditional civilization. It will always be so. Conservatives are above all else realists about human nature and thus extremely wary of separating people from traditional values and embarking on radical social experiments.

There are many reasons why the USA must close its borders, reverse Obama’s importation of Muslims and Africans, and return all undesirable illegal immigrants to their countries of origin. The predictable events in Cologne and elsewhere are one of the reasons, and yet another incentive to vote for Donald Trump and his sane Nationalist-leaning policies.

There is more good news for Trump in the latest polls – and more bad news for Bush, Kasich, Christie and Fiorina. This despite the increasing anti-Trump hysteria in the MSM. On Saturday night in Nevada Trump was in scintillating form before another great gathering of The Movement. Yet again, he singled out the MSM representatives, ridiculed them and denounced them as liars. If only he would go further and call them ‘propagandists’, for that would reveal their role as a political force. His connection with his audience was remarkable and unparalleled in modern TV-driven politics.

His swipes at Ted Cruz over the meaning of ‘natural born’, were camouflaged as helpful advice. They tell us much about Trump. In my house there is disappointment. Mark Levin is angered by Trump. This is seen as unprincipled and a dirty tactic, which it is, though as always Trump has been careful to be on firm ground. Cruz’s legal position is not wholly clear but Trump is certainly not motivated by helpfulness.

What we see here is Trump’s determination to win and a willingness to hit below the belt. He needs to take Cruz down in Iowa and to do so he has employed a low punch that appears to be only just above the belt and is probably below. I find this reassuring for the last thing we need at this point in our history is our fighter to abide by the Queensbury rules. We will need Trump to ignore the old rules of engagement if he takes on Hillary next Fall for Hillary, the Democrat Party and the MSM will employ every dirty trick known to man, plus some new ones. Trump will also need to fight dirty against the Republican elite in the primaries. We live in Revolutionary times and need a ruthless leader.

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  1. Muslim men are instructed in the Koran that infidel women are to be taken as their sex slaves. This lousy scum overtaking Europe sees white women as existing solely for their enjoyment. It should be remembered that muslims are still a fairly small percentage of the European population. If this is what they do now, what will they do when they are three or more times the percentage that they are now?

    Meanwhile, Barack Obama is importing this Satanic scum into the United States, even though the vast majority of the American people do not want this. When one man aggressively overrules the will of the people, over and over and over, you have nothing less than a tyrant. And he brings in these awful people at the same time he’s trying to make it more difficult for law abiding Americans (i.e., white people) to acquire firearms to protect themselves from 3rd world heathen.

    What Europe, the United States, and just about every white country is seeing is a slow and methodical genocide of the host people and the host culture, all dressed up to look like goodness and charity. It is anti-Christian to be nice to the devil. ‘Tis a shame most Christians seem not to understand this.

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