Migrants and Media Manipulation

It is our contention that the Mainstream Media, which is owned by the Ruling Media Class, has three primary functions. All three are designed to wholly deceive the American people.

  1. The MSM is a weapon used to smear, ridicule, demonize or destroy all who resist the Revolutionary progressive agenda of the Media Class.
  2. Masquerading as the official and unbiased source of news, the MSM screens out much real news, corrupts the remainder and when required fabricates its own news.
  3. All entertainment that emanates from the MSM is hidden propaganda and intentionally morally corrupting.

We frequently repeat this contention and assert that it is impossible to expose oneself to the MSM without being unconsciously influenced. TV and cinema are the most effective propaganda weapons, for visual, plus sound, beats sound alone, and easily beats print. However since all are marching to the same ‘progressive’ drummer and his band, it falls to the Internet, Conservative Talk Radio, and the activism of the individual to penetrate the curtain of ‘official’ lies.

It is clear that the tsunami of Third World migration into Western Europe, and the parallel Second and Third World migration into the USA and Canada, are closely related. The time scales are similar. The current torrent is sweeping away the remains of the dams of the Nation States. For decades, sinister hidden forces have been relentlessly dismantling their walls brick by brick. As we wrote in a previous article, alien migrants have been creating welcoming Trojan horses in major cities. At the same time the treasonous Media Class, its Leftist allies, greedy Big Business and Holy Fools have provided financial incentives designed to attract, whilst passing laws to suppress free speech and criminalize native resistance.

Underpinning all this practical preparation for migrants, the MSM and Leftist allies have been busy nurturing the social climate of multi-culturalism and multi-racialism, promoting their virtues and willfully hiding their costs. It is our belief that behind all this is an agenda aimed at eliminating by stealth ‘Whiteness’. The stealth was intended to continue until the invasion had reached a tipping point within the West.

Recent religious and political civil wars in the Middle East and the resulting eruption of a brutal Islamic Imperialism have led to the collapse of many Arab State boundaries. The effects have been not only to create refugees but to open lawless corridors for a mass migration from Africa to Europe. This African migration is sweeping up in its path not only refugees fleeing ISIS, and Arabs with similar economic motivation, but Islamic Imperialists intent on colonizing the West by terror and propagation. Sheer numbers of migrants have made it impossible to distinguish between genuine refugees and the hordes.

Here in the USA, the migrant invasion from the Mexico border, and the importation of Muslims, was intended to continue below the public radar until a tipping point had been reached. Three things have disrupted that plan. The public awakening caused by the sudden unexpected tidal wave in Europe; the candidacy of Donald Trump; and the transformation of President Obama from mere tool of the Ruling Media Class/Leftist coalition, to unconstrained White hater and crypto-Muslim.

The MSM is being forced into overdrive to preserve through propaganda, the ‘browning’ agenda of open borders. It recognizes the connection between events in Europe and the USA and understands that the invasion there must be defined as one by refugees fleeing and not hordes invading. It is joining with the MSM of Western Europe (where the Media Class /Leftist coalition also rules) to portray the migrants as families and children escaping death and war. In reality the vast majority of those arriving in Southern Europe are young men, including many Muslims. Even if their numbers were not overwhelming, these are people who will not be able, or be willing, to integrate, and single sex and unemployment can only breed the crime that will cruelly impact Europe’s working people.

Regular website visitors will know that we do not subscribe to blood and race theories. It is our contention that the Christian belief that all human lives should be valued at birth is at the core of Western civilization. Intelligence levels may well vary between races as the proponents of race superiority maintain. But intelligence is not the only criteria of worth to a Nation. Character, diligence, loyalty and kindness are just as important and these can be found in every class and race. We are not concerned if people of different races intermarry and reproduce, provided this is solely a result of individual choice and not a stealthy or brazen consequence of political social engineering.

Mass migration must be resisted. The native peoples of Europe have every right -some might say duty – to protect their borders, language , culture and relative affluence. So too, do the citizens of the USA. Making room will not only ultimately devastate and then destroy the Western World it will simply bring ever more migrants.

The plight of those who have entered and not been housed is cruel. Church leaders and the weak-minded will be moved by the MSM images and propaganda, to surrender to emotion. But this will only create more victims The victims in Europe’s midst have been created by their own societies in combination with our treasonous Media Class/leftist leaders, greedy Big Business and Holy Fools. All migrants must be turned back and sent back, for their solution has to be found in their own and surrounding countries and cultures.

We implore all our website visitors to treat all MSM news about migrants as lying propaganda designed to play on emotions and nurture guilt. The MSM is scouring the West to find prominent politicians, Hollywood actresses, Media celebrities and Church leaders willing to call for permanent resettlement here and arouse guilt. Be on your guard! America has no need or obligation to continue to be a Nation of immigrants.

Music Choice

This is the Jeb Bush lament. “I Don’t Stand a Ghost of a Chance”. Written in 1932 by Victor Young and lyrics by Ned Washington and Bing Crosby, this sad romantic song was recorded by the great jazz trumpeter Clifford Brown in 1954. Brown, who would die in a car crash two years later, was only 23 when this masterpiece was recorded. It is an amazingly mature interpretation played with sensitivity, perfect timing and flawless technique. Whilst Brown’s playing was full of beauty and dignity, his contemporary Miles Davis celebrated ugliness. In the following decade, ugliness in culture became the choice of the masses and Davis became a celebrity.

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