Lest We Forget! White Lives Matter

Our Ruling Media Class and its Leftist allies have as their most potent weapon, the Mainstream Media (MSM). As we repeatedly assert on this website, the MSM issues propaganda to support and advance an agenda. The MSM is not a source of news but a means of control over America’s working, God-fearing people. It creates false news, hides real news and manipulates facts. We pointed out yesterday how the MSM has buried the Philadelphia Amtrak crash and the homosexual engineer who was likely responsible for its casualties and deaths.

Since the 2008 election of the Media Class’ chosen candidate for President, Barack Obama, the MSM has redoubled its efforts to create White guilt and inflame African American resentment of Whites (and successful Asians and Orientals). This racist agenda is intended to suppress White criticism of Obama, using guilt and charges of racism, to keep Black support for Obama mobilized at election times, and intensify the Balkenization of America’s cities.

The implementation of the MSM’s racial agenda requires that it replace reality with repeated brazen lies. Thus Trayvon Martin (portrayed as an innocent child) and Michael Brown (portrayed as a Gentle Giant) have gone into the collective memory as victims who were murdered by White oppressors. Real victims (all White) of Black thugs have been ommitted from the collective memory. Below we set the record straight with a few examples.

On April 22nd of this year Rick Fletcher aged 61 of Dundalk, Maryland saw two Black teenage girls jumping on top of his car which was parked outside of his house. When he went out (unarmed!!!) to intervene he was set upon by 7 Black male teens. He suffered two broken eye sockets, broken ribs and bleeding on the brain. He was airlifted to hospital and placed in an induced coma. It is reported that he is now permanently handicapped. On May 13th seven Black teenage students of Baltimore Community High School were charged with the attack.

The MSM, Al Sharpton, and every Leftist politician, constantly repeating the names of Trayvon and the Gentle Giant, have no interest in this recent crime or the condition of Mr. Fletcher. The trial of the seven alleged attackers will be relegated to a brief mention in the local Maryland MSM.

On Monday May 4th of this year Taylor Clark, aged 19, a White Illinois College student, drove his car to meet a prospective buyer who had contacted him on Craig’s List. Later his family reported him missing and his body and car were found abandoned in a St. Louis suburb. On May 5th Michael Gordon a Black man was charged with his 1st degree murder. Do not expect the MSM to follow-up on this crime for it undermines the agenda of White guilt and Black victimization.

On May 3rd two Black men who shared an apartment in Phoenix, Arizona and who had converted to Islam, drove to the Curtis Culwell Center in Garland Texas and attempted to carry out a mass shooting of infidels. At the entrance they shot and wounded a security guard but were shot dead by police officers. The dead were Elton Simpson aged 30 and Nadir Soofi aged 34. Do not expect to hear anything in the MSM or from the White House about this attack by adherents of the Religion of Peace.

On May 6th of this year White Cecil Pendleton aged 55, an Air Force vet, father of 3 and a practicing Christian, witnessed a gang of Black youths breaking into cars in a parking lot. He pulled in and was shot dead still sitting in his car. The local police chief said that Mr. Pendleton, of Merrillville, Indiana was “in the wrong place at the wrong time.” On July 24th, Latrell McGee aged 21, James Najee aged 22, and Devon Brown aged 22 were charged with the shooting death. All three of the accused are Black and Mr. Pendleton was White.

These race-based violent crimes were all committed around the same time and this information of them was retrieved from the Internet. Those who depend on the MSM and politicians for ‘news’ will never have heard of these crimes or the names of Cecil Pendleton, Taylor Clark, and Rick Fletcher yet all will be familiar with the names of Trayvon Martin and Michael Brown.

Read this website lest you forget!!

A few articles ago we predicted that Kim Davis and her lawyer would have their integrity attacked by the MSM in order to rescue the Leftist Pope from the consequences of his attempt to promote the homosexual agenda, gain the adulation of the Left and at the same time offer a crumb of comfort to the agitated traditionalists in his backyard. Right on cue, the Far Left Southern Poverty Law Center denounced Davis as a liar and her lawyer and his organization ‘Liberty Counsel’ as bigoted hate mongers.

The SPLC, like the ACLU, is a Revolutionary wolf in sheep’s clothing. Both are presented by the MSM as respectable objective charitable do-good organizations. In the UK, the Anti-Nazi League and the Anti-Defamation League play much the same role though the anti-Nazis are active as street thugs. All are extremely well-staffed and well-funded and exist to stifle free speech and eradicate conservative, Christian and Nationalist organizations by any means. Their direct access to the MSM ensure that they are ever ready with quotable denunciations and fact-less smears.

If ever there is a day of reckoning, the members of these Far Left Gestapo groups should be tried for treason.


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