Kaepernick Takes Heat Off Hillary

At a point in the election contest when Mrs. Lardbutt is enjoying a convalescence after a ‘hectic’ schedule of mass rallies and Press Interviews (sarcasm!!), Donald Trump is threatening to suck the campaign oxygen, and Huma Abedin’s long marriage to an addicted pervert comes under the spotlight, the Mainstream Media discovered Colin Kaepernick.

Perhaps its because I was born and raised in the UK, where working class people outside of London, stopped standing for the National Anthem after the Second World War, that I am not much stirred up by half-cast Colin’s little protest. After listening to Rush, Savage, Sussman and other radio Talk-Show hosts of the Broad Right, I sort of understand their rage, though I think it has played into the MSM’s hands as a distraction from Clinton and Huma.

For the sake of the record, and in case any website visitors have not learned the whole truth from Internet sources, Kaepernick had a White mother and a Black father. Dad never showed up for the birth (let that be a lesson for you White girls who fancy something different!) and Mom placed Colin for adoption. He was adopted by the Kaepernicks, a White couple who presumably had no color prejudice. He is now worth about $100m.

This heritage explains why I first assumed from pictures that Colin was White and it also explains why, even though he is a ‘Black’ pro sportsman, he can speak without repeating endlessly the ‘Sh one t’ word. I thought he was surprisingly articulate for someone claiming oppression.

According to (boring) NFL experts like Rush, Colin’s top class career is almost at an end. I am assuming that one of his motives for sitting during the Anthem was a desperate attempt to stay in the limelight for a little longer. His other likely motives are emerging as a recent relationship with an Egyptian-born SF beauty who is active in BLM, and -more interestingly – a conversion to Islam.

Occasionally, I attend a motorcycling event in Auburn (CA), where thousands of White Trump supporters with hairy faces, rough hands and large thirsts, gather. We all stand for the Anthem, hats removed and hands on hearts, and I am greatly moved by this sincere and unforced patriotism. It reminds me that unlike the UK’s Anthem, which is all about the Royal Family and privilege, the American Anthem is a song of the people and their brave history.

But it should be no surprise that many African Americans, after nearly eight years of Obama, Holder et al, are ungrateful and alienated. Let them sit and identify themselves to the rest of us, along with America’s rich (of all colors), as different and not worthy of the Nation that Donald Trump is going to lead back to greatness.

Its time to stop paying attention to unimportant, uninteresting, unattractive and unworthy Colin Kaepernick, and preparing for Trump’s major speech on immigration. If he stands firm on principle and humane on practice, tomorrow’s speech will win him the White House and patriotic Americans their Nation back!

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