Invisible Christians

It is the core mission of this website to strip away the disguise that hides the existence and power of America’s new and very revolutionary Ruling Class. We have named this Ruling Class the ‘Media Class’ because it’s political ascendancy, power and wealth lies in its occupation of, ownership and control of MSM news and ‘popular’ entertainment. Our contention is that it successfully conceals its presence inside the news and entertainment industries, where it stealthily advances its Class agenda through relentless, dishonest reporting, clever propaganda and a seductive program of cultural and moral degeneracy disguised as entertainment.

In our previous article and book review we focused on the career and present racist activities of Al Sharpton and claimed that his rise to prominence and his seeming political power has little to do with his talents and much to do with his usefulness for the Media Class agenda. As things stand Sharpton can assemble a hundred Black protestors in any remote or rundown neighborhood of the USA and be assured of the presence of the massed ranks of the MSM. Not only will the MSM be present but it will bestow upon his motley crew every benefit of sympathetic and skilled presentation.

All of this ‘theater’ of presentation is neither accidental nor spontaneous. It can only be explained as a prearranged collusion. Sharpton knows what the Media Class wants and that the MSM will fully co-operate with him. He would not persist with his marches and demonstrations if the MSM disapproved of his message and ignored him. He is fully aware that he is co-operating in the creation of propaganda for the Ruling Media Class. As we pointed out in our previous article, if the Reverend Sharpton ‘evolved’ into  Christian evangelism and assembled ten thousand for real marriage or for life for babies in the womb, the MSM would be absent and silent.

Just as the MSM assembles in strength for a Sharpton race protest so it will do so for ten homosexuals or transvestites protesting outside a Catholic Church, Indeed, the MSM will bestow free and positive advance publicity for all such events. This is not accidental but arises from a long and close working partnership between  the MSM and selected activist groups whose demonstrations, replete with Media coverage, are orchestrated.

On April 25th many Christian organizations, including the National Organization for Marriage, will hold a ‘March for Marriage’ in Washington DC in an attempt to convince the Supreme Court that real marriage has millions of supporters whose views should count. This website supports the NOM and is totally opposed to the grotesque travesty known as same-sex marriage.

Since the Media Class and its MSM are responsible for the advancement of SSM the March for Marriage will be hugely under-reported or perhaps not reported at all in the MSM. NOM believes that if hundreds of thousands march on that day the Supreme Court will be influenced and the MSM will be forced to tell America that real marriage has huge support. We predict that the march will be massively down-played or ignored by the MSM and the marchers made invisible. The effort to gain positive publicity, its effort and cost will be a waste of limited funds.

The only way that the marchers could achieve substantial publicity would be if they took a leaf from the ‘Black Lives Matter’ and lesbian protestors and invaded the Courts or brought Washington to a halt. Unfortunately the MSM reporting of direct action by Christians (no matter how peaceful, orderly and tidy) would be extremely negative, hostile, outraged and dishonest. If the Christian supporters of real marriage understood that the push for SSM has its most dedicated and powerful supporters within the MSM and in Hollywood, it would march on and disrupt the Movie studios and the HQ’s of the MSM. This would not bring fair reporting but it would focus Christians and the wider public on the hidden promoters of perversion.

Recently we came across a website writer who deserves the widest publicity among conservatives, Christians and Nationalists. Find “The Hidden Agenda of Homosexual Politics” by Erin Doherty! It is an excellent read!

Blowing one’s own trumpet is usually not recommended but if we don’t blow ours, who will? Many years ago we devoted many articles to the WSJ’s schizophrenia. The op-ed pages were generally openly conservative but the rest of the newspaper was in the hands of dedicated Leftists who pumped out nothing but Leftist propaganda disguised as news. We regularly named the worst offenders and in the following years most moved on to work for the Democrat Party, Soros Front groups or Leftist TV stations. We often denounced the reports in the WSJ by John Harwood and claimed he was a Leftist propagandist in reporter’s clothing. Last week, the CNBC ‘reporter’ who tried to ambush Ted Cruz was none other than John Harwood.

More recently we suggested that Germany’s Angela Merkel had blinked twice when she claimed agreements with Putin over Eastern Ukraine and with the Leftist Greek Prime Minister over debt repayments. Well, we are almost midway through April and Greece has yet to make any concessions to the EU and its debtors. Putin also has made no concessions.

Now we will make a bold, perhaps reckless, prediction. Hillary Clinton will not be the Democrat Party candidate for the Presidency in 2016. At the present time we think it will be Squaw Elizabeth Warren, who, despite denials, will eventually emerge from her teepee and respond to the summons from the Hollywood billionaires. For sure, the Democrat Party candidate will be either a woman or a homosexual, perhaps both!

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