“He Can Weather The Storm”- Trump in Phoenix

The quotation in the title was spoken by Mr. Jamiel Shaw Sr. at the packed Phoenix Convention Center yesterday afternoon. Mr. Shaw was given the microphone by Donald Trump to tell the huge audience how his 17 year old son was murdered back in 2008 by an illegal alien from Mexico.

Mr. Shaw, in simple and unscripted language, had been, in his own persuasive words, ‘a hands-on father’ who had successfully steered his son through education and sport towards manhood. No mean feat for a modern Black man! His parental dedication and his son‘s brief life were ended on the sidewalk outside his home by a bullet through his son’s chest. Mr. Shaw had been talking to his boy on a cell phone and expecting him to come through the door at any moment when he heard the gunshot. He ran out to find him lying dead. Mr. Shaw in his anguish laid down beside his son’s body and beat his fists on the ground until they bled.

Trump’s meeting in Phoenix was streamed live on the Internet and it was how I was able to hear Mr. Shaw’s own humble and heart-felt words. As a parent of sons I have found it hard to write them here. I can imagine the shock, disbelief, rage and anguish he felt. Several times he asked the audience to imagine themselves in his place. Tellingly, he pointed out that his tragedy had passed almost unmentioned and had received no official recognition. He left the audience to deduce why. I can fill in the reason for him and it is outrageous.

Our Ruling Class and its Leftist allies have created layers of protected and privileged classes and we are learning from day-to-day experiences what they are. We are also learning what groups are both unprotected and punishable. Those who search for the real news on the Internet will be familiar with the Black Christian judge in Toledo, Ohio who refused, on religious grounds, to ‘marry’ two lesbians. Another judge ‘married’ them but (predictably for those who read this website) this is not enough and the Christian judge is now the target of a campaign that will (we predict) remove him from office.

What we learn from this is that homosexuals are a more protected group than Blacks, and especially Christian Blacks. The judge’s skin color and local NAACP leadership will count for nothing in this situation because the core of our Ruling Class is infected with homosexuals and libertines. The protected status and privileges granted to Blacks are calculated solely to impose guilt and inferiority on Whites and Asians who abide by the rules of the old society. The Ruling Class and its Leftist allies care nothing for Blacks except as a tool for the Balkanization of America and the creation of intimidating street lawlessness. And so this Christian judge will be punished.

Mr. Shaw and his dead son found no official sympathy or appropriate MSM publicity because the killer was an illegal alien from Mexico. The Ruling Class/Leftist agenda (the swamping of White America with Latinos and the absolute abandonment of borders) has precedence over everything bar perverse sexual liberty. Crimes by illegal aliens (the Orwellian propaganda of our Ruling Class has substituted the term ‘undocumented workers’) go either unreported by the MSM or the illegal status of the criminals is concealed. The more outrageous the criminal history of the perpetrator, the more the crime and its details will be unreported. Mr. Shaw and his murdered son have been victims of this political calculation for the killer was a well-known illegal Mexican gang member with a history of violent crimes, none of which effectively debarred him from the USA.

The random murder of Jamiel Shaw Jr. in LA in 2008, other similar crimes too numerous to list and now the death in SF of a White woman -all by illegal aliens – have not led to sealed borders and a ruthless policy of deportations. Instead they have resulted in a ruthless policy of suppression of the facts of immigrant crime and any public discussion. The mobilization of Latino activists, their sponsorship from Mexico, Leftist accusations of bigotry and racism, the financial interests of Big Business and the decisive power of the MSM, have effectively placed illegal immigration beyond the reach of domestic politics. That is until the entry into the Republican primaries of Donald Trump.

Trump admitted to his Phoenix audience that he had been surprised by the publicity his remarks about illegal immigration had generated. He had not expected his campaign to become dominated by it but it had brought him into contact with Mr. Shaw. It seems that Mr. Shaw’s loss has brought home to Trump the full price that many American citizens are silently paying for open borders and he intends to take up that cause.

Two things were said yesterday in Phoenix that shed light on Trump’s leap on to center stage. “He’s speaking for the people who can’t speak for themselves that demand that somebody do something” and as Mr. Shaw told the audience “He (Trump) can weather the storm”.

Trump’s Phoenix speech impressed me that he is his own man. In an unscripted and lengthy speech that was almost stream of consciousness (and as he said, unlike Obama he needs no teleprompter) he ranged over a number of topics, frequently digressing with anecdotes and humor, but never losing his thread.

It was clear that he speaks his mind and is not at all influenced by opinion polls, interest groups, rich donors or consultants.

He boasted that he can wage his campaign without financial help and thus turned his wealth to political advantage, for his audience perceived that he will not be bought or intimidated. It may be that he is the only candidate on either side who is truly his own man. He also boasted that his successful business experience has tested his ability to confront and outsmart powerful opponents. His past donations to Democrat politicians, he said, was the price that has to be paid in order to navigate deals. He was thus attributing his business success to smartness and realism, qualities he would use to the Nation’s advantage as a President.

Trump does not tailor his speeches to pander to audiences. In this one he said he would as President end Obamacare by removing State restrictions on insurance ( strong audience approval) but he also forcefully said that all Americans must be able to acquire medical coverage. When this was coolly received he repeated it. He also said that he would support legal immigration and would speed up the process. His audience was cool on this too but Trump says what he believes and in its way this reassured his audience that he would as President do some of the things they long for.

Trump made clear that he regards Obama as the worst President in America’s history because he has been outsmarted by America’s competitors, has greatly weakened America’s military and economy and has emboldened America’s enemies. He offered no explanation for Obama’s treachery but focused on his own commitment to making America great again. This brusque dismissal of America’s internal Leftist enemies and an avoidance of ideology will not much alienate conservatives but will appeal to those who are uneasy about the state of the Nation but unwilling to spend time understanding the forces at work.

Trump asked his audience to imagine his plainspoken dealings as President with unpatriotic Big Business leaders and hostile foreign governments and those of a President Jeb Bush or President Clinton. Trump’s confidence, toughness and straightforwardness on the rostrum surely contrasted with the pallid Bush and the devious Clinton. Significantly, he was able to define his position as the only alternative to these two.

On Saturday, Peggy Noonan, the ‘conservative’ insider who is owned by the Jewish WSJ , her only MSM outlet, viciously attacked Trump’s character and alleged opportunism. The USA Today’s presenter did the same and brazenly under-reported his audience as 5,000. The MSM will be united today and Monday attacking his character, misrepresenting his speech, minimizing the size of his audiences and amplifying his critics.

Trump’s phoenix meeting was originally planned for the Arizona Biltmore but demand for tickets led to the last minute booking of the Phoenix Convention Center. The filming of the meeting revealed a huge audience. Those who arrived faced a two and a half hour line. The event was hosted by the Maricopa County Republican Party and among the audience was the heroic Sheriff Joe Arpaio. The meeting was a triumph for The Donald who received a hero’s reception. These are the facts and they will be hidden by the MSM and the RINOS, for Trump has now cast himself as the outsider and only alternative to the unpopular establishment candidates. It remains to be seen how Trump will succeed in taking his appealing message to the American people in the face of MSM hostility. If anyone can succeed in overcoming this formidable obstacle, it is The Donald.



  1. I like Trump’s style but his rhetoric is somewhat over-the-top, like his hair.

    Still, he’s like a breath of fresh air–even if it is hot air–because most GOP candidates are so timid and pee-in-the-pants.

  2. I have always maintained that the only way out of our present dilemma is to get a rich, powerful person from the Northeast Establishment to defect. That person may prove to be Donald Trump.

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