Georgia On My Mind

It is not Hoagy Carmichael’s Georgia that is on my mind today*, but that small country squeezed between Russia and Turkey. Vladimir Putin, on a pretext, has unleashed war on his neighbor, and like Hitler and Stalin in 1939, he is anticipating that he will get away with another piece of gangsterism.  As Hannah Arendt pointed out in her postwar book “Totalitarianism”, the Communist Soviet Union had evolved into a police state, for totalitarianism requires a giant police network to silence opposition. She also pointed out that a police state is really a gangster state, for where policemen become politicized, there is no law only lawlessness. Putin rose to power through the ranks of the Soviet Secret Police and he has the mentality of a gangster. He regards any opposition to himself and his rule as both a personal insult to be avenged with terror and a dire threat. On this website we devoted an article to the unusually cruel murder of a Putin victim in London and described it as the action of a gangster. Since then many other Putin opponents and potential opponents have been silenced. Now it is the turn of a small neighbor state for Georgia has tweaked Putin’s nose with its links to the West. Even worse it has marched toward democracy and lawfulness right on Russia’s border. Putin often talks as though he couldn’t care less about the Western world’s opinions but you can be sure he will be watching carefully what the reactions are to his bold invasion. We can be sure that the European Union, dominated by Germany and France, will say much and do nothing, for this multi-national bureaucrats’ carcass is not capable of a decisive military action, being more concerned with imposing totalitarianism internally. The US, with its lame-duck President and with a defeatist leading the current Presidential contest, is unlikely to muster much more than the EU. So Putin will get away with his escalation and prepare for his next step. History has a way of repeating itself and surely Georgia is today’s Czechoslovakia.

Citizens of the UK who value traditional freedoms should pay close attention to the consequences of a police state for the EU is completely totalitarian in intent and is busy politicizing every nation’s police force. In the UK the first step was political correctness in Universities and colleges but political correctness has now been incorporated into many laws, thus increasingly curbing free speech. Enforcing such new laws requires a politicized police force and that is what the UK now has. It is easy to drive out concepts of political neutrality from public service once the green light is given, for the ambitious opportunists always see how to navigate to the top. Political correctness was always going to develop in the West for it is the weapon of the Left and the Left has never gone away, only changed its issues. Once upon a time, a Media of many parts would have defended free speech and freedom by alerting the people, but now the newly emerged and powerful Media Class, whose agenda is naturally Leftist, does all it can to bring about the demise of freedom. Nationalist political parties, traditional Christians and conservatives are denied a voice in the Media and persecuted by policemen and Leftists everywhere.

In the US, the Media Class is on the verge of real political power. It has invested everything in the election of Obama to the Presidency and to achieving an overwhelming Democrat presence in Congress. Since Obama has turned out to be a weak candidate and the Democrat Party has to represent the unpopular Media Class agenda, the Media has to work flat out to control the news. Last week, its efforts to strangle the Edwards’ scandal were undone by Edwards himself. When he admitted that there was truth in the National Enquirer story about his affair with a Media woman, the MSM found itself having to mention the story that it had been concealing. The concealment required an explanation and so it has been interesting to read and hear these explanations. The tactic has been to muddy the water by pretending that there were three equally good reasons for the blackout. One was that the National Enquirer is a disreputable and inaccurate magazine that prints nonsense. (Given that the MSM peddles nonsense about global warming and much else, this is laughable!) The second reason put forward is that the MSM has been reluctant to do its own investigation because this source was tainted. (This from a MSM that investigates its political enemies for years in the hope of digging up some dirt) The third reason was that the MSM was withholding the story out of concern for the feelings of Mrs. Edwards who has cancer. When has the MSM ever cared about the feelings of anyone?

Edwards, in a much-publicized comment, pointed out that McCain had been an adulterer, whilst at the same time he appeared to issue more lies on his own behalf, if the NE story is to be believed. For he claimed that he had confessed to his wife way back, that the affair was long over and that the love-child was not his and he could prove it. According to the NE the night-time tryst between Edwards and the woman in an LA hotel took place in late July of this year. I have yet to read an MSM story that mentions this conflict of facts. The truth is that the MSM is eager to put this story to bed (no pun intended), not out of concern for Mrs. Edwards but out of concern for Obama and his Party. Edwards is now an embarrassment to Obama and his Democrat Party, for all scandals uncovered by the Media between now and November were meant to feature McCain and the Republicans. The Media Class will have no reservations about throwing Edwards to the wolves, not because it disapproves of adultery in principle, but because his recklessness threatens the Media script of news.

Am I the only one who has had a little snigger over the news of the Montreal riot on Sunday? Canada is always held up by the MSM as an example of tolerance and social progressiveness and yet here are minorities attacking the police, looting stores and setting fires to cars. Reading the MSM reports gave me a sense of déjà-vu for I felt I had read the same report many, many times before. Only the location was different. The area of town was a ‘minority one’ though which minority was not mentioned. I’ll bet there were no Indians or Chinese amongst the rioters. The police were portrayed as having over-reacted and the dead rioter is described as a hard-working and aspiring student. Where have I read this before?

The Internet enables us all to scan the world for news and to double-check MSM stories, as well as inform each other. Thus I was able to learn this morning that the BNP recently held a meeting in a village hall near Exeter, Devon. The village is called Broadclyst and I once had a relative who lived there. Apparently about 100 people turned up for the meeting, which was not publicized, to hear the BNP leader Nick Griffin speak. The BNP is unable to publicly advertize its meetings because the Leftist thugs intimidate the owners of the venue and if that does not work they publicly threaten to attend and be violent. The police are then able to collude with the thugs by banning the proposed meeting on the grounds that public order will be threatened. It is a cozy arrangement to throttle free speech and one that the Media plays its part in. In the Broadclyst case it appears that the local Media only learned about the meeting after the fact and is now enraged. The local headlines are that the people of Broadclyst are very angry at the BNP for being in their village. I doubt that BNP supporters would have come from great distances to hear Griffin in this remote corner of the UK, so it is probable that most of the 100 were Devon people who were BNP sympathizers. Why shouldn’t they meet and hear Griffin? What business is that of political opponents? Why shouldn’t BNP residents of Broadclyst have a voice? This story inadvertently tells us that the BNP has quite a following in sleepy villages and is not restricted to large multi-ethnic ticking bombs. The local BNP villagers can expect to be unmasked, get visits from car loads of intimidating policemen and lose their jobs for this is the UK in the new century.

*Georgia On My Mind (Georgia for short) was a famous piece written by Hoagy Carmichael. Some reading may have heard of Ray Charles, who did a famous recording of this great piece. It knocks me out.



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