Desperate Yeb Bush Sucks Up To The National Urban League

In a recent article Bush activist Karl Rove dismissed the importance of opinion polls – and Trump’s high polling numbers-claiming it is far too early to pay attention to polls in the Republican contest. This is rich coming from a political commentator whose weekly articles in the WSJ have long shown him to be not only obsessed with opinion polls but always quoting their results to authenticate his centrist-accommodating advice to the Party. The problem for Rove is that the polls are all running in the wrong direction. The Yeb is failing to assume his rightful place at the top.

On Thursday, the Internationalists at the WSJ who employ Rove continued their campaign to paint Trump as both a con man and a show man, playing on the gullibility and wishful thinking of too many Republican voters. “Trump in River City” by Daniel Henninger likens Trump to Harold Hill’s deception of the population of River City, Iowa in “The Music Man”.

Henninger has to spend half of the article explaining the plot of this forgotten musical before he gets to the point that the people of Riverside are “desperate to believe”. “Is anything going on here” asks Henninger, referring to Trump’s popularity, “other than clinical egomania?” and answers his question with “Yes, and its no laughing matter”.

So there we have it. The WSJ, and all those internationalists who have assumed they could foist Yeb Bush on the Republican grass roots hope to dismiss Trump as a Broadway musical comedy character who lacks ‘character’.

Given those pesky opinion polls that keep recording the downward slide of their open-borders man, we think it is the WSJ people and Bush who are ‘desperate’. A poll last week had Trump at 17%, Bush 14%, and Walker at 8%. Earlier this week a poll had Trump at almost 25% and Bush trailing at 12%. Even in Florida, supposedly Yeb’s home State, he was trailing ‘The Donald’. Today’s Gravis Marketing poll in Iowa has Trump at 30.9%, Walker at 15.4% and Yeb at 10%. The polling news for the Big Business Internationalists and the open-borders Leftists keeps getting worse! Bush sucking up to the Black racists of the National Urban League is beginning to look like the ‘desperation’ of a campaigner who cannot get White, Asian or even Latino support.. And his latest AP finger-wagging, stern-faced headline “GOP Debate Could Get Ugly” suggests a candidate who is flailing around.

Last Week’s Poll

—————– Donald Trump (17%)

————– Jeb Bush (14%)

——– Scott Walker (8%)

This Week’s Poll

————————- Donald Trump (25%)

———— Jeb Bush (12%)

Iowa Poll

——————————- Donald Trump (30.9%)

————— Scott Walker (15.4%)

———- Jeb Bush (10%)

Trump’s continued rise in the polls cannot be attributed solely to his own campaign. He has appeared at a number of public meetings and been a guest on a few radio Talk Shows but his stated agenda is actually quite limited in content. He will secure the border with Mexico, he will expel the foreign criminals in America’s jails, he will be tough when dealing with the leaders of foreign nations and he will bring his business experience into the White House.

We have to assume (for there is no other explanation) that his claim that he will put first the interests of the American people and secure the borders, is the basis of his appeal coupled with the people’s belief that he really means what he says and is capable of carrying out his promises. That he speaks his mind without a script, has not backed down when attacked by the MSM and is indifferent to political correctness may also delight many, but those things reinforce the belief that he will do what he promises.

The internationalists cannot acknowledge the people’s opposition to ‘one world’, just as the moral Revolutionaries cannot acknowledge that normal people are repulsed by homosexuality and perversion. Rejection of these National-suicide policies has to be attributed to mental sicknesses called ‘xenophobia’ and ‘homophobia’.

Henninger, in his article attempts (quite knowingly) to explain away the people’s rejection of Internationalism. “The American anxieties Donald Trump has tapped into are real and rational. It is not the Mexican border. Its what everyone in politics, including Hillary Clinton knows has been the number one concern of the American people for years, the US’s underachieving economy”.

There are good material reasons why Americans do care about the border. But there is more to it than Henninger’s contradictory paragraph lets on. Henninger and his ilk cannot acknowledge that many people may hold dearer, things other than material prosperity, just as they may hold dearer than moral materialism, real marriage, the protection of children from sexual corruption and the survival of the species.

One final comment! The more Trump is smeared and condemned by the Media, the Republican elite and the Leftists, the more popular he becomes. (Yahoo. “The trash-talking billionaire” ) This suggests that a substantial portion of the conservative and Republican grass roots is in rebellion against the Ruling Class, their MSM propaganda, and those who collaborate with them. This is good news, and may the rebellion, expressed in Trump’s polling figures, grow and grow!

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