Communists, Perverts, Racists and Hogs

Many conservatives accuse the Obama regime of promoting Communism. They see him and his cabinet as closet Marxists. Certainly he is pushing through a revolutionary agenda but it is hard to discover Communists among the billionaire Media Class and there are few even amongst the members of the coalition that is allied to the Media Class and helps it win elections.

The coalition is certainly Left-leaning and has Communist elements but there are precious few who genuinely seek a thorough redistribution of wealth, the end of Capitalism and a classless society. Behind the rhetoric of equality, fair shares for all, the brotherhood of workers and the simple life there is little evidence of idealism but much evidence of greed and self-interest.

At the center of the coalition is the Media Class which holds the reins of power with its control of the Media and its wealth. Like any true Class it is not sited in just one place and neither is it uniform for it has arisen as a result of the marriage of News and Entertainment. The News element controls the daily propaganda and hides the real news but the Entertainment element has the wealth and the control over the Nation’s culture. Creating contemporary culture also bestows a propaganda power and insidiously shapes the minds of the people. When news and culture are marching in a propaganda lockstep, as in America today, a profound revolution is almost unstoppable.

Hollywood is the source of much of the Media Class wealth and its ‘Queenpin’ billionaires own first call on the agenda of our revolutionary Ruling Class. Sodomy and libertinism are the obsessions of Beverly Hills and all those places where rich perverts and libertines congregate. Although Hollywood has always harbored a handful of ideological Communists, the many who spout redistribution of wealth, equality for all and simple living, are mere poseurs and hypocrites. This is so obvious that we need waste no time calling them out.

There is more ideological Communism in the News Media element than in the Entertainment Media element but as the News Media has evolved into propaganda and entertainment, genuine Communists occupy only the lowliest positions.

So what are genuine Communists? They are people who really believe in leveling down, who believe that a society can be constructed in which, once all wealth is redistributed, everyone will be truly equal. Genuine Communists have no interest in wealth, regarding it as evil, dangerous and corrupting. Consequently they live simply and in many instances are willing to endure hardship to further their cause.

Karl Marx, Engels, Lenin, Trotsky, Stalin, Mao, Chou, Castro and Che Guevara are examples of ideological Communists. Almost all were prepared to risk danger and death for the cause. Some of these no doubt lived in comfort once in power, and most used power to satisfy lust, but none were driven to accumulate wealth in the manner that is typical of today’s Leftist Ruling Class. Some of the White youths who provide the storm troops on the streets for our Ruling Class are genuine Trotskyites. The fact that they are serving the interests of others is merely evidence that they are misguided and prone to being manipulated.

There are few Communists in today’s Ruling Class coalition. Those nearest (but  not very near) to  genuine Communism are the tenured Leftists in Universities and Colleges. As privileged and comfortable refugees from the challenges of earning a living, they are drawn to abstract blue-prints for a tidy world, Marxism and notions of moral and intellectual superiority. Squaw Elizabeth Warren is a fine example. Would any be prepared to forsake their fine wines and take to the hills or embark on Long Marches? Probably not! Nevertheless, their ideological role in the Ruling coalition should not be underestimated, nor the possibility that they will find powerful positions in a totalitarian government of the future. Such people are capable of demanding cold and ruthless punishments for those deemed enemies of progress.

Since the Media Class has few ideologues and has an agenda that is more than distasteful to Americans it is not surprising that its coalition allies are unprincipled and self-serving. What unites them is dissatisfaction, a sense of grievance, greed and the knowledge that only an all-powerful and intrusive government will serve their purposes.

Slavery, which gave rise to the importation of millions of Africans into the USA and culminated in a disastrous civil war, has bequeathed America the divisive issue of race. For whatever reasons-all of them off-limits to public debate-African Americans remain undigested. If the present trends continue into the future, Indians, Chinese, Filipinos and other Oriental peoples who have arrived recently will be racially integrated and Blacks will remain un-integrated. Thus has a racial group numbering around14% of the total population remained a separate, dissatisfied and unsuccessful entity, offering the Ruling Class great opportunities for divide and rule.

The African/American race is now very much a useful part of the Ruling Class coalition, though enjoying limited influence. It is the policy of the Ruling Class to intensify Black resentment and grievance, exploit White guilt, encourage the breakdown of law and order and mobilize Black mobs on the streets. True Communists would see only workers and exploiters and not skin color. Those who represent the Black minority and are thus members of the coalition’s leadership are not Communists.  They are driven either by racial resentment or greed and ambition. Al Sharpton is seen as the prime example but the Obama’s and Holder are surely also motivated more by racial resentment and greed than Class warfare ideology. Sharpton and the Race hustlers have signed on to the coalition because they see a Revolution that is overthrowing the Constitution and growing government thus offering them the means to rapidly advance their racial agenda of revenge.

Finally we come to the hogs in the coalition. America is, thanks to its founders and European immigrants, the richest big country in the world. It is a country where fortunes continue to be made by new arrivals and there are still few limitations on wealth acquisition. This is one explanation for the failure of Communism to take root for the ambitious, materialistic, opportunist and the greedy have been attracted to the large trough rather than to Class warfare.

The Ruling Class coalition and its materialistic Revolutionary agenda is a magnet for greedy opportunists. Maybe the Obama’s really belong in this hog category but for certain the Clintons, Gores and all those who are neither perverts nor race-driven, have attached themselves to the Ruling coalition, eager for some of the trough’s contents. The Clintons are not Communists and nor are most of the Democrat politicians and Public Service Union leaders. They may talk redistribution of wealth, environmentalism, equality and concern for the underdogs but they are entirely self-seeking. Mrs. Clinton and Squaw Warren represent two quite different strands of the alliance.

In conclusion, our new Revolutionary Ruling Class is not motivated by idealism and self-denial but by sexual license. It does not offer a step forward to a better world but a leap into the darkness of unleashed appetites. Most of its coalition partners are united only by a desire for untrammeled government, the overthrow of the old morality, privileged positions and snouts in the trough.

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