Black Robber Shoots Asian Mother Dead

This is a headline you will never see in the MSM. The same MSM that will repeat and repeat the Charleston Church attack committed by a White youth will completely avoid the murder of Samira Siwakoti, a young mother of two children aged 2 and 6 months.

Mrs. Siwakoti was working in the Colony Convenience Store, Texas, on June 11th when a young Black man entered and shot her dead for a piffling amount of the store’s takings. The MSM silence over this appalling crime indicates that for the Ruling Media Class, brown lives do not matter!

There is more to come in the matter of MSM dishonesty and propaganda.

On June 20th in Cincinnati it is alleged that Trepierre Hummons, aged 21, called 911 and then shot dead the police officer who responded to the call. The police officer who died in that cold/blooded ambush was 48 year old father of 3, Sonny Kim. Officer Kim was of Korean origin and Hummons is Black. Skin color is sufficient to explain why the MSM will look the other way and bury the news of this cowardly murder. Oriental lives do not matter!

Despite all the Leftist talk and legislation about ‘minorities’ the reality is that Mrs. Siwakoti and Officer Kim do not belong to a designated protected Class. Unfortunately for their families, the facts that both were heterosexual and gainfully employed were further disqualifications for MSM recognition.

Also on June 20th in New Orleans, Police Officer Daryle Holloway, a 22 year veteran of the force was shot dead in the course of his duty. The alleged killer is Travis Boys, aged 33. He has been apprehended.

Since Officer Holloway is Black, this murder may get just a little MSM publicity. Needless to say, his alleged killer is Black. This means that the Holloway family should not expect too much Media attention and precious little MSM sympathy.

We are reporting these three recent murders because we have discovered them by a careful searching of the Internet. For all we know there may be more across America’s big cities that are as shocking or more so. The common factor is that the alleged killers are all Black and this factor alone guarantees that the MSM will ignore or downplay them, for they cannot be used to mobilize Black outrage or intensify White guilt. The MSM is also desperate to hide Asian and Oriental deaths at the hands of young Blacks, for the Revolutionary agenda demands that Asian and Oriental citizens be included in the designation ‘minorities’ despite the fact that they have nothing in common with the minorities that matter, i.e. Blacks and homosexuals.

This brings us to the Charleston shooting of Black Christians who were at a Bible class. Roof, the alleged killer, is emerging as yet another young White man who was becoming increasingly alienated from family and society and drawn to mass murder. It is possible that Roof is an undiagnosed and deteriorating paranoid schizophrenic but it is more likely that he is yet another young White male, stripped of racial and cultural identity and who felt condemned to insignificance. This actual anonymity, at a time when the MSM promotes mindless celebrity, is further nourished by the fantasy of a social life on the Internet and all the sick and spiritually-empty hours that can be spent there.

Since mass shooting is a prelude to suicide we can assume that Roof had no Faith and intended to go out of this world in a blaze of glory. It is noteworthy that not only did he choose another race as the target of his suppressed rage but that he selected Christians, the one group that receives universal and official contempt.

It is not often that we conservatives have a chance to gloat. The MSM’s sudden abandonment of Cindy Sheehan when she had served their purpose was one to savor. Now we can gloat over the MSM’s sudden disinterest in the ridiculous Media-seeking posturing of the old Feminist hack Gloria Steinem. Not long ago on this website we hooted over her and her lesbian comrades marching for peace across the Korean divide. No doubt Gloria expected days of Media headlines as she marched south, culminating in a Leftist celebration at the end. Instead, she and her harridans appear to have disappeared off the face of the earth. Good riddance!

News here of one great event that the MSM will suppress even more than Black violence! Hundreds of thousands of Italians marched this weekend in support of real marriage. Their march will not stop the advance of this disgusting SSM, for powerful rich perverts are determined to ‘normalize’ homosexuality and prepare the way for the suppression of all dissent. Still, the Italian people were on the streets even though the West’s MSM was absent. Next week, a march of ten perverts in Moscow will make headlines everywhere.

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