Trump The Clock Cleaner

Friday evening my wife and I watched an extract of Donald Trump speaking at a rally in Eugene, Oregon and we took heart. He just gets better and better.

Before the rally itself began, the film showed his car and its police escort racing along the roads to the venue. The traffic was halted along the way as the convoy passed through, and it was hard not to see the whole thing as a Presidential cavalcade. Trump is well organized and seemingly well protected!

The huge venue was packed -as always- and the cameras revealed a crowd that defied description except for race. It looked as though nearly everyone was White, but there was a complete mix of young, middle-aged and elderly, men and women, rough, well-dressed and many in between – in short, all classes. One thing all had in common was a barely-suppressed energy and enthusiasm for the movement Trump has ignited.

I have watched many Trump rallies since the primary campaign began. I started as a skeptic watching out of curiosity, and then became a reluctant admirer. Now, my wife and I are dedicated Trump supporters. Quite frankly, the man quickly grows on you. He is wholly different from all politicians, and what a relief it is to be addressed about politics by a non-politician.

No more sincerity poses, no more unfathomable blue-prints about health insurance, no more wooden expressions of patriotism that are meant to be heard as ‘ringing’, and no more polite, restrained criticisms of opposition politicians who deserve to be denounced in the rawest, most unambiguous, impolite language available to mankind.

Trump doesn’t make speeches. He CONFIDES in his audience, assuming that they know full well what he is talking about, because everybody with half a brain knows what this election is all about. He doesn’t waste time on masses of statistics to remind his audience of America’s ever-growing bankruptcy, its breathtaking trade imbalances and the one-way traffic that passes for international trade. A few sentences with the words, trillions, cars and Chinese and Japanese tariffs, are sufficient.

He only has to assert that as a successful businessman he knows how to make a decent deal, and then remind his audience of the bare bones of the Obama/Kerry Iran deal, and everyone is up to speed. Just daring to ask the question ‘why are we paying for troops in Germany and Japan?’ is sufficient to reveal to his audience that America is being taken for a ride. As he succinctly comments “Don’t blame the foreign Governments! We are being led by dummies!”.

There is much, much more about America’s predicament and its betrayal by politicians, that he strips down to a few -rambling but entertaining and instructive – sentences, and his audience becomes the little boy who saw that the Obama King and his advisers, Courtiers, functionaries and wise counselors past and present, have no clothes. Also exposed in all their nakedness are those who have claimed to be in opposition and in previous administrations. Donald Trump is pulling back the veil and revealing that the whole political landscape is filled with dopes, crooks and poseurs.

It is when he gets on to his current and future opponents – and the American people’s would-be jailers- that his simple, honest, no-holds-barred language scores most. Hillary is a crook, her husband is a serial woman-abuser, John Kerry is a dope, Lindsay Graham is a total dope and Hillary is an enabler. Elizabeth Warren is a fraud who played the race card to get into College and is a joke. If Hillary spends $90m on attacking him (Trump) as an abuser of women, boy is he going to remind the world about Bill’s sordid history and Hillary’s vicious attacks on the women he preyed upon.

Can you imagine Jeb Bush, Kasich, Rubio, or Cruz taking off the gloves like this? Jeb would find it all too distasteful, Rubio is not enough of a man of the world, Kasich would be too busy boasting about his governorship and Ted would be concentrating on the Constitution. Trump will be more than happy to confront Hillary with the Clinton past, right in front of the Presidential debate cameras in October, and he won’t let ‘moderators’ shut him up. He intends to “clean her bonnet” and no doubt he will clean Warren’s totem pole.

My first thought was that Hillary and Bill will be shaking in their boots. Then I wondered if Hillary has a past history of shooting the messengers of bad news stone dead so that no-one in her vast entourage dares mention what Trump is threatening. Most likely no-one around her risks mentioning Bill, his women and the scandals in case she erupts in rage. Well, there will be Democrat bankrollers and operatives who can see what is coming and who will be thinking about Joe Biden, the man who cleaned Paul Ryan’s clock.

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