What’s Goin’ On? What’s Goin’ On?

In a century where all Mainstream Media News is propaganda, and Newscasters, like most politicians, lie through their teeth, it is difficult for the honest and hardworking citizen to know what is going on anywhere in the world other than in his own backyard. Like George Orwell we advise relying on common sense and the evidence of eyes and ears, but what use are they when trying to penetrate the truth about the Ukraine, Greece, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan or Central America?

What are the facts concealed behind the official news- or lack of it- concerning the recent spate of aircraft crashes in South East Asia, the police go-slow in New York or the FBI investigation into hate crimes in Ferguson? Since no man is an island, as the English poet John Donne famously wrote, it is foolish to be in the dark or ignorant about matters that might any day spill into one’s neighborhood or one’s personal life.

The writers of this website, who start from the belief that the MSM mostly and deliberately misleads those who trust it, try hard to read between MSM lines, search through the Internet and then attempt to apply skepticism and common sense to what emerges. Here goes!

Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor is looking old and worn, as she tries to salvage something for her domestic reputation and her country in the Ukraine and in Greece. Putin, now the main player in World Affairs, appears to have the upper hand in the Ukraine and may see an opportunity to insert himself into the Greek situation. The truce/cease-fire just negotiated in the Ukraine and brokered by Merkel and the Far Left French President Hollande looks like a papering over the cracks.

In the early days of Ukraine’s civil war, but after the Russian annexation of the Crimea, a look at the map revealed the slice of Eastern Ukraine over which Putin would desire control. It would stretch from Kharkiv to the Crimea and include the port of Mariupol. It might even be everything east of the    river Dnieper. The terms of the recent truce give Putin most of the slice but not all, so we can assume that he will not honor the truce that leaves him just short of his goal.

It now looks like the Western conspirators who engineered the overthrow of Ukraine’s elected government in order to have a government that would take the Ukraine into the EU and ultimately NATO, misjudged Mr. Putin. He is made of different stuff than Merkel, Hollande, Cameron and Obama and he represents a Nation whose people have not fallen prey to the degeneracy of the Media Class-ruled people of the Western Nations.

Putin is as ruthless as any successful dictator. He is almost certainly a man who nurses grievances. He has his enemies killed by proxy and by plutonium. He is also a Nationalist of sorts and seems determined to avenge the slights that Merkel, Obama and others unthinkingly inflicted on him and his country. When Obama, after his first election, swaggered across the world stage and failed to recognize Putin as an equal, he caused unintended consequences. Obama’s opportunist and strategy-less forays into Libya and Syria left Putin out of the equation.

The current problems with Putin and Russia go back a long way when the mistake the Western Powers made was to dismiss Russia’s claim to be a World Power. Because Russia had been stripped of its Soviet Empire and was in the economic doldrums, the West thought it saw the way clear to extend the EU and NATO to Russia’s new border. Putin and perhaps most Russians still see the old Soviet Union as their rightful border and if not, still consider it legitimate that those new Nations such as Belarus, the Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan remain under Russian influence. If this is correct then the Baltic States are very vulnerable.

At this very dangerous time the West needs to be led by a strong and wise American President, one who understands history and knows that all bargains with ruthless and ambitious tyrants have to be underpinned by possession of military strength. Unfortunately our man in the White House resents his own Nation, probably never looked at a map of Eastern Europe in school or College, and because of racial preferences and White Guilt has never had to surmount an obstacle on his rise from nursery school to the White House. Worse still, he takes his orders from billionaire perverts in Hollywood and is intent on remaking America in the image of his masters. Having purged the military leadership of true Christian warriors and replaced them with his comrades he has created a military that as it shrinks in size and capability spends its money on creating a new lesbian-friendly infantry and on trans-sexual operations for those unhappy with their sexual identity. Instead of tanks and artillery we are rebuilding a military of lisping boys married to sodomites and bearded women married to bearded women.

There are those who claim with some evidence that the provocation of Putin has been engineered by an international clique of Jews and their allies-in-crime, whose motives include weakening the West, making money from armaments and using America to attack Israel’s enemies. There is enough truth in this claim to make it plausible but it is also possible to explain Western hostility to Putin based on his refusal to open up Russia to the homosexual agenda. Certainly a homosexual clique now pulls the strings in America and all the way up to the White House and the Supreme Court.

The situation that has developed between Greece and the EU bears out the old statement that a big debtor has less to worry about than a big lender. The new Far Left government of Greece seems to have the whip hand and it is the EU and Merkel who are scratching around for a face-saving solution. It seems likely that the EU will blink first and come up with a bail-out that doesn’t look too much like a bail-out, so that Portugal and others don’t demand the same deal. It must be worrying Merkel, whose Germany is now the guarantor of the EU’s financial credibility, that if Greece exits from the EU, its Government will turn to Putin. Russian military bases in Greece would throw NATO into turmoil.

We will dismiss the Islamic Imperialism issue by noting that the Muslim forces have no shortage of volunteers, including many who are living in the West. They seem to have momentum and the American President is as much on their side as on ours.

We keep wondering how it was that some 50,000 Central American children suddenly arrived in the USA without parents and were dispersed so efficiently. Who organized this complex project?

Finally, are Muslim pilots and airplane maintenance engineers carrying out acts of terrorism?

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