Ukraine, Israel and Iraq

Before we look at how Counter-Revolutionaries should view the above civil wars that are raging at this time, we hope that all those who previously followed our website at have caught up with us at this new website. Nothing has altered except the web address and web format and in time we will add improvements and attach our archive. Website crashes should be a thing of the past!

We will continue to promote the same (Class conflict) analysis of contemporary politics and culture and abide by the same self-imposed rules of ‘no hidden agenda’ and ‘totally honest reporting’. Consequently, on this website, underpinning every article:

  1. We maintain that the citizens of the USA and UK are experiencing revolutions at the hands of their respective Media Class rulers. These Rulers have advanced by stealth and continue to conceal their power and their agenda by operating through political parties and other bodies that have been purged of social and traditional conservatives.
  2. We maintain that in order to rule by proxy, to have troops on the ground and dependable voting blocs for elections, the Media Class has forged alliances with Public Service unions, extreme Leftists in Academia and disaffected racial minorities.
  3. We maintain that all contemporary political conflicts and radical social change must be viewed as the consequence of a camouflaged Ruling Class agenda being pursued.
  4. We maintain that our Rulers are determined to abolish free speech. We defend free speech – even that of our extreme Leftist opponents- and we oppose all forms of political correctness. On this website we will at all times exercise the right of free speech without restraint. We will strive to say exactly what we mean.
  5. We maintain that the Mainstream Media is the propaganda arm of the Media Class and EVERYTHING it emits is questionable. Much is wholly dishonest! We try to counter their lies and omissions with truth, including truths that do not help our cause in the short term.
  6. This is a counter-revolutionary website and we will (critically) support all those who find themselves to be the enemies of the Media Class, i.e. Conservatives, traditional Christians and Nationalists.
  7. This website is the only place where the Counter-Revolution is vigorously promoted.

In the light of these 7 points, it is inevitable that all MSM news and reporting of the above conflicts is corrupted in order to further a hidden agenda. It is rarely possible for Counter-Revolutionaries to possess all the facts, thus making detached judgments difficult to reach. Judgments are made more difficult in that all the above civil wars are complicated by a multitude of past events. Right does not wholly reside with any one participant and we may have to choose between the lesser of evils-assuming that we have to choose at all.

We have written previously of the conflict in the Ukraine, but as this civil war is escalating international tension we wish to re-state fundamentals, provide context and to link it to the civil wars in Palestine/Israel and Iraq’s Muslim religious war.

The Ukrainians are, like all those who emerged from the old Austro-Hungarian Empire, an unfortunate people. The national boundaries drawn up after the First World War were arbitrarily imposed, condemning many people to minority status in new States dominated by traditional enemies. Though all were European, there were substantial differences in origin, ethnicity, language, customs and religion. Many people found themselves Stateless and impoverished and were forced to resettle and so deep bitterness was bequeathed onto many new Nation States.

In Austria’s Vienna, once the glittering capital of the now – truncated Empire, Jews were not only numerous but also dominated a community of Europe’s leading intellectuals, musicians, composers and artists. Jews could be found, mostly but not solely within self-imposed enclaves, in every new State, and across into the newly founded USSR. Although there were many poor Jews who enjoyed no advantages- and some historical disadvantages – there was also an elite and privileged caste of cosmopolitan Jews who had served the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its neighbors, as bankers, money-lenders to Rulers, tax collectors, secret policemen and bureaucrats. In the newly created States these elite Jews, their wealth, their former privileged positions and their identification with the old oppressors fuelled hatred by the common people towards all Jews. Of all the former peoples of the Empire, only Jews and Gypsies did not have a State. The presence of Jews in all States but with no State of their own resulted (cause or effect?) in them being identified as ‘footloose’, lacking commitment and loyalty to Nationhood and drawn to Internationalism (Communism).

Before all the post-Empire problems could in any way be resolved, the Second World War created further turmoil. The frictions of Nationalism and the plight of minorities, both of which existed in many States were suddenly submerged by the conflict between German National Socialism and Russian Communism – two similar totalitarian ideologies with global ambitions. One was based on a Darwinian theory of race and the other on the theory of Scientific Socialism (Marxism). Both were revolutionary which is to say they rejected, and sought to wholly replace, the traditions and customs of the past and to create a new society. Both were atheistic, believed that human nature could be perfected and that history was on their side. Both held that individual ‘rights’ conflicted with the goal of progress and neither respected national boundaries.

The Ukrainian people were particularly unfortunate in that the Russian Communists quickly incorporated them by force into the bogus Union of Soviet Socialist Republics. The Republics, including the Ukraine existed in name only, for all power was ruthlessly exercised from the Kremlin and imposed Communist local leaders were tools of Moscow. The Ukrainians, like all who lived under Communism in those years, suffered purges, mass and indiscriminate slaughters intended to create terror, cruel removal to bleak locations, forced starvation and total repression. Since Stalin and his Communist henchman (with a disproportionate number of Jews involved in the terror-though many Jews also suffered from the terror) sought to exterminate nationalities, religion, languages and traditional culture, it is not surprising that many if not most Ukrainians welcomed the German Army as liberators.

If Hitler and Himmler had not been completely driven by their ideology of Germanic racial supremacy, they would have granted the Ukrainians real independence and thus gained an enthusiastic ally. However, the Ukrainians soon learned that they had lost one terrible oppressor and gained another – though for many, German oppression was less totalitarian than was Russian. Behind the German army came the SS ideologues of Nazi-ism. The ghastly physical elimination of the Ukrainian Jews commenced. Some Ukrainians were enthusiastically complicit in the ‘Final Solution’ though many had little choice.  Hitler and Himmler intended to re-populate the Ukraine with ‘Aryans’ but reverses in the war with Russia and a shortage of manpower resulted in the Germans creating Ukrainian armed forces to fight on the Eastern Front against the Soviet Army. Westerners should not judge these Ukrainians harshly for most people survive the best way they can.

Ukraine was unfortunate to be ‘liberated’ by the Soviet forces as the Second World War drew to a conclusion. Behind the primitive soldiers of the USSR came the ideologues of Communism. The Ukrainians were brutally punished for their flirtation with Germany. A puppet Communist government was re-installed and totalitarianism returned along with starvation and Socialist poverty. From 1945 onward, the Ukraine, like all Nation States ‘liberated’ by the USSR, was exploited to suit Moscow’s needs. Private enterprise and free markets were abolished and the people were subjected to the constant propaganda of a Media with an agenda. Inevitably, many Ukrainians, with no prospect of change, worked for the Government and some prospered relative to the many. The USSR moved its dangerous nuclear projects into the Ukraine and many Russian people settled into a country that was Slavic and culturally close to their own. These settlers (dominant, it seems, in Eastern Ukraine and the Crimea) have now been in the Ukraine for 70 years. There must also be Ukrainians who were happy with either communism or Russian culture. There are other Ukrainians who desire a Nationalist State or an independent Ukraine of the Western liberal model. Both are hostile to Russian influence though with very different agendas. No doubt other Ukrainians occupy middle ground.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union in the 1990’s, Ukraine (like the other freed Nations) has wrestled with democracy. As Americans are now discovering as a result of being ruled by a revolutionary new Class, if there is no shared set of values and a commonly accepted history, democracy cannot long survive and a violent cleavage is predictable. Until the last year, the Ukraine had a legitimate, if fragile, government that held together the East and the West of the country. It could not withstand the strains of those leaders who wanted to join NATO and the EU and those who leaned to Russia. Outside Western forces, allegedly funded by George Soros and others, as well as Western politicians and EU officials, worked to draw the Ukraine into the EU. Putin and Russian Nationalists (some wanting to restore the Russian Empire) are unwilling to tolerate a hostile EU and NATO on Russia’s border. The legitimate government of the Ukraine was overthrown by mob action in Kiev, once the President made clear he was not about to take the country into the EU.

Mobs in capitals rarely represent the will of a Nation’s ordinary people, especially when such mobs occupy the streets for days on end. Ordinary people have to attend to jobs and families. Students, College professors, the unemployed/ underclass and political ideologues form mobs. It is alleged that the mob in Kiev was funded and orchestrated by outside forces. It is alleged that the rebels in the East are funded and orchestrated by Putin. Both allegations are almost certainly true but there is undoubtedly a bloody civil war now taking place and three external forces at work. Externally on one side there is the Obama regime (and those it represents) and EU and on the other Putin’s oligarchy. God help the Ukrainian people!

The shooting down of the Malaysian civilian airliner (almost certainly by pro-Russian forces and just as certainly in the mistaken belief that it was a Kiev troop carrier) was an opportunity for the US Media to blame Putin and fuel anti-Putin sentiment. Since the tragedy was the result of a wrong determination and a foolish flight-path, it is not likely to be repeated and has had little impact on the course of the civil war. This website is of the opinion that the USA and UK should not be militarily involved in Ukraine. It appears that partition of the country into two would be the best solution and time would allow an evolutionary result. Putin has not sought this conflict with the West but has had it thrust upon him.

This website agrees with Michael Savage (Jewish, conservative radio host) that much of the Media and US Government hostility to Putin is because he has opposed the spread of homosexuality into Russia. Those who are naïve and fail to recognize that the Media Class rules the USA and that its core is heavily infested with perverts, will find it difficult to believe American policy and flirtation with war can be based on, or influenced by, the agenda of a numerically small group of people. Regular visitors to this website however will be aware that the homosexual agenda is at the forefront of the Obama Administration’s program, as he satisfies those who funded his rise to power. Same-sex marriage, the Trojan Horse for the State suppression of Bible-based Christianity, the elimination of free speech, and the official corruption of children, is a fast and seemingly unstoppable express train. The American Armed forces have been purged and weakened in the interests of this agenda priority. All major businesses have stampeded to ‘come out’. American Foreign policy and foreign aid have been made conditional on homosexual-friendly policies. Those constituencies that make up the Media Class alliance have been made to get in line behind homosexual advancement. In the light of all this we should not be surprised that Putin has been targeted for punishment. An economic war of increasing sanctions, arming Kiev’s forces, and sneering attacks by the US President on Putin, risk a major Western armed conflict.

Obama’s comparative forthrightness about the Ukraine and Putin are in stark contrast to his mealy-mouthed utterances and tepid actions as Islamic Imperialists massacre Christians (he so hates using the word ‘Christian’ that he refers only to ‘minorities’!) all across the Middle East. As he encourages Ukrainians to fight for the integrity of their border, he encourages the Third World to cross America’s borders and colonize.

The Ukraine’s internal divisions are both understandable and of little importance to the USA. If the country was to be partitioned by Russian military intervention further bloodshed would probably be avoided. The argument will be made by anti-Putinites that he will (like Hitler) move on to another acquisition if he gets his way in Eastern Ukraine. However, Poland and the Baltic States are not comparable to Ukraine. This website takes the view that America’s conservatives, Christians and Nationalists need to focus on resisting the revolution that is taking place at home and re-instating Constitutional government.

(Israel/Palestine and Iraq will be addressed in the next article).


Here in middle California August has experienced very normal temperatures so far. The drought continues. In the UK rain has fallen frequently as it always does in August and much of the year. Despite the summer melting of the North Pole ice-cap, sea levels at Starcross, low on the Exe Estuary, remain constant.

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Dinah Washington was a Class act despite the chaos of her private life. Her singing was definitely dignified and her voice absolutely distinctive with a hint of detachment and great clarity. Her 1959 duet with Brook Benton singing “Baby, You’ve Got What It Takes” contrasts her coolness with Benton’s warmer delivery. Besides the inventiveness of the lyric and the humor, the recording is outstanding for the timing of the two singers. Enjoy this grown-up music!


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