That Flag, the American Flag and a Revolutionary Agenda

It was predictable that the Charleston Church shooting would be used by the Ruling Media Class and its Far Left allies to open yet another front in the war to erase America’s true past and traditions.

This website is conservative and consequently our first reaction to any imposed change to old ways is ‘What’s really going on here?’ Other than our commitment to conservatism we have little skin in this game, for we are not Southerners.

In the Civil War the Old South lost the cream of its White men-folk, and its wealth. Parts of the South were devastated by warfare. The Old South had contributed much to the writing of the Constitution and America’s independence and a commitment to State’s Rights was a strongly held principle there long before slavery became an issue. State’s Rights remained an issue in and after the war was over. They are still an issue today.

With hindsight, what rational White person would advocate or defend the mass importation of Africans into a European-based Nation? African Americans who are ancestors of the slaves may now have cause to be grateful for rescue from Africa’s poverty and turmoil, though the current condition of urban Blacks suggests a mixed blessing at best.

White and Asian Americans are paying an increasingly heavy price for past slavery and it looks like getting heavier. America’s Ruling Class and its Leftist allies are using African Americans and their orchestrated grievances to foment racial street violence and to intensify White Guilt. It is not surprising in the current Obama-incited racial division that a mentally unstable, socially alienated White youth lashed out, inflamed by his personal version of racism. The Confederate Flag flying in Government buildings will have contributed nothing to Mr. Roof’s desire for a famous and violent suicide.

For many Southerners, the Confederate flag is a reminder of sacrifice, a brave history and Southern traditions of civility and culture. The descent of Federal America into government lawlessness, the official embrace of a decadent revolutionary morality, a policy of White genocide and the dismantlement of America’s social unity has elevated the Confederate flag into a symbol of resistance for those who are appalled by such things.

It is probable that for many Southerners, White and Black, the Confederate Flag flying over government buildings has been of little interest. Fewer and fewer of the new generations care about anything important and the South’s population is being diluted by migrants. Governor Haley’s response to Leftist hysteria should have been measured. There is no genuine crisis over the flag and an addition to the ballot in 2016 allowing citizens to vote for or against it would have been sufficient. It would not have satisfied Leftist manufactured hysteria but then, nothing will.

We counter-revolutionaries however need to see the Flag issue within the bigger revolutionary picture. On this website, long ago, we predicted that SSM had little to do with marriage and everything to do with advancing, step by step, an agenda of outrageous and totalitarian sexual depravity. The Left’s attack on the Confederate Flag has little to do with flags and everything to do with erasing and rewriting America’s past. Today the Confederate Flag, tomorrow the ‘offensive’ Union flag and both to be replaced by the Rainbow Flag with the UN logo in the corner. 


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