Stock Market Volatility

In my son’s public school there is so much time spent studying the basket making of the Native Americans, the crimes of the Spanish Conquistadors, the trickery of the European settlers, the heroism of Martin Luther King, Man-made global warming and plain old White Guilt, that there is no time to study real and relevant history. Indeed history as a subject, along with geography has been swallowed up in something called ‘Social Studies”. It should more accurately be called ‘Leftist Propaganda’, but as we live in the Orwellian times of a Media Class Revolution words mean whatever can best mislead children and their gullible parents.

At this moment in the new century it is a pity that few Americans who have emerged from the indoctrination process of public education have any idea of last century’s financial history. The Wall Street Stock Market collapse of 1929, the ensuing decade-long depression, the inflation-fueled boom in post-war Germany that inevitably led to the collapse of the currency and mass unemployment for Germans, these are subjects deemed less important than how the Ohlone Indians made bows and arrows. This is a pity since even a little knowledge of how German Government profligacy in the early 1920’s ultimately led to the overnight erasure of most people’s savings and the complete pauperization of those on fixed incomes, would better prepare ordinary Americans in 2015 for the unfolding year.

For those who realize that some knowledge of history is very important and that when it comes to economics and politics, no man is an island, it pays to know a little of what is happening abroad. Yesterday, some Swiss banks refused to issue Euros to clients, presumably fearing that the Euro’s value may dramatically fall. The euro zone is in a financial crisis that has been eclipsed in the news by terrorism in France.

Here in the US, the Stock Market has hugely risen in the last year, but on the flimsiest evidence of America’s economic health. Investors piling into stocks have made their calculations on the signals coming from the Fed that interest rates will remain near zero and money will continue to be recklessly printed for circulation. Obama has shamelessly expanded Government spending and financial commitments in order to reward the undeserving, his kith and kin, and his rich political allies. Foreign Governments have rashly financed US debt. The US MSM, representing a ruling Media Class wholly pre-occupied with imposing a social/moral revolution, has worked overtime to hide reality, boost confidence in a stagnant economy and thus shore up its Obama Government.

Although the technology of Silicon Valley has created real wealth surely it is not enough to compensate for the financial insanity of these Obama years? The newly emergent industries of electricity and car making were not enough in the 1920’s and 1930’s to avoid the consequences of Government improvidence. In Europe a belated crisis of confidence has surfaced with the possibility that puny little Greece may default on its debts and exit the Euro zone. In the USA these last two weeks have seen the Stock Market bounce up and down on flimsy evidence. Today, despite MSM attempts to paint a rosy picture, consumer spending has dropped and unemployment has risen and the high Stock Market looks like a tight rope walker whose rope has broken yet for a moment he remains suspended in mid-air.

An economic collapse now will certainly lead to widespread social disorder and a violent confrontation between Left and Right- Revolutionaries and counter-Revolutionaries. America and Europe, thanks to mass immigration, welfare dependency, family disintegration and the inevitable Balkanization, are tinderboxes. Be prepared by being armed!

Here is some evidence (culled from today’s real news as revealed on the Internet) of the Balkanization of America. Near Boston, Mass on the I-93, traffic is being blocked and travelers stranded by ‘Black Lives Matter’ protestors. In California protestors for the same cause intend to disrupt the Light Rail System and bring chaos to commuters heading to work. How is it that there are people with the time and resources to stop other people from working? Brian Sussman, Talk Show host of KSFO radio, alleged that these protestors are being financed by George Soros.

Meanwhile another Internet report reveals that Carolyn Temple, a 69 year old White woman has died after being shot on the street in Jackson, Miss. The MSM will bury this crime because the alleged killers are Black, the victim White and only Black lives matter. Two of the accused are Antwain Dukes (17) and Antreal Jones (18). A third Black suspect is being sought. It is said by law officers that the three were involved in a series of robberies and other violent crimes and that poor Miss Temple was shot during a robbery attempt.

We mention this crime, not because the details are unusual, but because the well-publicized protests in Massachusetts and California suggest that it is young Blacks that are victims of White violence. In Jackson, Miss, the mother of one of the alleged shooters, Shronda Burns, is quoted as saying “My son ain’t going to shoot no gun. Now, I’m not saying that he wouldn’t rob nobody, but I know he won’t shoot no gun”. Forget the double negatives and ponder the sense of morality that lies beneath her statement and then ponder the mentalities of those recruited by Soros to disrupt Americans from going to work.


Track down anything on the Internet by Pat Condell, who is the UK’s version of Mark Steyn. Pat Buchanan has written an excellent piece on the Paris March of Unity that Obama ignored.

Global Cooling Watch

The UK’s South West has just experienced heavy rain, snow and plummeting temperatures. Much of the USA is enduring intense cold weather. Scientists are claiming that the seas are rising at an alarming rate (4 feet in the next 80 years) as a result of Man Made Global Warming so we await a report from our contact down there in little Starcross on the Exe Estuary.

Music Choice

Chicago-born pianist Herbie Hancock came to prominence in the early 1960’s with his composition ‘Watermelon Man’. Hancock was part of a bigger movement in modern jazz expressing a return to the ‘roots’ of Gospel and Blues. In 1964, Hancock, a thoughtful pianist and an original composer, recorded his composition ‘Cantaloupe Island’ (our choice today) with a quartet consisting of Freddie Hubbard (tpt), Ron Carter (bass) and Tony Williams (drums). This slim and sparse melody has atmosphere and conjures up a Caribbean past of steamy islands, African slaves and mystery. Note the insistent bass line and the melody that repeats over the unusual chord change of 4 bars F minor to 4 bars of C sharp 7th, and then on to D minor before returning to F minor. At this point in his career Hancock was a very original and outstanding composer. Enjoy!

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