Republican Renegades

In these revolutionary times when the revolutionaries have the upper hand and are close to crushing all opposition, it is imperative that we counter-revolutionaries seek the broadest possible alliance. This is not the time for purity of doctrine, hair-splitting, isolationist tactics and demands for sole leadership. Rather we must attract as many to a broad coalition as possible. We need an informed hard core, a general army that reluctantly understands the need to resist and beyond that vague sympathizers and neutralized slouches. In short, we must make as few enemies as possible and emphasize issues that draw the widest support.

Since this revolution is being successfully imposed by manipulation and misrepresentation of the old democratic process and as yet naked force has yet to be employed, we are largely restricted to resistance through the ballot box and the Republican Party. The TEA Party, the gun rights organizations and small groups like Judicial Watch and National Organization for Marriage are the best we have at present and we should rally around them. Although most campaign as single-issue organizations there is no doubt that they are counter-revolutionary.

Whilst the widest possible alliance of the Right is a priority at this time, there are issues and principles that cannot be set aside for the sake of unity. We dare not march with renegades in our midst or at our rear. We should not tolerate ‘allies’ who act as though the Constitution can be compromised or set aside. We cannot march with those who are willing to contemplate a disarmed population. We cannot encompass those who collude in the criminality of free speech and free expression by discovering new ‘Rights’ that lead to legally protected classes. Finally, we must be forthright against those who advocate unprotected borders and citizenship privileges for illegal occupants.

We can disagree among ourselves about how to deal humanely with current illegal workers and medically uninsured sick people, welfare benefits, military and infrastructure spending, balanced budgets, free trade, tax rates, charter schools, private schools, Federal Land preservation and much else that often divides Christians, Nationalists and conservatives. These are issues that can be set aside for normal political times.

It is the opinion of this website that allies should be welcomed irrespective of racial origin and that it is time to recruit all who are fully committed to America, its Constitution, its traditional morality and its borders, language and customs. Whatever the academic arguments that can be made about blood and genetics and America’s European inheritance, the racial demographics of today impose a willingness on us to accept all who can be won for a free and sane conservative America.

The renegades are revealing themselves and we must unite in rejecting them from our ranks. This past week, 10 Republican Senators took part in a betrayal that went beyond acceptable internal differences. Here are their names!

Kelly Ayotte (NH); Thad Cochran (MS); Susan Collins (ME); Jeff Flake (AZ); Lindsey Graham (SC); Orrin Hatch (UT); Ron Johnson (WI).; Mark Kirk (IL); Mitch McConnell (KY); AND Rob Portman(OH).

These ten voted with the Democrats to confirm Obama’s nomination of Loretta Lynch to replace Eric Holder. This was the equivalent of desertion under fire for the DOJ under Obama has become more than a merely wasteful Government Department. It has become the most oppressive and un-Constitutional instrument of this Revolutionary Government. There is every reason to assume that Obama and Holder selected Lynch safe in the knowledge that she will continue to use the DOJ to subvert America’s separation of powers and intimidate and punish counter-revolutionary opponents. We can expect the same gang of renegades to betray the Nation by confirming Obama’s future judicial nominations. There will be other renegades for we must not under-estimate the power of our new Ruling Class to intimidate, reward and seduce. It is not only ruthlessly bent on revolution but has great wealth, control over news and the lure of celebrity. Our renegades must be outed and shamed.

Last week more outrage slipped past the attention of most Americans, though definitely not past the attention of this website. It was of the greatest significance in several respects.

Academic Law Judge Alan McCullough, employed by the Oregon Bureau of Labour and Industries ordered Aaron and Melissa Klein (owners of the bakery business ‘Sweet Cakes by Melissa’) to pay $135,000 to two lesbians. The Kleins’ ‘crime’ was to politely refuse to bake a specially decorated wedding cake to celebrate the same-sex ‘marriage’ of two women. The Klein’s family business was known as a Christian bakery.

I think we can safely assume that Rachel Cryer, one of the two lesbians planning the SSM wedding, was aware that Mr. and Mrs. Klein ran an overtly Christian business. There were several other bakeries from which to choose but Miss Cryer and her partner selected this one. Cryer could have purchased cakes from the shop’s shelves without incident but demanded that Melissa Klein should bake a wedding cake that celebrated this lesbian ceremony.

When Melissa Klein refused on the stated grounds of her Christian commitment to real marriage, Miss Cryer registered a complaint with the OBLI which then proceeded to process it. The OBLI is not a State body that adjudicates cases, but one that is publicly funded to pursue them on behalf of homosexuals and other newly-protected, specially designated classes of people.

Judge Mc Cullough concluded, after hearing from Miss Cryer and her intended partner that they had, as a result of this business rejection suffered high blood pressure, loss of confidence and a resumption of smoking, that $75,000 and $60,000 (combined $135,000) was appropriate compensation.

This website holds that it is outrageous that a business owner, whether Christian, agnostic or atheist, cannot refuse to collude with a SSM. The lesbians could have bought elsewhere or baked their own. It is no different than if a business refuses to collude with a ‘marriage’ between a woman and her dog. This website believes that if a woman wants to ‘marry’ her dog she should be allowed to do so. We also all have the right to laugh, cry, applaud or shrug at the peculiarities of human behavior.

Several aspects of this case should both alarm and outrage normal Americans. The first is the discovery that Oregon has a publicly funded Bureau whose task includes taking up such a complaint. Secondly, it employs judges. Thirdly, this judge must have been chosen because of his stated support for the grotesque nonsense of SSM. Perhaps he has a personal interest in the promotion of SSM. Fourthly the financial award to the lesbians is clearly intended to be punitive and a deterring warning to all Christians and rational Americans that SSM is not to be judged morally wrong, undesirable or abnormal. The lesbians’ claims of emotional harm were clearly manufactured and the judge colluded. We can conclude from McCullough’s judgment that the next highly punishable crime will be indicating in any public way a disapproval of SSM.

If all this was not enough to outrage and alert normal people, there was worse to come. Klein sympathizers set up a GoFundMe site to raise money to save their bakery from bankruptcy. It quickly generated over $109,000 until homosexual complainers (now the most powerful group in the USA) objected, whereupon GoFundMe closed it down.

In a previous article we drew attention to the swift and staggering fall of Christianity and Christians in the USA, from a place of respect and influence at the center of American life to one of victims hounded by official persecution. This fall has been mirrored by the staggering accumulation of power by sexually perverted forces. We maintain that such a reversal of fortunes can only be explained by the triumph of a new and revolutionary Ruling Class.

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