Obama Crypto Muslim?

In the period of Obama’s first Presidency some bloggers on Rightwing websites began accusing Obama of being a secret Muslim. The accusations were mostly based on his deliberate obfuscation of his early years and time he spent in Indonesia receiving a Muslim education.

At the time, on this website we were concerned that the new President of America was both a psychopathic liar and intellectually incapable of holding high office. In our opinion he was an opportunist who had used his Leftist connections in Chicago and self-identification as an African American to take advantage of racial preferences and the demand for Far Left candidates in the Media Class newly-purged Democrat Party.

We still consider him to be a psychopathic liar (i.e. a person who compulsively lies not only for gain but as an exercise in supposed intellectual superiority). There are degrees of psychopathic behavior stretching from the petty liar and conscienceless cheat to the dangerously criminal psychopath to the grand psychopath who considers himself so intellectually superior that he resents any obstacle to his speedy, unimpeded (undeserved) rise to the top.


We consider Obama to be a grand psychopath. His period as President has confirmed our diagnosis. From the beginning, this man of limited education and experience has seen himself entitled to the highest office. He has seen no reason to acquire knowledge through diligent application and feels entitled to take every short cut. He is unable to tolerate advice, let alone criticism. Anyone not immediately bending to his will is an enemy to be humiliated and crushed. In high office he is breathtakingly arrogant and intellectually lazy. He is lethargic concerning the proper duties of office but energized by any activity that is brazenly outside of the rules. His love of power, both legitimate and illegitimate, is insatiable and he is most invigorated by shameless lying to the Nation. ‘Getting away’ with the boldest lies and shredding the Constitution reassures him that he has no constraints and that all around him are dazzled by his brilliance.


Grand psychopaths do not exist in a cultural vacuum. As consummate opportunists they take advantage of the vulnerabilities of their time. Obama has taken great advantage of White guilt, racial preferences, the Rise of the Media Class and its need for an electable and compliant (on moral matters) President. Most of all he has seized on the personal opportunities offered by Revolutionary times.

It has long been clear that Obama is extremely race conscious and resentfully anti-White even though he does not care for the company of Black people if they are poor. What has become more obvious during his Presidency is that he nurtures a hostility to Christians. In this he has benefited from the approval of his political masters in the Media Class.


In our view psychopaths are never much constrained by religious beliefs for they recognize no greater power than themselves. Though Obama received a Muslim education we doubt he has any spiritual commitment to Islam but as an opportunist with still-unsatisfied limitless ambition he has seen the rise of Islam as a vehicle for his resentments and his ambition.

In the late 1930’s, 1940’s and 1950’s, Communism appeared to be a force that would conquer the world, including the West. It was an ideology that rejected limits on man’s behavior, gloried in great lies and was incomparably ruthless. Many Western ‘intellectuals’ were attracted to its powerfulness. So were psychopaths, who as we have already noted, do not search for personal power in a cultural vacuum. In the Western World there were those who hoped for the triumph of Communism, even when aware of its brutality, its failures and its dishonesty. Some were ideological and openly supported Communism and the Soviet Union, willingly suffering the penalties of persecution.

Others concealed their treachery in varying degrees. These included academics and Leftist politicians who never openly proclaimed their Communism but took every opportunity to slyly advance it incrementally with Socialism. Some traitors came to the West from Eastern Europe, ostensibly as refugees, and brought their loyalty to the Soviet Union with them. Some, with perverted sexual appetites, were attracted by resentment to betrayal of the West. A small minority, usually with privileged backgrounds, high-level government employment and enjoying the fruits of capitalism became agents for the Soviet Union. America’s Alger Hiss, and Britain’s Kim Philby, grand psychopaths, are prime examples.

One of the true intellectuals of this era of Western loss of confidence was the writer George Orwell who, through his early idealistic and active involvement in Leftist politics came to realize that Leftism led to totalitarianism. Orwell in his last year of life defined the Fifth column of Communist sympathizers as ‘Crypto Communists’ and he identified them. For this he was, like Joe McCarthy and Whitaker Chamnbers, hated in Leftist intellectual circles. The term ‘crypto, has fallen into disuse but needs revival.

Wikipedia writes “The term is used to imply that an individual or group keeps this support or admiration hidden to avoid political persecution or political suicide”. There are probably better definitions, but this one will do. “Fellow Traveler” is another definition that needs to be resurrected today.

We believe that Obama is a crypto Muslim and this explains his refusal to acknowledge Muslim terrorism, his importation of huge numbers of Muslims into the USA, his unwillingness to effectively resist ISIS and his endless concessions to Muslim governments hostile to the USA. Muslim persecution of Christians and the murder of Whites arouses no sympathy in him.

As a consummate opportunist he realizes that the rise of Islam and its determination to conquer a pusillanimous West, offers opportunities on the World stage for a politician who backs the winning side. As a psychopath, the cold-bloodedness and rejection of moral boundaries of Islam, arouses his admiration. From now on we will refer to him as a crypto Muslim.


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