Immigrants- Some Honest Comments

The Democrat Party appears to have no internal divisions over the issues of legal immigration, illegal invasion and refugee acceptance. These are just three of several naturally controversial issues on which the Party is completely unified. This tells us that the Party is no longer a traditional political Party but a Party that has been purged, has an agenda that is unwritten but binding on all, and controlled by an outside force.

Same-sex marriage, abortion and gun rights are other topics which expose no differences within the Democrat Party. Stalin’s Communist Party was equally united after 1936 and such unity has been a feature of Communist Parties ever since. Interestingly, Hitler’s National Socialist Party tolerated some internal divisions. No-one, not even on the Right, ever comments on the strangeness and significance of this Democrat unanimity that reaches right down to the rank-and-file.

In a Nation that has only two borders and has long controlled entry and restricted citizenship, it ought to surprise us that America’s Democrats have had no divisions over the Party’s radical new immigration policy. Despite the continuing influx of Muslims since 9/11, and despite numerous terrorist attacks on American soil, no-one in the Party has emerged to challenge or protest the Obama pro-Muslim immigration policies.

Since 2008, the American working Class has been hit by mass unemployment and job stagnation yet no working Democrats in the Unions or in the Party have demanded immigration control. Blacks in particular have been displaced from many types of work by Mexicans and Central Americans, yet their leaders march in lockstep with the Obama regime’s open borders and the importation of thousands of Latino children and young people.

Some might comment that the Whites and Blacks who are being displaced from the manual and semi-skilled jobs that Latinos are filling, are only too happy to be idle and on welfare. Still, I find the lack of dissension in the Democrat Party frightening for it signals a membership that is brainwashed.

In contrast, the Republican Party is being torn apart by the issues of legal and illegal immigration. It ought to be roiled by the admission of refugees as well but this one seems to be too sensitive for any expression of concern among potential leaders. Nevertheless, the Republican Party’s open divisions over immigration indicate that the Party is not post-Revolutionary.

On this website we believe that it is time to completely halt all entry into the USA other than holiday and business visitors, in other words those who will truly be temporary. Only those already engaged in the legal process have a rightful claim to consideration for permanent admission.

There are many reasons why America should stop immigration. The argument that the Nation was built on immigration has been irrelevant for at least half a century. Time and circumstances move on. America is now more than full! All farmland has long been occupied.

The overcrowding and un-governability of so many cities gets worse each day. Los Angeles is a prime example of a city that is not fit for good people and it is predictable that crime, poverty and alienation flourish there. These big failing cities and conurbations and their social and material problems are a distortion of the whole Nation. The America of the Founding Fathers and the Constitution cannot survive with people living in such circumstances. Worse still, many of the immigrants, both legal and illegal, bring their own problems, are quite unsuited to a First World society and are further doomed when the only places they can settle are the problem cities.

Medical services that have been developed and funded by the native population face major challenges without any added burden. The Libertarian argument that with-holding welfare and health care is an answer is foolish. What heavily populated country can allow sick untreated people to expire on their streets, subways and shopping malls.

This article will be continued when the writer recovers from a major operation.


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