Hatred of Christians

On this website we avoid topics that have been adequately covered on popular conservative websites. Other than relating contemporary issues to the rule of the Revolutionary Media Class, we only write about a ‘hot’ issue if we believe something important has been missed by the well-known commentators.

The growing attacks on Christians and Christianity in the USA have already been noted and recorded on conservative and Christian websites. The two main instigators of these attacks are the ever-more-powerful homosexual activists from within the Ruling Media Class, and the secular Jewish- dominated legal Front organizations led by the ACLU and the fraudulently-named Southern Poverty Law Center. The attacks are causing alarm among conservatives worried about free speech. The Ruling Class’ ultimate goal, which is the criminalization of Biblical Christianity, is only dimly recognized. And no-one has drawn attention to the staggering and unjustified collapse of Christianity’s good reputation in the USA.

Christians can rightfully claim that their religion was present and instrumental when the first seeds of civilization were planted on America’s shores. The Christian Faith nourished the seeds and watered the roots. Christianity inspired the Constitution’s authors and underpinned the key ‘rights’ of the document that uniquely shaped the USA and unleashed its people’s energies. All of this dates back no more than a mere 400 years, a short time in a historical context.

As recently as the 1960’s the position of the Christian religion, for so long central in the lives of individual Americans and pervasive in America’s institutional life, seemed unassailable, even though its decline had set in in the UK and Western Europe. We maintain that even in the 1980’s not even a rabid Marxist would have forecast that by 2015 Christians would be worshiping in secret to avoid loss of employment, would be sentenced by Courts to re-education camps and that all Christian symbols would be judicially stripped from the public square.

Here in 2015 the vast majority of Americans, whilst telling pollsters in private that they are Christian, dare not reveal their Faith to their employer. Many Americans attend a Christian Church on Sundays but few dare to wear a Christian symbol at their place of work for fear of being denounced by a colleague for bigotry.

Since everything in the USA is changing by the day, the current intimidating atmosphere experienced by Christians is not a static one. The direction of the future is starkly clear to those who are paying attention. That direction is comprehensive suppression unless something very radical blocks the Freeway on which America is officially travelling.

Many American Christians live in small socially conservative communities, are retired elderly or self-employed. As such they have been able to carry on in happy ignorance, but as we have written previously on this website, a Nation’s fate in revolutionary times is almost always decided in big cities – and these are revolutionary times.

Obama, at the behest of his Media Class masters, has purged the military of Christian pastors and Christian leadership. The DOJ, the IRS and other key central government departments are militantly anti-Christian from top to bottom. Crucially, the Federal Courts and many State Courts have been purged and are now packed with Judges who are panting to punish and make examples of Christians who are dragged before them. The Supreme Court, once seen as a barrier to Federal Government over-reach, is now in the hands of those who owe their positions to a Revolutionary President.

America’s colleges have long been under the control of revolutionary anti-Christians but now the whole of public education is eliminating Christianity from the curriculum. Christmas, Easter – and soon Thanksgiving- have already been replaced by MLK Day, Earth Day, Harvey Milk Day and ‘Happy Holidays’.

Those who know their history, and especially the history of modern Leftist revolutions, will know that when ruthless revolutionaries, representing a new Class, have control of Government, a sea change in society is swiftly accomplished. Lenin, Stalin, Hitler and others were able to transform the military and police into revolutionary forces almost overnight. Once a powerful government encouraged and rewarded anti-Christian sentiment, a population assumed to be Christian spawned eager Christian persecutors.

In America today, a Revolutionary White House and its Government machinery, protected and orchestrated by the MSM, has unleashed a virulent anti-Christian sentiment in the general population. Anyone who takes a peek at the Leftist websites will be shocked by the widespread primitive hatred of all things Christian and especially anything that reveals Christian morality.

On this website we several years ago warned that America was experiencing a revolution and not merely a change of government or an evolutionary development of morality. We explained that same-sex marriage and abortion had become the litmus test issues that first purged the Democrat Party of Christians and conservatives, would be used to persecute all Christians and conservatives, and ultimately to criminalize opposition to the Revolution. We tirelessly pointed out that marriage as an issue- whether for homosexuals or others- could have little significance of its own in a society where few who were eligible bothered to marry. SSM was a Trojan Horse issue leading to the official imposition of homosexual and other libertine practices on all.

Finally, we must point out that the hatred and persecution of Christians has little to do with their religion. Islam, despite murderous attacks on Americans, is not unpopular. Indeed, the President goes out of his way to make Muslims welcome in the White House. Muslims are now a protected class like homosexuals and illegal immigrants.

American Christians have been responsible for vast amounts of non-judgmental charitable work, welcoming all races, preaching brotherly love and non-violence, and advocating turning the other cheek. They have gone out of their way to reassure perverts that they ‘hate the sin but love the sinner’. Despite modern Christianity’s harmlessness and unwillingness to adopt militant tactics, it cannot appease the growing chorus of demands for its elimination. Here we see again, that in revolutionary times, rationality is insufficient as a means of resistance. America’s Christians shuffle like lambs to the slaughter.

In a previous article we pointed out that the White Guilt/Black Victim narrative will continue, at least until 2016. The MSM will, as required, discover or create Black victims. The latest ‘victim’ is Freddie Gray, aged 25 of Baltimore. Arrested on April 12th, allegedly on a firearms charge, he resisted arrest. A week after his arrest he died in custody seemingly from a severed spine.

Baltimore, a Northern city, has a Black administration and a Black Mayor. It is said that 6 policemen were involved in the arrest of Mr. Gray and all have been suspended pending local official enquiries. Baltimore police department, pending the enquiries, has not been allowed to comment and so no-one knows why Mr. Gray was arrested. In past times this incident would have garnered little Media attention until the enquiry revealed facts.

However now that a MSM agenda has to be fed, the forces of Black protest are marching and Holder’s DOJ is about to investigate ‘civil rights’ issues. As the Black and Trotskyite marchers, unimpeded by gainful employment, disrupted traffic, Black Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake said she understood the protestors frustrations. We ask ‘what are the frustrations?’

A website visitor, sick of the constant accusations of Southern racism peddled by the Left and the MSM, pointed out that if racism is indeed present in all these incidents, why is it that so many incidents emerge in Northern States.

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