Does ‘The Donald’ Have the Trump Card?

On this website we would not tar all illegal Mexicans and Central Americans with the same brush. Many, perhaps a majority, are good, honest, hard-working people simply seeking work. Like all poor people availing themselves of the unearned welfare rewards that Liberals have placed on offer, they take them. Nevertheless, there is good hard evidence everywhere that a significant number of illegal Latinos (and that adds up to an awful lot of people!) are dangerous criminals and not just petty criminals typical of people who live on the breadline.

All across America’s Border States the crime records that are concealed by the MSM and the Obama in-Justice Department, reveal Latinos have brought the murderous gang violence and drug dealing of the Third World. Those law-abiding Americans who live on these borders know Trump was speaking the ‘truth that cannot be told’, even if his words could have been chosen more carefully. So far, Donald has not retracted one word, despite a Media/leftist manufactured storm of outrage. Good for him! Trump’s refusal to grovel to the MSM is almost shocking to Counter-Revolutionaries, so used are we to Republican groveling whenever the MSM pack attacks.

Trump is reputed to be a billionaire with many companies and much prime property in New York. Some on the Right assume that his wealth has inoculated him from MSM/Leftist intimidation. Maybe and maybe not! The next few weeks will reveal whether in the totalitarian State that is now America, anyone is safe from financial ruin for speaking truth. This last week Serta (a large mattress company) cut its business ties to Trump, following in the footsteps of Macy’s, NBC and Wal-Mart. It remains to be seen how many more big companies, willingly or under a sinister pressure, add to the momentum that is built to force surrender. For the record we hope that Trump is too rich and economically powerful to be hurt and chastened into submission. If so there is still hope for America and if not we are doomed.

On this website we have long predicted that the Revolutionaries who now govern us were totalitarian in intent. The totalitarianism we envisaged was an America where free speech would be suppressed and those exercising it would be ruthlessly punished. We never assumed that totalitarianism would only triumph when the Government had nationalized all Business. As we are experiencing here in 2015, Big Business and its leaders are more than happy to march with the amoral and Leftist Revolution in exchange for protection, acceptance and rewards.

The writing was on the wall back in 2010 when Brendan Eich, the founder and CEO of a Silicon Valley company, was forced to resign. The ‘offence’ that cost him his job was discovered by someone who was employed in a semi-secret organization funded by super-rich perverts to dig into the backgrounds of Conservative suspects. Eich, two years earlier, had donated $1,000 to the Californian campaign to defend real marriage. It mattered not that Proposition 8 received the majority support of Californian voters.

It was then that we experienced the new Revolutionary reality. Sinister forces of wealthy perverts were in a position to ignore the people’s vote and manipulate the legal process. Same-sex marriage was imposed on California through the Court. Our new Ruling Class, determined to remake society in its own image, cherry-picked a San Francisco Judge with a concealed homosexual history. The people’s vote was set aside by this pervert and the MSM greeted this lawlessness as a victory for progress. All across America sinister forces set aside the democratic process and imposed SSM on States.

Mr. Eich’s swift punishment predictably passed without examination by the MSM and sadly without examination by conservatives. Eich was surely in a powerful position in his company? He must have had many loyal employees and friends and there was no business reason why such a successful man would be sacrificed for a private action that reflected popular sentiment. How was his demise engineered and by what sinister forces?

We have no specific answers. However since then public company after public company has raced to endorse the homosexual agenda- not merely SSM, but donations to and participation in, the disgustingly offensive ‘Pride Marches’. None have worried for one moment about alienating customers and internally these companies have silenced and purged Christians from employment and declared homosexuals to be their most valued employees and customers.

This brings us back to Donald Trump. The same sinister forces of our Ruling Class are attempting to punish Trump through his business empire. We can assume from this that he is greatly feared by them. The issue here that ‘The Donald’ has spoken honestly about is not SSM. It is illegal immigration and its dangerous consequences. He has infuriated the Ruling Class by placing it at the center of the political debate and we can assume that it is an issue the Ruling Class wishes to bury.

If Trump is not silenced by business intimidation and takes ‘immigration’ into the Republican Primaries he will confront Bush, who is pro-immigration and the MSM’s choice of RINO. Bush had deeper pockets, richer sponsors and more name recognition than any other rival until Trump entered the race. Trump cannot match Bush’s national network of professionals and insiders but his immigration outspokenness might ignite grass roots support. Many rank-and-file Republican conservatives will admire a candidate who will not be silenced by sinister forces, who means what he says about immigration and who can financially match the despised RINO Bush.

The Republican primaries may quickly pare down to Trump versus Bush. ‘The Donald’ may have inadvertently strayed into the immigration issue but by staying with it he may have a trump card. We prefer Ted Cruz and several others, but without money they have little chance against the Bush machine. Immigration/borders, along with free speech on morality and gun rights are core issues for conservatives and it is possible that persecution may radicalize Trump on all of them.


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