Christians, Christmas, Kids And Dogs

First thing this morning I heard Rush Limbaugh’s guest report on the complete absence of Christmas in New York’s Manhattan. It had, he said, been disappearing for several years, but now its absence is total. Families with children are still coming, but what is on show to entertain the kids, is anything and everything except that which has even the remotest connection to the birth of Christ and Christianity.

Gnomes, spacemen, cuddly bears, Disney characters and winter scenes are everywhere, but absolutely no stars, wise men, shepherds, angels, Mary and Joseph, lambs, cribs or Babes. The guest speculated that somewhere a hidden group of powerful atheists have long been engineering the demise of Christmas and have finally succeeded. The big stores that once included Nativity scenes and Christian themes in their window displays, have now expunged the origin of, and the rationale for, this festive season.

Along with this purge of Christmas displays, quite logically, the greetings that people exchange at this time of year have also been purged. ‘Happy Holidays’ has supplanted ‘Merry Christmas’ as though the latter had never passed the lips of men.

If Rush’s guest had been a modern parent he would know that in every public school and almost all private ones, the same purge of everything celebrating Christmas has been exorcized for at least a decade. School prayers, hymns, the word ‘God’, the Bible and Easter have been expunged with them.

No sane person, taking a step backward to consider this phenomenon of the secular ‘purification’ of the language, could explain it as a voluntary and deliberate decision by the people, for huge numbers of people continue to celebrate Christmas in a Church, put up Christmas decorations in their homes and exchange cards with Nativity scenes and other Christian-related symbols. But they now only do so in private. And no doubt the increasing number of militant atheists, churned out by schools and colleges, have long ‘purified’ their homes and their language, and embarked on the public ‘purification’ process with conscious determination.

The public schools, big stores and big employers have led the way in the ‘purification’ process, just as they have led the way in promoting same-sex marriage (SSM), gender-neutral recognition and multi-culturalism. All of these changes have been top-down and not bottom-up (no pun intended!), for no-one could claim that there has been a spontaneous public clamor for the abandonment of traditional practices and beliefs.

On this website, we argue that the ‘purification’ can not be explained as the work of a secret cabal, though secret cabals do exist to promote the destruction of Christianity, real marriage, the elimination of Christmas and Easter, and the overwhelming of Christianity by multi-culturalism. Billionaire George Soros, a secular Jew and campaigner for ‘open borders’ and an ‘open society’, almost certainly meets in secret with others of his kind, and uses his great wealth away from daylight and to great effect.

Soros and his kind however enjoy secrecy and success only because the Media Class and its powerful tool, the Mainstream Media (MSM), shares his moral, political and financial agenda and confers the benefit of approval – concealment.

It is the Media Class that has most created the climate of secularism, for Christianity is the great enemy it shares with its ally, the Far Left. For at least a decade, the partners have been driving Christianity from the public square, aided by the Obama-purged Federal Courts and State Courts in Far Left Democrat strongholds. Wherever a public Christian symbol has survived the machinations of politicians, it has taken only one recruited complainant, often funded by the Far Left ACLU, a Jewish organization, or a Human Rights Organization, and a Court has swiftly declared it to be contrary to the Constitution or some obscure local law.

We believe that there are few genuine complainants about any Christian symbols, for usually the symbols have been there for ever and become part of the public furniture, which is to say hardly noticed and without offence. Sadly, MSM under-reporting and a people distracted by trivia, has resulted in victory after victory for the activist minority whose real agenda is the criminalization of Christianity.

Christmas, the most popular Christian event in the Western calendar, is the penultimate obstacle to the elimination of Christianity. This seventh year of Obama has witnessed its elimination from the calendar, its elimination from the public square and its elimination from the public language. Even Christians have been convinced that its mention in public causes offence, though they know no-one who is likely to be offended. In any case, Christians of today, timid, other-worldly, apologetic, anxious to be considered inclusive, tolerant in the extreme and searching for moral superiority by turning the other cheek, have no fight. Occasional, un-reported, peace-ridden marches that emphasize hating the sin but Oh how they love the sinner, are the limits of their expression and resistance.

The death-knell of Christianity and the Western civilization it has inspired can be seen in the family. Few Christians now have large families. In this they are no different from their self-centered, materialist, atheistic neighbors. Christian women, like all Western women, rarely have more than two children. Mostly, one child is considered more than enough of a sacrifice, and many have none. Christian men, like all Western men, are unassertive in marriage, permanently immature and share the appetite for expensive toys and an outlet for manliness in watching pro-Sport.

The emotional growth, the energies, and the investment in the Nation’s future that a large family of children confers, has been replaced by superficiality, materialism and the decline of patriotism. The emotional vacuum has been filled by dogs and the pretence that they are equal to children. In actual fact, the dog has minimal intelligence and unlike a child does not develop intellectually and emotionally. It cannot ever judge its owner and its slavish affection does not have to be earned. Those who claim their dogs are in any way like humans are denying reality, just like those males who think they are women. A Nation that replaces its children with dogs or endless material toys, is doomed.

Earlier in this article I wrote that eliminating Christmas was a penultimate step. The ultimate and imminent step is the elimination of Christianity by the process of criminalization. It is a characteristic of our decadent and perverted Ruling Class that it cannot wait, but lives for the present and immediate satisfaction of the appetites. If it was patient, it would wait for Christians and Nationalists to fade away by the process of childlessness.

In case it is thought that I am exaggerating, I offer this evidence. A friend works for a large Silicon Valley tech company. Just before Christmas, the Company held a ‘meet Santa’ afternoon for the staff to bring their children. After this a ‘meet Santa’ event was held for the Company’s dog owners. The latter was as well attended as the former. Islamic Imperialists should be patient for they will soon outnumber Christians and other Americans.


This article will ensure that Mark Levin, Michael Savage, Hannity and a host of others will cross us off the visiting list, but we tell it like it is.


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