Trump’s Would-be Assassin

As we have pointed out many times on this website, Donald Trump has placed his life at great risk by campaigning on a Nationalist and Broad-Right platform. We are in the midst of an uncompleted Revolution, and a Revolutionary Government is poised to complete it by winning the Presidency in November. If the Revolutionaries win, all opposition will speedily be criminalized. So much is at stake for all concerned!

Trump is leading the Counter-revolution’s resistance, and make no mistake, if he wins, the Far Left’s final advance to complete victory will be halted and turned back. If he begins to lead in the polls between now and November, the lunatic Far Left, sinister hidden Internationalist forces, and our lawless Government, will be determined to stop him by any means. This is not an America of ‘politics as usual’.

At the present time, with Clinton leading in the polls and the Mainstream Media demonstrating great skill in managing the election narrative no matter how many potential damaging crises erupt, Trump’s great danger lies in self-motivated ‘lone wolves’ rather than Government-recruited Mexican gangsters or ISIS fanatics permitted to slip through FBI defenses.

Michael Sandford, the 20 year old Briton, who intended to shoot Trump at a Las Vegas rally, is almost certainly a ‘lone wolf’. Given that he failed in his assassination attempt, he will not receive the Mainstream Media publicity and Far Left celebrity for which he was preparing. On the contrary, his name and mission will receive the briefest mention and then summary burial, except in the patriotic and truthful corners of the alternative Media. The MSM will have absolutely no interest in searching through his background, establishing his connections or publicizing his motive. Since he did not have his own gun, his murderous attempt cannot even be exploited by the anti-gun ownership campaign.

Sandford is most likely a drop-out from a dysfunctional family with Leftist views. It appears he came to the USA legally as a student and then remained illegally for the last 18 months. No doubt greatly influenced by the student community’s political world of multi-culturalism and the current Muslim example of fame through death, he hoped to become a Far Left martyr by shooting Trump and then being shot by Trump’s security force.

It is reported in the alternative Media that if an opportunity had not arisen in Las Vegas, he was planning to follow Trump’s campaign in search of another chance. This suggests that he was very determined, was not without means, had companions but was not well-prepared. As a failure he will now face many years in prison if Trump wins the Presidency. His best hope is for a Clinton win, a quiet pardon down the road and perhaps a Hollywood contract a few years on.

Should there be a similar attempt on Clinton’s life, the MSM will tear its collective self away from tear-jerking around Florida’s Pulse and spring into action, for her victory is even more important at this point in time than the elevation of decadent homosexuality into the heart of our culture. That agenda item can be ramped up after November.

It is a tribute to the power of the MSM that the massacre in Orlando, which should have been a disaster for the Clinton campaign and Obama, has been used to simultaneously attack Trump, Christians, socially-conservative Republicans and gun ownership. In reality, the Pulse tragedy -for the existence of such a club catering for sodomites is a tragedy for its clientele and their parents – was a terrible reminder that Islamic Imperialism’s terrorist soldiers are being raised and nurtured here in the USA. A genuine News Media (not the propaganda machine that oppresses us) would have stretched Obama out on the rack for his Crypto-Muslim policies and his collusion with terrorism.

Today, the brave Talk Show host Michael Savage read out a list of individual Americans and organizations that are on a watch list put out by CAIR (Council for American Islamic Relations), an organization acting for Islamic Imperialism. The list is intended to achieve for Islamic Imperialists the same functions as the list put out by the Communist Front Southern Poverty Law Center, which is to intimidate, bring punishment on, and silence opponents who dare to exercise free speech. As we have not gained inclusion on the CAIR list we are clearly not reaching enough website visitors. Hopefully, we have made it to the SPLC list.

To be clear, we are not anti-Muslim. Sharia Law is fine for those who live in historically Muslim States. It provides social stability and a clear set of rules. We would prefer to bring up our children in such a harsh society rather than in San Francisco’s cess-pit or Beverley Hills, but preferably in neither. A much better option is an American traditional Christian society governed by the Founder’s Constitution. Islam is agressively incompatible with such a society and has no place in America and the Western World. Muslims should stay home!

Finally, we would once again bring to your attention the lack of action regarding the Philadelphia Amtrak tragedy. It occurred just over a year ago, resulted in the deaths of 8 people and injury to hundreds, and was caused by the engineer ignoring the rules and taking the train into a bend at 106 mph. The engineer appears to be walking scot-free from this, yet any car driver who caused a single death by reckless speed would surely face criminal charges. For more information read our articles on this tragedy.

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