MSM’s False Sex Charges Against Trump Are It?

Today, like yesterday, the day before and tomorrow the Mainstream Media will continue to pound the false charges of Trump’s sexual misconduct. Xfinity today under the heading ‘Top News’ has “Trump Fights Off New Accusations Of Sexual Misconduct”. Under, in small print, “New Emails About Clinton Leaked”. Here is as good an example as any, of the MSM’s ‘two for the price of one’ moves. Smear Trump in headlines and hide Clinton’s woes in small print at the same time.

On this website we have no hesitation in calling the charges ‘false’. We have looked at all the charges sought, repeated and orchestrated by the MSM, and not one is validated by evidence. In all cases the women scrambling to the waiting Media have never previously laid a criminal charge or made a public complaint, and all have waited a long, long time to go public. Indeed if the rationale for their reticence is embarrassment and fear of publicity, they have chosen a time guaranteed to draw maximum publicity.

Some of the accusers can be swiftly discredited by facts and in one case a witness. One is on record as having invited Trump recently to a restaurant. If Trump was not preoccupied with the looming election, we have no doubt that he could reveal every accuser to be either a political operative, a neurotic sensationalist or a publicity seeker. Some – and no doubt more are going to emerge to assist the MSM to overwhelm his campaign – may prove to be recruited and paid by the MSM and the Clinton machine .

The MSM is making no effort to check out the stories of these women, confident that publicizing endless accusations is sufficient to achieve the result they want. Any woman can come forward and allege anything and the MSM will add her to the headline list.

It may be that the MSM is on to a winner, made most plausible for timid Christians and the ‘other-worldly’, by Trump’s past Business involvement with beauty Queen contests, gambling casinos and three marriages to pin-ups.

He certainly cannot effectively and speedily refute these accusations (they may become a torrent) because the less specific they are, so they are harder to investigate. Also he doesn’t have the time if he wants to continue campaigning. To add salt to the wound, the Republican elite is busy treating these allegations as probable facts, even though they are plainly part of a scurrilous MSM campaign. Peggy Noonan, after writing about Hillary Clinton’s criminality in today’s WSJ, adds “On the latest groping (Trump) charges: we cannot know for certain what is true, but my experience in such matters is that when a woman makes such a charge she is telling the truth. In a lifetime of fairly wide acquaintance, I’ve not known a woman to lie about sexual misbehavior or assault”. Really? How can she know unless as a witness. This reads almost as though she has been groped by Trump or is angry that she missed out!

Without any checking, despite the political timing of the accusations, fully aware that the MSM has declared it will stoop to anything to destroy Trump, aware that in this modern world many people will do anything for a moment of fame, and that some people see celebrities as an opportunity, Noonan writes “I believe the women making the charges”.

The only people on the Right who seek to give these accusers legitimacy, are those whose dishonest political agenda requires unprincipled collusion with America’s internal enemies.

In conclusion, and almost missed for its importance, the MSM repetition of these false charges implies it has nothing worse to throw at Trump. No rapes, no exposing of genitals, no convictions, no frauds, no illegitimate children and no lies. These latest smears are it!

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