Anti-Trump Protests: Something Smells

Fox News reported a massive rally against Trump and showed a picture of an all-White crowd holding identical home-made signs. All across America, we are told by the Mainstream Media, spontaneous crowds, often mostly White people, are arriving at Republican meetings and expressing outrage at Trump’s three weeks Presidency.

In contrast to all this, a February 9th Reuters/Ipsos poll revealed that 53% of Americans support Trump’s Muslim travel ban, 41.2% disapprove and 5.8% are not sure. Given that Reuters is almost as Far Left as AP, and the whole MSM has been attacking Trump on every ‘News’ page, in every radio ‘News’ bulletin, and in every TV program, it seems unlikely that there is any fresh outbreak of public feeling since the election.

The latest ‘news’ report of giant protests comes from North Carolina, where a huge crowd is said to have rallied in support of the LGBTQIA cause. I see even less public concern for the perverts’ agenda than for the Muslim agenda, so something smells.

Of all the ‘issues’ that might stir ordinary people to leave their warm homes, TV sets, shopping malls, ski slopes, manicurists and leg-waxings, the denial of ladies bathrooms to men dressed as women, seems the most unlikely. I can only assume that a massively-funded campaign is dragging out every last pervert and Far Left fanatic and co-ordinating with comrades in the MSM to create an illusion.

If it is a conspiracy of the wealthy and the weird, we have to be impressed with the organization of it, for such energy never was manifested for the Hillary Clinton election campaign.

In our previous article we noted that America’s third Civil War is fast approaching. Only a pre-emptive strike by President Trump, using the full machinery of the Federal Government and the Red States, can head off bloodshed. Failing such a pre-emptive strike, a Soros-funded protest somewhere will set in motion a Far Left uprising. The assassination of President Trump (and who would be surprised by that?) is the only event that would ignite violence by the Broad Right.

Our website visitors might be encouraged to know that in Hungary, Prime Minister Victor Orban is inviting Christian refugees from Far Left countries to seek asylum. And in the UK, support for Brexit is growing significantly. We hope the French National Front continues gaining ground as revealed by polls. Meanwhile, here in the USA we implore all members of the Broad Right to aggressively advertise support for our brave President.

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