Good News From France

Exit Polls from today’s Regional elections in France suggest that the National Front has received almost 31% of the vote. This compares with 27% for the soft-Leftist Sarkozy and near 23% for Hollande’s Far Left Socialists. It shows the National Front is now the most popular Party in France despite an unrelenting campaign of vilification by the Mainstream Media.

This is good news for Americans, as is the rise of Nationalism anywhere in the West. Only Nationalist Parties will genuinely resist the Muslim invasion, restore Nation States where they are threatened by Internationalism, and restore traditional cultures.

Those who rely on the MSM in any Western country will be misled by its relentless propaganda which employs the words ‘Far Right’ and works hard to tie Nationalism to Hitler’s Nazi policies. Hitler may have embarked on his political career as a German Nationalist but he quickly turned his Party’s agenda into one of Internationalism and world conquest, in competition with Communism. Nationalists do not seek to move beyond their borders, except in defense.

True Nationalists are conservatives, for they seek to defend tried and trusted traditional values and institutions. In the Western World this means defending Christianity, borders, language and customs ( we acknowledge here Michael Savage’s contribution to the language of Nationalism) and absolutely resisting revolutionary, experimental, doctrinaire change. It means opposing submerging the individual into the State or a mass movement. It means opposing social and moral changes that fly in the face of the accumulated wisdom of two millennia. The political parties that stand for traditional values are truly centrist and those that seek radical change are extremist.

The MSM, which is the propaganda machine of the Revolutionary Media Class, and their ideologically-driven Leftist allies, have succeeded in the massive deceit of defining their policies and themselves as centrist/moderate and defining conservatives (who have not moved position) as ‘extreme’ and ‘Far Right’.

The French National Front is an imperfect centrist Party dedicated to defending France’s borders, language and culture. It wishes to uncouple France from the Internationalist and Revolutionary European Union. The EU, with governing policies that are a mixture of redistributive Socialism (for the little people) and wealth concentration for Big Business, seeks to destroy all National traditions and expand into the United Nations of World Government. The EU is, in fact, an extreme organization of experimentation.

An election victory for the French National Front is a setback for the EU and for International Socialism everywhere. A National Front Government would mean the end of the EU – and good riddance! But France is still a very long way from that since there will be more elections on the 13th December These are run-offs, when the two Parties with the largest popular votes face off. In the past, the run-offs have revealed the true political division that always exists beneath the surface in all Western countries. It is on the one hand the Parties that are Internationalist and anti-social- conservative, but differ one from another only in pace and presentation, versus the one Party that is Nationalist.

In the UK, the only truly Nationalist Party is the British National Party. It has been successfully marginalized by a mixture of MSM smear and fear campaigns, State-tolerated physical intimidation by Red thugs, persecution in the work-place, and laws and Courts that suppress free speech. Americans, mindful of Loretta Lynch’s recent threats and the elimination of Christians from the workplace, should take note!

In the USA the 2016 elections are shaping up into the Trump/Nationalists versus the rest. We are aware that Donald Trump is only an emotional Nationalist with little under-pinning ideology and that his growing band of followers are mostly as hazy as is he about the true nature of the struggle in which they are engaged. But he is truly for American interests and it is Nationalist sentiment in people that is making his campaign dynamic.

Just as in France and in the UK all the other Parties are willing to unite to defeat Nationalism, so in the USA we will see that the Republican leadership and a small portion of the rank-and-file will be willing to join with the Far Left Democrats to defeat a Nationalist candidate. Here is the true fault-line in today’s Western Nations where the Media Class rules through its MSM propaganda machine and in alliance with the Far Left.

In the looming run-offs, the other Parties will unite to obstruct a Nationalist victory in the French Regional elections. Nevertheless, it looks likely that Marine Le Pen herself and several other NF candidates will win seats, and this will terrify the EU rulers. It will also pave the way for future NF victories at every level. Many in France have had enough of the Muslim invasion, multi-culturalism, political correctness and International law.

Marine Le Pen has successfully distanced herself and her Party from the extreme racial Nationalism of her father, but she is too much a Bohemian to be the perfect Nationalist. However, her young, well-educated niece, Marion Le Pen is poised to win a Regional seat next week. She is a true Nationalist for she is a practicing Catholic, is strongly committed to real marriage and traditional family life.




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