Two Victories for America’s Counter-Revolution

If Hilary Clinton had captured the White House last November, not only would the American taxpayer have paid dearly, but the final nails would have been banged into the lid of the coffin containing free speech. To put it another way, the revolutionary road to Far-Left totalitarianism would have been upgraded with a Supreme Court make-over.

Instead, thanks to the voters of the Old South, the central US, and the rust belt, a radicalized Donald Trump snatched victory from the jaws of defeat, gave America’s old freedoms a reprieve, put Gorsuch on the Supreme Court, and notched two significant wins on the battlefield of the current civil war.

The lying Mainstream Media, the propaganda voice of the Ruling Class-in-waiting, is doing its best to conceal those two battle victories, but they deserve a celebration. On the surface, they may appear small and on the margins, but they have big implications.

The Supreme Court this week ruled that Simon Tam – whoever he is – cannot be denied the right to call his Asian/American rock group ‘The Slants’. Rock music is a symbol of America’s degraded culture but Tam just struck a blow for freedom of speech; a restriction on government activities; and a blow to political correctness concerning race.

Presumably, the word ‘slants’ referred to the way Oriental people’s eyes differ from those of Occidentals. It is a good word, accurate, and only derogatory when used by those who resent the successes of the clever and hard-working Chinese, Korean and Japanese people.

But even if the word can be derogatory, politicians, Far-Left academics and government officials have no right to restrict its use. It was the US Patent and Trademark Office that sought to stop Mr. Tam using the word, employing a 71-year-old trademark law banning disparaging terms. The Supreme Court struck a blow for free speech by setting their decision aside.

In the same week, the Supreme Court ruled that Don Snyder, owner of the Washington Redskins, cannot be forced to drop the reference to Native Americans that has long been used for the team. Three cheers for Mr. Snyder, who, unlike so many spineless rivals, refused to bow to the tyrants of the Far Left and their ever-expanding speech codes.

The Far-Left, which promotes and enforces these outrageous speech codes, will not give up their sinister campaign until their power has been smashed in outright conflict. Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg, a Far-Left activist, is busy tightening control over speech on the website that politically and socially offends (him). He has added another category (‘Protected Characteristics’) to the existing list that not only enforces restrictions on free speech but elevates groups of people into special and privileged categories exempt from criticism. As Michael Savage regularly says, the monopolies like Facebook and Google need to be broken up, for they and their owners are enemies of a free America.

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