For once, Republicans stand firm to keep government in operation

When America’s Far-Left has made a coalition with the Mainstream Media, it is difficult for anyone to fight against it. For they, unlike the Broad Right, refuse to give way; the Left will allow things to go by without notice when such events are to their liking, yet gather in huge groups to protest against minor issues. The Left will not sacrifice once; the Right sacrifices often.

Unfortunately, giving way is often comes before wars – in the early-1800s to mid-1800s, compromises were made to prevent the Civil War from occurring, like the Missouri Compromise. Generally, although these compromises appeared to be fair on the outside, but it did not take much research to see clearly how unfair the deals were. For example, the Missouri Compromise decided upon the 36½° latitude line as the northern boundary of slave states – this prevented the formation of any post-1820 Southern states, except for Texas and Oklahoma. Several other compromises were made before the Civil War, and few of them were fair. These compromises only averted the war; they could not really do anything about the coming conflict.

It is the same today. If the Broad Right does not stand firm on issues, and stand united, it can only give way. And if it gives way, the Broad Right will have a worse war coming with a much larger mountain to climb.

Thankfully, by standing firm, there will at least for now be no conflict. Trump and the House Republicans have kept government together – and that of course is the important thing. Both sides of the political spectrum must put the Nation before political wants. Political deals like DACA are not nearly as important as keeping the Nation together.

A recent CNN article obviously takes the side of the pro-shutdown Democrats. The minority Democratic Party leader Schumer’s stance is elevated above all other stances. Yet the Republicans, and some of the anti-shutdown Democrats, have won not only the government, but also the Nation.

The Senate also showed anti-shutdown numbers – more than 80% of the senators voted on the side of the Broad Right.

However, the rest of the political scene appears to be fairly peaceful. It seems that the Broad Right may be able to prosper for at least the next few months, maybe even the next few years. The Far-Left seems to be losing and giving in – but will they let that last?

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