Trump Versus Bezos and The Media Class

Yesterday our article’s heading was ‘Trump Versus Ryan’, and we cast Trump as the heavyweight and Ryan as the lightweight. In today’s heading we cast Trump as David, and Bezos and his Ruling Class as Goliath. Perhaps we should go further and cast Trump’s David as a midget and his opponents as a hundred Goliaths, for that is a more accurate metaphor.

Just for the record, Jeff Bezos the founder of Amazon and owner of the Washington Post and many regional propaganda sheets, is reputed to be the fourth richest man in the world. He is worth around $61billion dollars and many other members of his Ruling Class, including the evil George Soros, are also multi-billionaires. These, our Rulers, also have total ownership of the Mainstream Media and are thus able to control and pervert our news and entertainment. Just for good measure, as a Class, they also own the President, his Government and most politicians.

Donald Trump -in contrast – is a small-time billionaire and the lone maverick of his Class. We might best describe him as a Class renegade, which partially accounts for the relentless vitriolic attacks made against him by the Mainstream Media (MSM) every hour of every day.

Bezos, like Soros, having become hugely rich, saw the advantages of joining the new Ruling Class of America. Buying the loss-making Washington Post was his entry fee. Not only did he immediately become a member of its inner circle, but he acquired the means to promote as propaganda his own views, and attack and destroy the reputations of those whose views displease and offend him. This is raw power. Donald Trump has displeased him and so Bezos has detailed 20 WP ‘reporters’ – more fittingly described as Media Class whores – to investigate every aspect of Trump’s business and personal affairs in order to find and publicize anything remotely negative.

Besides the 20 WP Media whores, Trump will be energetically investigated by the Far Left jackals who make a living sifting through garbage bins, writing blogs, and broadcasting for the Revolution. One of these is David Corn, a Far Left Jew from New York, who shares with Bret ‘Israel First’ Stephens, an Internationalist agenda by writing for the extremist ‘Mother Jones’. More of his work later!

As I am writing this I try to put myself in Trump’s shoes. Here is a man who, having had a patriotic epiphany late in life, felt he had become rich enough to risk speaking some home truths and taking them to the electorate. It is a pity that Trump never prepared by reading this website where he would have discovered the origins and composition of the new Ruling Class of America, its agenda and its alliance with the Far Left. He would have then understood that he was financial small-fry and was about to betray and alienate the world’s most powerful – concealed – Ruling Class.

Moreover, if Trump had visited this website (which is concerned with unmasking the role of Class, Revolution and Counter-Revolution in America) and several other small but important websites concerned with Nationalism, he would have been even better prepared for his political ordeal. Perhaps he would have chosen not to enter the fray, but instead enjoyed his wealth and a private life.

As it is, he has, by blurting a few obvious truths about America’s growing problems, discovered that the new Ruling Class and its allies do not tolerate truth being spoken without responding with a Media-created uproar, by attacking the offender’s source of income, and unleashing Government-condoned physical intimidation. Trump has also learned that speaking these few truths in the public domain has unleashed a popular movement that is latently Nationalist. He finds himself at the head of this movement.

Although Trump is a very small ‘David’, he is gaining not only powerful enemies, but tens of millions of followers – worthwhile Americans who are, by and large, White, industrious, patriotic, working/middle class and increasingly Class-conscious. This may sound like Marxist language – and so it is!

Because America has been subjected to a stealthy Revolution, (which Obama is now less stealthily implementing at breakneck speed), it has acquired the first Ruling Class in its history. Inevitably, a ‘Ruled’ Class has also been created in the process. The masses turning up to Trump rallies are people who have begun to realize that they are being ‘Ruled’, and that a Revolutionary agenda is being imposed on them. They are thus becoming ‘Class-conscious’. Let us hope that Trump is also becoming Class-conscious and aware that he is, ipso facto, a Counter-revolutionary leader.

On this website we have, over years, described the Ruling Media Class, its component parts, its weapons, its Revolutionary agenda and its natural Far Left allies. Suffice to say that the Media Class is compelled as a Ruling Class, to impose an agenda on its newly-captured domain and the agenda reflects it’s social composition and desires. Unfortunately for America it is an agenda of sexual license and perversion, anti-moral, hedonistic, materialist, totally self-indulgent, neurotic, created in a world of fantasy, and impulsive. It seeks to create a society in its own image and in which its members feel normal, so that the abnormal becomes officially normal and the traditions of millennia and reality are erased. Think ‘trans-sexuals’ and bathrooms!

It is not difficult to see how this new Ruling Class, driven by hatred for traditional family life and Christian morality, has forged a comfortable alliance with the Internationalist Far Left, despite the latter’s agenda of redistribution of wealth. A Ruling Class can prosper beyond the reach of the rules and sacrifices Socialism imposes on the Ruled.

Donald Trump, by igniting Nationalism (a people’s yearning for a moral Nation as the bedrock for a strong Nation) in the political arena and straying into political incorrectness, has aroused the hostility of both the Ruling Class and its Far Left allies. It is no coincidence that Bezos and his wife are campaigners for same-sex marriage. It is no coincidence that David Corn, an Internationalist and member of the conspiratorial organization ‘Journolist’ (more than 400 Far Left reporters, academics and activists who collaborated to discredit and ignore stories that had potential to harm Obama’s bid for the White House.) has launched the Media attack on Trump’s ex-butler, Anthony Senecal.

Senecal has tweeted that Obama and his comrades have behaved as traitors and thus deserve to be given the death sentence. This is being presented by the MSM as ‘Trumps butler making death threats to Obama’. There are millions of Americans who agree with Senecal that Obama is deliberately betraying their country and who believe that such betrayal deserves trial and capital punishment. This is not the same as Senecal ‘threatening Obama’s life.

Corn and the 20 WP Bezos reporters will be searching through the garbage bins and tweets of Trump’s hairdresser, window-cleaner and car mechanic for incriminating material. The calls for Trump to release his tax records (taken up by Romney and the WSJ’s Gang-of-Four Internationalist scribblers) are intended to uncover opportunities to target his sources of income by punishing his businesses. This is the same process as uncovering CEO’s and small-business owners who have donated to traditional marriage campaigns so that they can be deprived of a livelihood. We live in Revolutionary lawless times.

Look back on this website and read how we maintained that the same-sex marriage issue was not about marriage (only true Christians still value marriage as an institution) but was a means to ends without end. The legalization of SSM was a step towards criminalizing opposition and resistance to SSM and sodomy, and preparing the way for the normalization of ever-more abnormal sexual behavior. We might call it the ‘Hollywoodization’ of America.

Will Donald Trump be financially destroyed, will he surrender by compromise or will he stay resolute, avoid assassination and lead his followers to the White House and restore America? Will he be our ‘David’?

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