Trump Must Challenge The Gender Deniers

We on the Broad Right have for too long been intimidated and effectively silenced by the Mainstream Media (MSM) and the Far Left Academia employing labels that assert our ignorance, and their intellectual and moral superiority. ‘Bigots’, ‘homophobes’, ‘racists’, ‘xenophobes’, ‘misogynists’ and ‘climate deniers’ are the favorite labels, and like all Leftist attackers, their accusatory words reverse the truth.

Joseph Stalin and his Communist henchmen were trail-blazers in the propaganda art of accusing foes of the lies and crimes they themselves were already employing or were about to employ once the opposition was eliminated. Likewise rational ideas and facts were denounced in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics as unscientific, reactionary, evil and treacherous.

‘Bigotry’, which means irrationally intolerant, is only applicable if the alleged intolerance is also irrational. It is a virtue to be intolerant of many things, including unnatural sexual practices that are being taught to children as normal by an oppressive State, and the mass invasion of one’s Nation by alien peoples with incompatible cultures and hostile religions.

It is also entirely rational and self-protective to warn one’s fellow citizens that an easily identified minority in our midst is breeding and harboring predatory young criminals. And there is nothing irrational in publicly contradicting sinister fear-mongering about rising sea levels when there is daily evidence that the shore-line you live alongside is not changing.

Nor for that matter is there anything irrational in questioning the self-proclaimed credentials of a political agitator who was suddenly promoted to the Presidency by a cabal of billionaire perverts, and who legally and at great cost has concealed and protected from investigation the facts of his personal history.

Events in North Carolina are presenting Donald Trump and all of us on the Broad Right with an opportunity to defeat and roll back the latest of the irrational and damaging advances of the subversive Far Left. I refer to the Obama-endorsed rule that an individual can choose his/her gender and society must acquiesce. Advancing behind this victory is the even more Revolutionary assertion that gender is so wide-ranging in scope that it is a meaningless category. This unscientific but dangerous nonsense must be stopped here and now.

We ‘bigots’ and ‘homophobes’ are on the side of science and rationality (as well as the moral high ground) when we reassert that there are only two genders – Male and Female. All are one or the other at conception. Males have an X and a Y chromosome and Females have two X chromosomes. This different distribution of chromosomes in Male and Female is present in every cell of the body. It never varies and cannot be altered and it defines our sexual identity as man and woman. Nothing has been discovered that replaces it as a definition of difference.

Any individual who denies his/her gender and claims to be the opposite, or something in between, is denying science. The individual is either a victim of faulty or deficient parenting in the formative years, sadly suffering from a form of mental illness, or a sexual predator climbing aboard this bandwagon of perverts and Revolutionaries in order to be a legal peeping Tom.

If there are two inter-related symptoms and symbols of the moral and crazed Media Class Revolution that Obama has fronted in this last 8 years, it is ‘transgenderism’. As we have always maintained on this website, a Ruling Media Class whose roots, wealth and political power run deep into the fantasies and immorality of the Theater and Movie world, must inevitably seek to remake society in its own image. Our Ruling Media Class is a decadent and morally sick one which recognizes no boundary between reality and fantasy. It is at work destroying everything strong and healthy in the host body it has captured. Real Christians are rightly opposed to any acceptance of the ‘transgender’ nonsense, but Conservatives and Nationalists of the Broad Right also have every reason to denounce it, for it eats away at a Nation from within.

The ‘transgender’ nonsense of today has grown out of the equally unnatural and reality-denying world of homosexual behavior. It was previously and more accurately called ‘cross-dressing’ and was unacceptable in public in pre-Revolutionary times. Nothing stopped the sad sufferers from fully indulging their addiction in private, and in the modern world of dress – jeans and T-shirts – venturing into public unnoticed.

But the Revolutionary Media Class and its Far Left ally (the latter intent on destroying Christianity and the Nation State) is not content with the status quo in anything. And so, having achieved the legalization of the grotesque same-sex marriage and the ‘normalization’ of unnatural relationships, the Revolutionary movement through the propaganda power of its MSM, has gone several more steps into decadence with the legalization and promotion of cross-dressing and into denial of gender. Before long, this will not be enough and man/dog relationships will be exalted.

In a society dominated by MSM propaganda, its sick Entertainment arm, and a public education system controlled by the Far Left, it is not surprising that ‘transgenderism’ has become a fashion to be admired and indulged. Every young inadequate is now commanding attention, receiving special treatment and achieving stardom by cross-dressing. Why Islamic Imperialists waste their blood when they can wait for America to rot from within in one generation, is beyond this writer.

We on the Broad Right must put cross-dressing back into the closet, to be followed by same-sex marriage, homosexuality and sodomy. We can start by exhorting Donald Trump to support the Republicans of North Carolina, insisting that public bathrooms be male and female, and that all Americans be officially and legally defined by their chromosomes. It is time to denounce our opponents as irrational and unscientific ‘gender deniers’, and expose their real agenda which has nothing to do with tolerance and everything to do with destroying this Nation.

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