Trump To Be Endorsed By Putin?

What fun we extreme Right-wingers are having! Who would have thought that the Democrat Convention in Philadelphia would entertain us so hugely on its opening day. Are we starting with the climax or is there even more to come? If so, we are going to need a box of tranquilizers to get through the week.

Still, before we get into today’s news from Philadelphia, that the Mainstream Media’s propagandists will employ all their considerable skills suppressing, let us celebrate the détente that will follow from the election of Donald Trump. According to the spokesman for Crooked Hillary Clinton, Vladimir Putin ordered the hacking of the DNC’s computers so that the contents could be leaked to embarrass Hillary and get The Donald elected.

In our book that is nothing short of a Putin endorsement for Trump and a confirmation that US/Russian relations will thaw come next January when The Donald enters the White House.

Well, actually there is not yet a scrap of evidence that Russia hacked the DNC’s emails. The Putin accusation from the Clinton camp is yet another exercise in Goebbels big lies designed to shift the public’s attention from the content of the leaked material.

What has been leaked so far and surfaced in public – no thanks to Mark Zuckerberg’s attempt to censor his Facebook – is that in a grubby backroom of the DNC, where the Internationalists, perverts and Far Left extremists conspired with the Clinton gang, steps were taken to deny Bernie Sanders a fair primary contest. As Trump repeatedly stated, the Democrat elite had stacked the odds against him.

Sanders, being a truly disciplined Trotskyite, has already set aside any outrage and disappointment about this, in the pursuit of Party unity. He intends to stand grinning beside Crooked Hillary, hands raised with hers, to demonstrate Party unity. Bernie knows on which side his bread is buttered. But many of those idealists who followed him and worked for his campaign, are outraged at the DNC and Crooked Hillary. It seems that they do not intend to go quietly away.

The MSM is desperately searching for news beyond Philadelphia so that the mayhem there can be hidden from those voters who are MSM political suckers. So desperate are they to help Hillary that they are trying to paint a Black youth gang shooting in Florida as a ‘possible’ terrorist job. This shooting is clearly Black gang stuff and normally the MSM can’t sniff a Muslim connection even when the killers shout ‘Alahu Akbar’ through a megaphone. At the moment the MSM’s hacks would welcome even a Muslim outrage in Boston, so that Wikileaks, emails, Schultz and Bernie Babes could all be eclipsed in the News.

The facts that matter are that last evening, hundreds, perhaps a thousand, Bernie Babes marched through Philadelphia demanding Hillary be jailed. Many wore shirts with ‘Crooked Hillary’ slogans. Today in the Convention Center, Chairwoman Marcia Fudge (She wouldn’t dare bend forward in The Castro with that name!) could not make herself heard as a massed choir of Bernie’s Babes, booed, chanted and waved banners, whilst confronting another massed choir of Clintonites chanting for TPP. The latter sure looked like paid Soros hands. Not much unity here!

Meanwhile, the MSM has to do what it can to get the big-mouthed Debbie Wasserman Schultz out of the news as quickly as possible, so that Crooked Hillary’s agenda can ‘move on’. Schultz’s rose-bud mouth is to be replaced by another big mouth and bigger butt, the beautiful and exotically-named Donna Brazille.

It is rumored that WikiLeaks -or is it Putin? – has much more to come in the next few days and that it will be enough to get Hillary in jail. Not with Obama’s DOJ and FBI, it won‘t! Putin himself has more risk of FBI jail time than Hillary.

The enemy of my enemy is my friend. This old saying comes to mind as I think of how a Putin endorsement of Trump would give nightmares to Bret “Israel First’ Stephens, the WSJ internationalist gang of Neo-Cons, Mark Levin, John McCain, Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney, George Soros, Jeb Bush, Lindsay Graham and the Pansy Boys of LGBT.

We recommend that you visit the Free Republic website tonight to stay updated on the real news from Philadelphia. More fun tomorrow?


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