Trump The Patriot Grows In Stature Every Day

All you Counter-revolutionaries of the Broad Right out there, do not miss the transformation and evolution going on in our candidate! When Donald Trump stumbled in to the Republican primary contest with his call for border control with Mexico, and struck a Nationalist chord in the hearts of many rank-and-file Republicans and us disenchanted non-voters, we all nursed our doubts about his commitment to the fight, his political skills, his character and the depth of his Nationalism.

Well, here he is campaigning furiously and magisterially only weeks away from the election, having survived a nakedly partisan Mainstream Media onslaught unparalleled in America’s history. To say that Trump has had a ‘baptism of fire’ would be a gross understatement. He has survived a blitzkrieg that would have destroyed the most experienced and hardened politicians. He has proved worthy of the leadership of the patriotic movement he has awakened and inspired.

Today he is in Florida and his speech reveals not only a resilient fighter but a fast learner. He is now battle-hardened, in a fighting mood, and revealing a full understanding of what is at stake for himself and the American people. His followers are now also battle-hardened, but more importantly they have become an informed army. What do I mean by informed? I mean that Trump and his army of American patriots now know who is the real enemy.

Newt Gingrich, speaking on the Hannity program (Hannity, Trump and Savage, are now fully signed up for the fight!) described this election as an “attempted coup d’etat by the Media and the Left” and said “The Media is not for Hillary, the Media is Hillary, and vice versa”.

It needs only one small step more for Gingrich to fully identify the enemy that is promoting Hillary Clinton. Add on the one word ‘Class’ and ‘Media Class’ is exactly right. The Media Class and its Far Left allies are not attempting a coup d’etat, they have almost completed it. Obama in the White House, has been advancing for 7 years a stealthy coup d’etat on behalf of the Media Class/ Far Left alliance and it requires only the election of Hillary Clinton to complete their Revolutionary coup d’etat and silence all opposition.

We can be pretty sure that Gingrich is revealing how those in the Trump camp now view the contest. But the Nationalist army propelling Trump’s campaign has also had its baptism of fire and emerged clear-eyed about the nature of the enemy. Yesterday, in a supermarket parking lot, a rough-looking working man rolled down his car window and said to me “I like your Trump bumper sticker”.

In the ensuing conversation he raged against the MSM, said that this election is really a civil war, and that he and many more are armed and ready to take to the hills if the MSM steals the election for Clinton. I was surprised and encouraged that this rough working man was so informed and motivated. At a Pence meeting yesterday, a woman in the audience said much the same thing.

Pence played down her militancy, and I think the man in the supermarket is under-estimating the degree to which Obama has purged the armed forces and turned the Government machinery into a repressive Revolutionary force. Indeed I think Obama and his comrades might welcome a premature Counter-revolutionary uprising, for they have been preparing for it. Recent events will have also given them confidence in the power of their MSM’s propaganda. And the desertion from the battlefield of so many Republican politicians will have given further encouragement.

An open civil war between Revolutionaries in Government and Counter-revolutionaries in opposition is a grim prospect for America’s future. We have to hope that Donald Trump’s inspiring leadership will win the election, despite fraud, more dirty tricks and more desertions. We have to do our utmost to support him!

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